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ChangeLog  (codeblocks_17.12.tar.xz):ChangeLog  (codeblocks-20.03.tar.xz)
2017-12-07 19:34 pecanh
svn11246:  * BrowseTracker - fix shutdown assert on linux wx30
2017-11-23 20:59 pecanh
svn11245:  * BrowseTracker - Unregister hooks/sinks to prevent
crashes when uninstalled
2017-11-21 05:30 jenslody
svn11239:  - Debian build fix.
2017-11-20 23:09 jenslody
svn11238:  - Fix build with Fedora spec-file, needed for i686-
and ppc64le-builds
2017-11-20 23:09 jenslody
svn11237:  - Update BUILD-instructions.
2017-11-20 23:09 jenslody
svn11236:  - Update wxScintilla version in Fedora spec-file
2017-11-20 23:09 jenslody
svn11235:  - autotools: only check for boost if the
NassiShneiderman-plugins should be build.
2017-11-04 07:40 fuscated
svn11227:  * autotools: Try to fix building with newer boost
> Update the ax_boost_base file in the m4 folder with the latest
version I
have on my gentoo linux system.
> Add the ax_boost_system file in the m4 folder.
> Make sure they are added to the dist file.
2017-10-31 07:56 fuscated
svn11222:  - Remove duplicate lines of code (ticket #572, #573)
2017-10-31 07:56 fuscated
svn11221:  - HexEditor: Remove unused variables
2017-10-29 16:54 fuscated
svn11220:  * UI: Remove ads extension when saving newly created
files on wxGTK (ticket #571)
> This is a workaround. wxGTK chooses the first wildcard and thus
appends .ads, when it detects a file without an extension.
> We don't want this behaviour, so we don't allow it to do it.
2017-10-27 23:21 fuscated
svn11219:  * wx3: Fix assert when loading files and the global
enconding setting is set to default (ticket #305)
> For some reason wxFontMapper::GetEncodingFromName doesn't
wxFONTENCODING_DEFAULT when given the string "default". I'm not
sure why
the wx guys have decided to do this. To fix the assert I just
detect this
case and set the encoding to the value returned by
wxFont::GetDefaultEncoding(). I'm not sure what effects this
might have,
but it seems to work on Linux (where the default is UTF-8).
> I'm using wxFont::GetDefaultEncoding() instead of
because this way the name of the encoding is correctly displayed
in the
the status bar displays "encoding-###" and not the name of the
2017-10-25 21:30 fuscated
svn11218:  * debugger: Mark the GDB attach to process command to
be a continue command
> When executed such command disables the UI, so the user knows
that the
debugger is doing some work and it is not possible to execute
step or
continue commands.
> This is more useful when attaching to bigger programs, where
the attach
is a slow process.
2017-10-24 17:43 fuscated
svn11217:  - build: Remove double include (ticket #570)
2017-10-23 08:22 fuscated
svn11216:  * UI: Fix status bar flickering when scrolling the
> Happens because we always set the label of the button. If we do
it only
when the label changes, the flickering is gone, at least on
2017-10-22 13:01 fuscated
svn11215:  - build: Add cbDEBUG to debug builds when done with
> Probably this define should be added for all builds in order to
match the
behaviour of the cb's built in build-system. There it is always
passed to
the compiler.
> This define enables or disables the effect of cbAssert.
2017-10-22 07:52 fuscated
svn11214:  * CC: Fix crash when showing the call tip
> Sometimes showing the calltip crashes due to m_CurCallTip being
invalidated because m_CallTips changed, but m_CurCallTip didn't.
happens when m_CallTips is empty and m_CallTipActive is equal to
> I reproduce this by: showing a calltip where m_CallTips is not
empty and
then move to a place where there are no m_CallTips.
> The crash doesn't happen often, but putting an cbAssert for
this case
detects the bug pretty easily.
> The fix is to always make sure that the m_CurCallTip is valid
2017-10-21 19:19 fuscated
svn11213:  - compiler: Replace multiple calls to
m_CompilerProcessList.at with a variable
2017-10-21 19:19 fuscated
svn11212:  * compiler: Make it possible to utilize more than 16
CPU threads while building (ticket #327)
> I've lifted the restriction of 16 in the UI, but I had to
change the code
too, because it used 16 ids for passing back onterminate events.
more than 16 processes means that those onterminate events won't
delivered for processes with index>16, so they will be used only
> The fix for this is to make the PipedProcess class to store the
indes of
the process and set it in the events sent for output and
> I'm reusing the X variable in CodeBlocksEvent, because it is
> Also I've remove all other 15 ids and I'm using a single id,
there is no need to use more than on in the new implementation.
2017-10-21 19:18 fuscated
svn11211:  * compiler: Make Code::Blocks work better with current
SDCC (ticket #567, #371, thanks Philipp Klaus Krause)
2017-10-18 23:42 fuscated
svn11210:  * UI: Make sure that menu items in the Project menu
are correctly disabled
> Disable almost all items, during compilation, because it is
dangerous to
allow users to do changes.
> Make sure to disable File -> Properties while compilation, the
version disabled it if the current project is being compiled.
2017-10-18 23:42 fuscated
svn11209:  * sdk: Make PluginManager::GetPlugins to be const and
to return const object
> No one should be allowed to modify the plugins list outside of
plugin manager!
2017-10-18 23:42 fuscated
svn11208:  * sdk: Introduce an API which can be used to get the
list of compiler plugins from the plugin manager
> PluginManager::UnloadPlugin is not implemented in the most
efficient way.
But I think it is fine for now.
> Provided also two helper functions to check if a compiler is
building and
to stop all compiler building stuff.
2017-10-18 23:42 fuscated
svn11207:  * SourceExporter/NassiShneiderman: Make sure only one
File -> Export menu is created no matter which plugin is created
> When I had all plugins built I noticed that there are two File
-> Export
menus. One after Print and one at the end of the menu.
> This commit tries to make both plugins to create the menu only
if it
doesn't exists.
> I'm adding a function to both plugins which looks almost the
Probably it should be moved in a more common place, but I'm not
> Remove the Exporter::RemoveMenu, because it is not used at all.
It seems
the menu items are correctly removed when the plugin is disabled
and then
added back when it is enabled.
2017-10-18 23:42 fuscated
svn11206:  - DoxyBlocks: Move the constants for wx ids from the
header to the cpp, in order to prevent them being present in
every translation unit the header is included in
> This fixes an unused variable warning.
2017-10-16 00:12 fuscated
svn11205:  * UI: Notify the user that there is running
compilation during quit and ask if he/she wants to stop it
2017-10-16 00:12 fuscated
svn11204:  * UI: Make sure that menu items in the context menu in
Projects tab are correctly enabled/disabled
> Always enable 'Find file...' item, I don't know why it is
disable, but I
don't see any harm to enable it during compilation.
> Disable activation of projects during compilation.
> Disable the Options and Properties menus in the context menu
for files
during compilation.
> Disable most of the workspace items during compilation.
2017-10-16 00:12 fuscated
svn11203:  * UI: Clean up the UpdateUI behaviour of the File menu
> Make sure that most items are disabled while there is active
Leaving them enabled could lead to hard to track bugs. So almost
saving and closing operations are disabled during compilation.
projects is disabled, too.
> Reworked the OnFileMenuUpdateUI to call only one event.Enable
because this event is called for every menu item. So it should
perform a
bit better now.
> Add UpdateUI for File -> Open and File -> Recent projects.
> Enable File -> Save workspace only if it is modified.
> File -> Save everything is enabled even if there are no loaded
2017-10-16 00:12 fuscated
svn11202:  * UI: Remove 'Save All', 'Save all projects' and
'Close all project' menu items from the File menu
> There is no point having 3 save all commands when we can have
only one -
save everything. Having multiple similar looking options causes
> Close all project does the same as close workspace, so it is
2017-10-16 00:12 fuscated
svn11201:  * UI: Add update ui processing for the File ->
Properties menu item
> Disable it if there are no editors opened or we're compiling
2017-10-16 00:12 fuscated
svn11200:  * UI: Add 'Enable both' and 'Disable both' menu items
in the Options submenu for the files in the project tree
> Most of the times when I use this menu, I want to toggle both
options, so
these two new menu items optimise the workflow a bit.
2017-10-16 00:12 fuscated
svn11199:  * wx30: Fix assert when closing the application during
long compilation
> We've disabled the vetoing, but still do veto the close event.
re-enable it to see what will happen.
Note: The close process seems broken - the
is sent twice, but very few plugins which handle it detect this
and do
their processing only once.
2017-10-16 00:12 fuscated
svn11198:  * Scintilla: Prevent sending EVT_MOUSE_CAPTURE_LOST
while opening a context menu in wxSTC
> Replicate the wxscintilla fix in our code. We're responsible
for the
creation of the context menu, so we need to release the mouse
capture to
prevent the assert.
> Unfortunately I had to add some public methods to wxScintilla,
these are
pretty similar to the wxWindow capture methods, but we cannot
Check wx commit 6d0cb403a9e998fbd1d4d27421ccc8849d067965 for
2017-10-16 00:12 fuscated
svn11197:  * Scintilla: Prevent sending EVT_MOUSE_CAPTURE_LOST
while opening a context menu in wxSTC
At least under wxMSW and wxGTK opening a popup menu when mouse is
generates EVT_MOUSE_CAPTURE_LOST. We would like to avoid this and
to release capture in a controlled way.
cherry-pick wx commit 6d0cb403a9e998fbd1d4d27421ccc8849d067965
2017-10-14 19:15 mortenmacfly
svn11196:  * updated exchndl (crash handler) to v0.8.2
2017-10-10 05:23 fuscated
svn11195:  * CC: Fix doxygen spelling in the settings panel
2017-10-10 05:23 fuscated
svn11194:  * CC: Make the size of toolbar controls configurable
in the settings (ticket #303, thanks ollydbg)
> Add options in the settings for controlling the length of the
wxchoice controls.
> This change doesn't work without restart on wx2.8 builds on
Linux. People
report that it is fine on wx2.8 builds on Windows without
> It works correctly for wx3.x builds.
> Removed the default size from the xrc file to allow the
controls to be
shrunken on wx2.8 builds on Linux. When the sizes are specified
in the
xrc file they mandate a minimal size of the toolbar and this is
used no
matter the size of the controls in the toolbar.
> Discussed here:
2017-10-08 21:31 fuscated
svn11193:  - astyle: Remove useless global variable
2017-10-08 21:31 fuscated
svn11192:  - AutoVersioning: Replace some 0 with nullptr
2017-10-07 13:10 fuscated
svn11191:  * SDK: Allow the user to discard old config file if it
fails to load
> Try to detect as many config file loading errors as possible
and make it
possible for the user to continue with a fresh config.
> I'm doing this because there are many cases where the config
file ends up
truncated or cannot be parsed correctly. Users are presented with
a tough
dialog and they have no idea what to do.
> This change should make it easier to workaround the problem.
> Why config files get truncated or malformed is a mistery.
2017-10-07 13:10 fuscated
svn11190:  * SDK: Return false if there are errors reading a xml
file with tinyxml
> This makes it easier to handle errors, because the error
function will
return false.
> Using the Error and ErrorId functions still work and make it
possible to
print more clear error messages.
2017-10-07 13:10 fuscated
svn11189:  * SDK: Fix crash when reading truncated config file
> For some reason all previous checks have been successful, but
document root is nullptr, which leads to a crash.
> Now I just create an empty config file if such case is
2017-10-07 11:40 fuscated
svn11188:  * compiler: Clean up the clang flags a bit and add the
common sort options
> The main problem was that the clang option files didn't define
c and c++
only flags. This makes building mixed C and C+ projects
impossible when
they set -std for both C and C++ standards. Including the common
option fixes this problem.
> I've also added -std=c++14 to the list of options and cleaned
all the
other -std options to supersede only the correct options similar
to how
it is done for the GCC options.
> Moved some options around to more suitable groups.
2017-10-07 11:39 fuscated
svn11187:  * compiler: Add -std=c++14 and -std=gnu++14 to the
list of C++ only flags (format the file to be a bit more
2017-10-07 07:53 fuscated
svn11186:  - build: Add explicit linking options to boost-system
for the NassiShneiderman plugin
> The build failed on my Gentoo with 1.65. I don't know why but
this patch
fixes it.
2017-10-05 22:33 fuscated
svn11185:  * CC: Make sure to correctly disable the checkboxes in
the Symbol browser settings (thanks ollydbg)
2017-10-05 22:33 fuscated
svn11184:  * Replace the cbMessageBox with AnnoyingDialog which
makes it possible to retry the saving of the config file
> Using AnnoyingDialog, because the api to change the button text
in the
message box dialog is present only in wx3.x builds.
2017-10-05 22:33 fuscated
svn11183:  * sdk: Make sure we show an error message box when we
cannot save the config file
> There are plenty of reports that the config file could not be
saved. The
users don't find about this problem when it occurs, but at later
This happens because we don't tell them about it.
> This happens because we're using wxSafeShowMessage - which
doesn't do
much on linux.
> This commit changes the wxSafeShowMessage to cbMessageBox. To
make this
work we need to move the call to CfgMgrBldr::Flush() to happen
earlier in
the close sequence.
> I'm moving the call in the Manager::Shutdown method. This is
not 100%
safe change, so I'm adding an assert to the call of Mgr<T>::Get()
to show
us when it is called during the shutdown process. These calls are
probably wrong, so we need to check if the app is shutting down
making them.
> One such place was in the EditorBase's d-tor.
> Another is the app activate event during shutdown (I'm ignoring
2017-09-29 23:33 fuscated
svn11182:  * compiler: Try to improve the invalid compiler
message we're printing
> Print it for more cases.
> Print the paths to compilers C::B has tried to run, but it has
> Print if the compiler is unsupported.
> Try to improve the formatting a bit.
2017-09-29 23:33 fuscated
svn11181:  * compiler: Fix the tooltips for the new button for
selecting a target in the compiler toolbar
2017-09-29 23:33 fuscated
svn11180:  - debugger: Add default implementation for
IsPointerType and MakeSymbolToAddress in cbWatch
> This should make the python debugger to compile again without
the need
for any modifications.
2017-09-28 21:32 fuscated
svn11179:  - autotools: Do not install OSX specific files on
other OSes
2017-09-28 21:32 fuscated
svn11178:  - autotools: Add missing files in the installation
2017-09-28 21:32 fuscated
svn11177:  - OSX: Change the way the bundle.sh script work
> Now you're supposed to first do make install and then run the
over the installed files.
> This adds support for contrib plugins and makes the scripts a
2017-09-18 08:43 fuscated
svn11176:  * OSX: Move the wizard files to the correct folder
when making bundle
2017-09-17 23:04 fuscated
svn11175:  - compiler: Fix warning for using enum instead of bool
2017-09-17 23:04 fuscated
svn11174:  - build: Fix misleading indentation warnings (one real
bug discovered)
2017-09-17 23:04 fuscated
svn11173:  - build: Fix compilation with mingw32's version of GCC
2017-09-17 23:04 fuscated
svn11172:  - build: Tinyxml file reordering, done automatically
by the ide
2017-09-13 23:12 fuscated
svn11171:  * osx: Fix blurryness when making a bundle
> Mark the CodeBlocks.app to be hidpi capable, no matter that
some of the
icons aren't hidpi.
> This change makes the fonts look sharp on retina macbook pros.
2017-09-13 23:12 fuscated
svn11170:  * autotools: Add OSX bundle making support (ticket
#562, thanks Dave Murphy)
> To make a bundle run ./bundle.sh in the build folder. A
folder with all the files should be created.
> Now we need a script that will create the install archive and
ready to provide nightlies for more extensive testing.
2017-09-13 23:12 fuscated
svn11169:  * autotools: Fix compilation using autotools on OSX
> These APIs are not present with my version of wx (3.1.0) and
the code is
meant only for non-windows and non-osx platforms, so I'm ifdefing
2017-09-13 22:52 fuscated
svn11168:  * compiler: Add button to compiler toolbar to show the
select target dialog
> In cmake projects the number of targets is massive and this
navigating the choice control very hard.
> The select target dialog allows filtering, so it is easier to
> Adding icons in 16x16 and 22x22 sizes.
2017-09-13 22:52 fuscated
svn11167:  * compiler: Improve clang log parsing
> Parse the file and the line correctly for lines like this one:
main.cpp:15:5: note: in instantiation of function template
specialization 'func<int>' requested here
2017-09-09 14:40 fuscated
svn11166:  * debugger: Build system cleanup after the removal of
scripted watches
2017-09-09 14:40 fuscated
svn11165:  * debugger: Remove the config option to enable/disable
script watches
2017-09-09 14:40 fuscated
svn11164:  * debugger: Remove stl-view gdb script file because it
is not used anymore
2017-09-09 14:40 fuscated
svn11163:  * debugger: Start the removal of squirrel based pretty
> They are buggy and they aren't maintained. They can't be made
to work
well. The worst thing is that there is a gdb feature that works
better, so it is better to remove these and cause less confusion.
2017-09-09 14:40 fuscated
svn11162:  - debugger: Remove unused code and some formatting
2017-09-05 04:37 ollydbg
svn11161:  - SDK: use enum instread of raw int value of
TooltipMode in ccmanager.cpp
2017-09-05 02:59 ollydbg
svn11160:  - SDK: add some comments to the ccmanager, adjust code
2017-09-04 18:54 fuscated
svn11159:  * wx3: Memory dump window has wrong proportion on
windows (ticket #557, thanks bluehazzard)
2017-09-04 18:54 fuscated
svn11158:  * UI: Do not loose changes when clicking twice the
same target in ProjectOption dialog (ticket #547, thanks homertp)
> The re-order dialog should not affect the changes in the
settings for
diffrent targets. It only affects the order, so calls to
DoXXXTargetChange should not be done.
> This fixes a bug introduced with rev 11124
2017-09-03 23:27 ollydbg
svn11157:  * CC: fix an issue that Code Completion list got
hidden after shown up
The reason is that if the user select the "case sensitive" option
of the
code completion, but ccmanager still supplies the "case
insensitive" item
list, thus the scintilla control failed to select an item by
See discussion:
2017-08-16 02:05 pecanh
svn11156:  * SDK resources - PowerShell script lexer xml and
2017-08-15 22:26 fuscated
svn11155:  - Fix the autoversion path in the wx31_64 version of
the windows project
2017-08-15 21:52 fuscated
svn11154:  * wxSmith: Add wxSpinCtrl alignment styles
2017-08-15 21:52 fuscated
svn11153:  - wx3-stl: Build fixes - replace wxSortedArrayString
with wxArrayString
2017-08-15 21:52 fuscated
svn11152:  - debugger: Make lines a bit shorter (formatting)
2017-08-15 21:52 fuscated
svn11151:  - wx3-stl: Replace wxChar* with wxString& in debugger
2017-08-15 21:52 fuscated
svn11150:  - wxSmith: Typos in comments
2017-08-15 21:52 fuscated
svn11149:  - wxSmith: Fix overloaded virtual warning
2017-08-15 19:14 pecanh
svn11148:  * ScriptedWizard YWX additions (GetWizardScriptFolder,
2017-08-13 12:24 fuscated
svn11146:  * UI: Fix redraw problem on ubuntu because freeze/thaw
are used in a wrong way
> I'm not sure why we use them during window creation, but it
doesn't seem
> I don't see any repeated drawing happening here so I don't
think these
improves performance, so I'm removing them.
> Reported here
http://forums.codeblocks.org/index.php?topic=21150.0 and
2017-08-12 22:37 fuscated
svn11139:  * UI: Move the open containing folder setting to the
environment dialog (ticket #419)
> This is the more logical place for this setting.
> I'm moving the setting also, most probably this has been used
by linux
user and they might have the wrong value there (because we were
overriding this setting in the past), so I hope it won't affect
too many
people in a bad ways.
2017-08-12 22:37 fuscated
svn11138:  * UI: Fix open containing folder on linux (ticket
> The problem is that the code assumes that every file manager
selecting and the if passed the path to the file and not the
they'll do the right thing.
> Unfortunately this is not the case and we should do something
> This version is inspired by the code in chromium.
> What it does is:
- try to detect if the use selected file manager is nautilus
- try to detect the version of nautilus
- if it is newer than 3.0.2 then assume that selecting works and
the --select flag.
Additional changes:
> Print the command that will be executed in the debug log.
> Clean up the variable names a bit (defCmds becomes
2017-08-12 22:37 fuscated
svn11137:  * scintilla: Fix middle click copy/pasting when using
> In wx28 it is not possible to use both the normal and the
clipboard at the same time. The is only one available and if the
is used the content of the normal is reset.
> To prevent this problem I'm using gtk apis to directly modify
the primary
clipboard when the selection changes in scintilla.
> In wx3x this problem doesn't exists, so we use wx apis to
access the
2017-08-12 18:25 fuscated
svn11136:  * editor: Revert some commits related to copy and
pasting on wxGTK (9420, 6883, 5185) (ticket #524)
> Rev9420 "* sdk: emulate middle mouse paste under all systems
due to buggy wxClipboard"
> Rev6883 "* partly (and hopefully temporary) revert commit 6879
(native middle-mouse-paste on wxGTK), because it makes it
impossible to replace selected text with text from clipboard"
> Rev5185 "* copy/cut-paste fixes in linux"
> The reason for the revert is that calling wxClipboard methods
causes the
event loop to be executed on wxgtk. For wx3.x there is some event
that happens to the processed events and it seems that windowing
events get
filtered. This breaks the redraw of windows on ubuntu when a
modal dialog
is shown. In rev 9420 we've added clipboard handling from the app
event in order to fix a problem with copy/paste problems on
linux. But this
was another work-around on top of two workarounds. It seems that
scintilla works well for both wx2.8 and wx3.x builds.
> This revert will disable middle clip pasting on all platforms,
but I don't
think this is a serious problem for non wxgtk platforms, because
we need to
make codeblocks feel and work as close to the native OS UI
guidelines as
> See the next commit for the restoration of the middle click
copy/paste on
> Another problem cause by the clipboard handling is slow downs
debugging on wxgtk with wx3.x. This is now resolved.
2017-08-06 15:53 fuscated
svn11135:  * UI: Update the info window after a plugin is
> See forum topic
for more details.
2017-08-06 11:31 fuscated
svn11134:  - debugger: Fix formatting and add override here and
2017-08-06 11:31 fuscated
svn11133:  - debugger: Use the cbDummyEditor for wx2.8, too
> I'm using debug wx28 build and I see asserts, I guess they are
the same
as the asserts for wx30.
2017-08-06 11:31 fuscated
svn11132:  * debugger: Rise the PLUGIN_SDK_VERSION_MINOR to make
it clear that there are changes to the SDK (ticket #408)
2017-08-06 11:31 fuscated
svn11131:  * debugger: Disable the Examine memory menu item for
child or special (function args and local variables) watches
(ticket #408)
2017-08-06 11:31 fuscated
svn11130:  - debugger: Move the code that requests the update of
the memory window in the window class (ticket #408)
> This makes it easier to call the SetBaseAddress method from
other place
and don't bother with calling RequestUpdate.
> Made the code a bit more safe by checking if the dlg is
2017-08-06 11:31 fuscated
svn11129:  * debugger: Make it possible to examine the memory of
non-pointer variables like structs (ticket #408)
> To do so we need to make an expression for the address of the
variable -
if we have myVar we need to pass &myVar to the debugger.
> To make this possible I add two new virutal functions in the
cbWatch that
must be implemented by debugger plugins.
> Probably in the future we'll need to expand this, because not
languages supported by gdb have pointers and dereferencing.
2017-08-06 11:31 fuscated
svn11128:  - debugger: Rename stuff a bit (ticket #408)
2017-08-06 11:31 fuscated
svn11127:  - debugger: Do not delete the menuitem if not
supported, but conditionally add it (ticket #408)
2017-08-06 11:31 fuscated
svn11126:  * debugger: Make it possible to examine the memory of
a watched variable using the contect menu in the watchs windwo
(ticket #408, thanks bluehazzard)
> This is the original patch, some changes will be made in later
2017-08-06 11:31 fuscated
svn11125:  * editor: Insert new line below and above current line
without indentation (ticket #180, thanks scarphin)
2017-08-06 11:31 fuscated
svn11124:  * UI: Do not loose settings when re-ordering targets
in the project options dialog (ticket #534, thanks homertp)
> This patch makes it impossible to cancel the changes made in
properties dialog. But at least the users aren't loosing their
> In the future we need to implement proper reverting of settings
or just
remove the cancel button.
2017-08-05 12:03 fuscated
svn11123:  * compiler: Use the correct flag to the linker when
building windows gui applications with clang (ticket #51, thanks
2017-08-05 12:03 fuscated
svn11122:  * debugger: Truncate the value when displaying the
watches tooltip (ticket #85, thanks Bat)
2017-08-03 19:11 fuscated
svn11121:  * compiler: Fix the AVR GCC compiler on linux to not
add invalid include and linker paths
> The paths are wrong, then need to be /usr/avr/include and
but they are expanded to /usr/include and /usr/lib.
> The compiler should be compiled in a way that doesn't need
those paths,
so I'm removing them for now.
> Someone must test on Windows if these paths are required.
2017-08-03 10:05 ollydbg
svn11120:  * src: when removing files from a project, sort the
files in the selection dialog. (thanks Miguel Gimenez)
2017-08-01 21:49 fuscated
svn11119:  * UI: Always hide the "auto generated" text for files
that do not belong to a project
2017-08-01 21:49 fuscated
svn11118:  - wx28: Fix assert when using the debug version of
wx-2.8 on linux
2017-07-24 22:11 fuscated
svn11117:  * compiler: Remove deprecated cygwin only flag (ticket
#526, thanks Jannick)
2017-07-24 16:14 pecanh
svn11116:  Browse-tracker - stop unused vars warnings
2017-07-22 15:52 fuscated
svn11115:  * wx3: Fix assert when executing Build -> Errors ->
Next error and there is no error in the list
2017-07-16 12:23 fuscated
svn11114:  * sdk: Fix ProjFile::Rename to correctly add the new
file to m_ProjectFilesMap (thanks homertp, ticket #521)
> The relativeFilename is used for all places where the
is queried. This is the only one that is using the file object.
So it
seems this is a safe fix.
2017-07-16 08:29 fuscated
svn11113:  * UI: Make it possible to edit all targets in the
Select Target dialog (thanks homertp, ticket #522)
> This is done by adding per item data to the list box item.
There we store
all the info for every target.
> When the list box selection is change we update the controls
using the
item data for the selected list item.
> Pressing the cancel button will not modify anything on the
2017-07-02 17:34 fuscated
svn11112:  * editor: Select word at cursor if there is nothing
selected and the 'Select next occurrence' command is executed
2017-07-02 17:34 fuscated
svn11111:  * editor: Make the UpdateUI behaviour for 'Select next
occurrence' and 'Select skip to next occurrence' to be a bit more
2017-07-02 17:34 fuscated
svn11110:  - printing: Don't use allocation when object on the
stack do the same job
2017-07-02 17:34 fuscated
svn11109:  * editor: Fix bug in the Select Skip Next command when
using it on the first selection
> Steps to reproduce:
- select a word
- press ctrl-shift-e
- type something
The result is that there is a cursor at the start of the file
that is not
expected or wanted.
> The fix is to first select the next occurrence and then remove
current selection. This makes sure that at any time we have at
least one
valid selection.
2017-07-01 21:26 fuscated
svn11108:  - build: Make all contrib plugins to depend on the
codeblocks project in both unix workspaces (wx2.8 and wx3.0)
2017-07-01 21:26 fuscated
svn11107:  - build: Sort files in codeblocks-unix.cbp and
codeblocks_wx30-unix projects
2017-07-01 21:19 fuscated
svn11106:  - OccurrentHighlighter: Replace wxSCI_INDIC_HIGHLIGHT
> To match the look we need to set the alpha for the fill and
outline to
match the values specified for wxSCI_INDIC_HIGHLIGHT. These are
100 and
2017-07-01 21:19 fuscated
svn11105:  - OccurrentHighlighter: Extract the code that setups
indicators in separate function
> Makes changing the indicator code easier.
2017-07-01 21:19 fuscated
svn11104:  - Incremental search: Replace wxSCI_INDIC_HIGHLIGHT
> To match the look we need to set the alpha for the fill and
outline to
match the values specified for wxSCI_INDIC_HIGHLIGHT. These are
100 and
2017-07-01 21:19 fuscated
svn11103:  - Incremental search: Extract the code that setups
indicators in separate function
2017-07-01 21:19 fuscated
svn11102:  - sdk: Replace use of wxSCI_INDIC_HIGHLIGHT with
> wxSCI_INDIC_HIGHLIGHT is something we have added to
wxScintilla. There
are equivalent indicator styles, so it is better to use them and
this change to scintilla.
> This commit is in preparation for upgrade of wxscintilla.
2017-07-01 21:19 fuscated
svn11101:  - sdk: Remove unused stuff from debugger
2017-06-28 23:49 d_anselmi
svn11100:  - Spellchecker-plugin: formatting changes (no
functional change)
2017-06-28 23:09 d_anselmi
svn11099:  * Spellchecker-plugin: delay construction of
SpellingDialog until app has started
2017-06-21 19:35 fuscated
svn11098:  - BrowseTracker: Redo UI in wxSmith (ticket #436,
thanks bluehazzard)
2017-06-21 18:33 fuscated
svn11097:  * wizard: Code::Blocks plugin wizard improvements for
Windows (ticket #481, thanks bluehazzard)
> Move the code that sets the wxWidgets compiler and linker
option to the
SetupTarget function. This way every target will have the correct
that match the options used to compile the targeted codeblocks
> Move the options for linking of the codeblocks.dll to the
function. This change guarantees that the correct codeblocks.dll
will be
2017-06-21 18:33 fuscated
svn11096:  * wizard: Code::Blocks plugin wizard improvements -
add All virtual target
2017-06-21 18:33 fuscated
svn11095:  * wizard: Code::Blocks plugin wizard improvements for
> Create 3 targets:
- default: creates a cbplugin package
- to_codeblocks_wx28: compiled files are copied in the devel
folder in
the specified codeblocks repo
- to_codeblocks_wx30: compiled files are copied in the devel30
folder in
the specified codeblocks repo
> Simplify the code related to the selection of the devel folder
introducing a function to return it.
> Remove the IO.Copy call and just create the file at its final
> Use a per targer object folder inside .objs/
> Add --no-ipc on linux, which is equivalent to --no-dde on
> Add -Wl,--no-undefined to detect missing symbols errors more
> Use `pkg-config codeblocks` only for the defualt target, for
the other
targets the paths and options are hardcoded to point to the
folder based on the wxwidgets version targeted.
2017-06-21 18:33 fuscated
svn11094:  * wizard: Add -std=c++11 for linux/osx
2017-06-21 18:33 fuscated
svn11093:  - wizard: Make the code a bit simpler
2017-06-21 18:33 fuscated
svn11092:  - wizard: Improve comments
2017-06-21 18:33 fuscated
svn11091:  * wizard: Code::Blocks plugin wizard (ticket #481,
thanks bluehazzard)
1) Remove wx2.6 support
2) Add support for wx3.0 and wx3.1, make wx2.8 default
3) Changes for the windows build:
3.1) remove -ansi compiler option
3.2) add -std=gnu++11 compiler option
4) Changes for unix:
4.1) add option to choose system default wx-config parameters
4.2) add --version command line parameter for the different
versions of wx
5) Add target "to_codeblocks" to make the plugin debuggable (see
the discussion top)
6) Move all target common compiler/linker settings to the project
7) Use platform independent squirrel scripting to copy files
2017-06-16 00:41 d_anselmi
svn11090:  get rid of crash after startup
2017-06-11 18:20 fuscated
svn11088:  * script bindings: Don't crash when trying to add
wxString and something that is not a wxString
> When we detect that null is passed just throw a squirrel
> Add a test to make sure this feature is not breaked in the
2017-06-06 23:13 fuscated
svn11087:  * debugger: Fix crash in the disassembly windows
(ticket #506 and #503, thanks bluehazzard)
2017-06-06 22:41 fuscated
svn11086:  * wxSmith: Fix drawing artefacts when built with wx3.0
> The problem happened when the draw window is bigger than the
client area
and the user scroll to see the invisible parts of the resource.
> Using buffering for the full area, not only the client area as
is the
default, fixes the problem.
2017-06-06 22:41 fuscated
svn11085:  - wxSmith: Improve formatting
2017-06-06 22:41 fuscated
svn11084:  * wx3: Fix the highlight language button in the status
> Make sure that the status bar is tall enough to fit the button.
Unfortunately some vertical space is wasted, but I don't know if
some constant to shrink the button will work well with other gtk
or on the other OSes.
2017-06-04 12:24 fuscated
svn11083:  * wxSmith: Don't write \0 characters in
generated/altered files when C::B is built with wx3.x
> wx3.x is using std::basic_string as storage class for the
of wxString. This means that constructors with size allow the
user to
create string that contain \0 characters in the middle not only
at the
> Our EncodingDetector appends 4 \0 characters to prevent
reads. These 4 \0 needs to be removed from the final string
before saving
it to disk otherwise they end up in the file.
> GCC complains about these \0 and probably there are more
problems caused
by them.
2017-06-04 12:24 fuscated
svn11082:  * debugger: Fix parsing of shortened string when there
are repeating characters
> Same fix as the previous commit, but in the non-else code path.
2017-06-04 12:23 fuscated
svn11081:  * debugger: Fix parsing of shortened strings
> GDB likes to shorten long strings to the specified limit. We it
does so,
it prints '...' after the closing quote. The parser failed to
parse this
correctly and returned nothing.
> This patch fixes this and adds a test. Everything passes!
2017-06-04 12:23 fuscated
svn11080:  - debugger_tests: Add missing check macros for some of
the ParseGDBWatch calls
2017-05-28 15:27 fuscated
svn11079:  - Minimize the number of calls to GetControl when
updating the status bar
2017-05-28 15:27 fuscated
svn11078:  - Improve code formatting
2017-05-28 15:27 fuscated
svn11077:  * UI: Add the current position of the cursor in the
status bar (thanks frithjofh)
> Provided here:
2017-05-28 15:26 fuscated
svn11076:  - optimize loading: Add const and make scope more
2017-05-28 15:26 fuscated
svn11075:  * optimize loading: Don't call GetBasePath for every
file in CalculateCommonTopLevelPath
> The value returned by the function seems to not change in this
loop, so
we're doing duplicate work. This work is expensive, because the
internally creates a wxFileName object!
> This change make the function 10% faster and the whole loading
3% faster.
This is for the linux 4.9.5 project (45k files) on a core2quad @
3.2 ghz
on linux.
2017-05-28 15:26 fuscated
svn11074:  - optimize loading: Add const here and there and
remove a call to Lower
2017-05-28 15:26 fuscated
svn11073:  * optimize loading: Call GetBasePath, just once
instead of three times
> This give 3% improvement when loading the linux 4.9.5 project.
2017-05-28 15:26 fuscated
svn11072:  * optimize loading: Remove some duplicate work
2017-05-28 15:26 fuscated
svn11071:  * optimize loading: Don't rebuild the tree more than
once when loading a single project
> This optimization save 1.4 seconds of loading time and now for
the linux
4.9.5 project the time is down to 7.5 seconds on a core2quad @
3.2 ghz.
2017-05-28 15:26 fuscated
svn11070:  * optimize loading: Don't call
CompilerCommandGenerator::Init twice
> Init is called inside compiler->GetCommandGenerator, so it
seems the
second call is redundant. It seems the second call has been
introduced in
a refeaturing (most people call it refactoring) commit.
2017-05-28 15:26 fuscated
svn11069:  * optimize loading: Swap the conditions first the
cheaper and then the more expensive one
> Calling FileTypeOf is more expensive than reading and checking
if a bool
is true.
> The swap of the conditions should half the number of calls to
because most of the header files aren't pchs - the compile flag
is false.
> This optimization dropped the load time for the MySql cmake
project from 3.9 sec to 2.3 seconds on a core2quad @ 3.2ghz.
2017-05-28 15:26 fuscated
svn11068:  * optimize loading: Don't construct wxFileName object
on every iteration of this loop
> This optimization sheds almost a second when loading the linux
project (45k files) - 10.508 sec vs 9.473 sec;
2017-05-27 20:30 d_anselmi
svn11067:  add missing braces
2017-05-27 20:29 d_anselmi
svn11066:  replce tabs with whitespaces (reduce gcc 6
misleading-indentation warning)
2017-05-27 20:25 d_anselmi
svn11065:  correct indentation
2017-05-11 04:12 jenslody
svn11064:  * Added linux build-fix, that missed in commit 11062.
2017-05-10 23:33 jenslody
svn11063:  * Linux autoconf: make sure system astyle is at least
2017-05-10 23:01 jenslody
svn11062:  * build-fix on Debian (and maybe others) if system
tinyxml is used;
2017-05-09 07:39 fuscated
svn11061:  * debugger: Make the source code in mixed mode to be
treated as comments by the asm lexer
> This makes the code distinguishable from the assembly and so it
is easier
to read.
> At this time I don't know how to tell the Asm Lexer to treat
the code
lines as comments from the Scintilla APIs, but I use a simple
hack - just
prepend the comment character ';' at the beginning of every code
> This hack achieves the goal, but makes the test look a bit
> Hopefully in the future we'll find a way to achieve this in a
2017-05-08 17:56 mortenmacfly
svn11060:  * applied patch #182 by scarphin: Preserve open
editors per target/project
2017-05-08 14:22 fuscated
svn11059:  * debugger: Save the Mixed mode setting from the
Disassembly dialog (thanks bluehazzard, ticket #503)
2017-05-08 14:22 fuscated
svn11058:  * debugger: Examine memory dialog remembers the size
to dump (ticket #503)
2017-05-08 14:22 fuscated
svn11057:  - debugger: Call DebuggerManager::Free on exit (thanks
bluehazzard, ticket #503)
2017-05-08 14:22 fuscated
svn11056:  * AStyle: Fix config option label - swapped of and #
2017-05-08 14:22 fuscated
svn11055:  - occurrence highlight: Remove useless class
2017-05-07 10:10 jenslody
svn11054:  - Astyle-plugin: make dist fix
2017-04-22 14:25 jenslody
svn11053:  * wxSmith-plugin: fix crash, when closing wxs-file and
a sub-property is selected; see:
2017-04-20 16:55 fuscated
svn11052:  * lexer: Added few new keywords to Fortran lexer
(thanks darmar, ticket #500)
2017-04-20 16:55 fuscated
svn11051:  * compiler: Corrected "defines" switch for Gfortran
(thanks darmar, ticket #499)
2017-04-20 16:55 fuscated
svn11050:  * compiler: Improvement of parsing of Gfortran
compiler output (thanks darmar, ticket #497)
2017-04-20 16:32 fuscated
svn11049:  * compiler: Updated output parser for VS2015 (thanks
sodev, ticket #496)
2017-04-20 16:32 fuscated
svn11048:  * wx30: Fix assert when pressing the auto-detect
button in the compiler settings
2017-04-09 17:37 mortenmacfly
svn11047:  - another few corrections on (wx31) project files
2017-04-08 18:11 mortenmacfly
svn11046:  * couple of fixes to wx31 project files
2017-04-05 19:19 mortenmacfly
svn11045:  - remove whitespaces
2017-04-05 19:19 mortenmacfly
svn11044:  * updated some wx31 project files to make use of
2017-04-05 19:04 mortenmacfly
svn11043:  * added build system/files for wx31 build under
2017-04-05 18:44 mortenmacfly
svn11042:  * move astyle (plugin) out of beta into v3.0 release
2017-04-05 18:43 mortenmacfly
svn11041:  - a couple of more doxygen updates...
2017-04-05 18:31 mortenmacfly
svn11040:  - update of doxygen file
2017-03-28 12:29 mortenmacfly
svn11039:  * update of ASTYLE plugin to fix bug #493 AStyle
crashes in svn build rev 11033
2017-03-28 06:18 mortenmacfly
svn11038:  - reduce some annoying compiler warnings for
2017-03-26 21:32 fuscated
svn11037:  - propgrid: Fix compilation after rev 11030
2017-03-26 21:32 fuscated
svn11036:  - propgrid: Use -fvisiblity=hidden for the project on
> This tries to make the build similar to the window build, so
build errors
can be detected when building on linux, too.
2017-03-26 17:51 mortenmacfly
svn11035:  * editors: allow to search for keywords also on
2017-03-26 17:51 mortenmacfly
svn11034:  * add -std=c11 to default compiler options available
2017-03-24 07:45 fuscated
svn11033:  * linux: Partially Revert rev 10875 because we no
longer do null pointer checks
2017-03-24 07:45 fuscated
svn11032:  - wxScintilla: Fix narrowing initialization
2017-03-24 07:45 fuscated
svn11031:  * SourceExporter: Fix undefined behaviour
> References cannot be nullptr. Newer compilers remove this
2017-03-24 07:45 fuscated
svn11030:  * Fix crashes at startup due to undefined behaviour in
wxPropGrid (ticket #489)
> Newer versions of GCC and clang remove comparisons of this to
nullptr and
the address of a reference to nullptr.
> Most often than not these comparisons are really important.
> This patch fixes all such issues in the wxpropgrid code.
2017-03-12 18:11 fuscated
svn11029:  * Valgrind: Quote the path to the xml file if needed -
makes the plugin work when the project is located in a path with
2017-03-12 18:11 fuscated
svn11028:  - Valgrind: Formatting convert tabs to 4 spaces
2017-03-12 18:11 fuscated
svn11027:  * wx30: Always disable symbol browser in such builds
to prevent crashes (ticket #225)
> Make it impossible for the user to enable the symbol browser
someone steps up and fixes the problem.
2017-03-12 18:11 fuscated
svn11026:  * DoxyBlocks: Clean up the UI a bit
> Set most proportions to 0, because we don't want the rows to
expand, but
we want them to take minimal space.
> Reorder controls in columns, not rows.
> Remove borders.
2017-03-12 18:11 fuscated
svn11025:  * UI: Remove explicit sizing and leave that to the
sizers for controls in CodeStat settings, DoxyBlocks settings and
Editor settings (thanks blauzahn)
> Patch taken from
2017-03-12 18:10 fuscated
svn11024:  * CodeStat: Fix assert in the progress update (thanks
> Modified patch taken from here
2017-03-05 04:11 biplab
svn11023:  * Fixed: Warning message due to misleading
2017-03-04 17:04 alpha0010
svn11022:  * CC: Fix assert on generate ctor implementation
2017-02-25 20:05 fuscated
svn11021:  * printing: Fix printing splitted windows and improve
the restoration of gutter and line numbers (thanks LETARTARE)
> See here for details -
2017-02-25 20:05 fuscated
svn11020:  * UI: Implement CalcColumnWidth in the
2017-02-21 23:52 fuscated
svn11019:  - wx31: Fix compilation with latest wx master (thanks
2017-02-21 23:52 fuscated
svn11018:  - No pch build fix
2017-02-21 23:52 fuscated
svn11017:  * UI: Limit the number of targets visible in the menu
to lower number to try to fit them on screen (ticket #478)
2017-02-21 23:52 fuscated
svn11016:  * UI: Implement Select target menu item that shows an
incremental select dialog (#ticket 478)
> This is useful for projects with many targets (cmake generated
example) where the number of targets is more than MAX_TARGETS and
so not
all targets are visible in the menu.
> Copy the GotoFile implementation of the dialog in the sdk as a
> Implement a simple wxArrayString iterator.
2017-02-21 23:52 fuscated
svn11015:  * UI: Fix read-after-the-end-of-array bug when a
project has more than MAX_TARGETS number of targets in it (ticket
2017-02-21 23:52 fuscated
svn11014:  - UI: Replace the GotoFileListCtrl and
GotoFunctionListCtrl with a common implementation in the sdk
2017-02-21 17:41 alpha0010
svn11013:  - FileManager: Document symlink save procedure
2017-02-18 13:09 fuscated
svn11012:  - noPCH build fix
2017-02-18 10:08 fuscated
svn11011:  * UI: Use separate up/down buttons for the search dirs
tab instead of a spin buttin (ticket #477)
2017-02-18 10:08 fuscated
svn11010:  * UI: Use separate up/down buttons for the linker libs
list instead of a spinbutton (ticket #477)
> The min/max/value properties of the spin button aren't set
correctly, so
the two buttons are enabled/disabled at random.
> Using separate buttons makes the code is a lot simpler.
> The wxART_MENU is specified to request smaller icons to make
the buttons
smaller. This works on gtk, hopefully it will work correctly for
2017-02-18 10:08 fuscated
svn11009:  * UI: Make the GotoFile to try calculate a column
width based on its content, so everything fits in the column
2017-02-17 21:09 alpha0010
svn11008:  * FileManager: Write directly to symlinked files (wx30
The temp->move save procedure removes any symlink structure,
updates from reaching the target file.
Fixes [#276]
2017-02-17 21:09 alpha0010
svn11007:  - FileManager: Format code
2017-02-10 20:56 jenslody
svn11006:  gcc7 build-fix: avoid template-related error
2017-02-08 00:40 fuscated
svn11005:  * UI: GotoFunction: Make the dialog re-sizable
2017-02-07 23:35 fuscated
svn11004:  * UI: Set the focus to the cancel button in the about
dialog to enable closing with escape to work on wx28 on linux
2017-02-07 23:35 fuscated
svn11003:  * UI: GotoFile: Fix refresh problem on windows - it
seems calling SetItemCount is not enougth
2017-02-06 19:12 fuscated
svn11002:  * UI: Add configuration option to make focusing the
first build error an option (ticket #473, thanks yvesdm3000)
2017-02-06 19:12 fuscated
svn11001:  * UI: Make env settings dialog resizeable on Windows
(thanks mgimenez)
2017-02-06 19:12 fuscated
svn11000:  * wxSmith: Improve compatibility with wx3.x by adding
some new events and removing events that aren't supported (thanks
2017-02-06 19:12 fuscated
svn10999:  * CC: Fix possible inconsistency caused by bad usage
of cbAssert - the expression must not have side effects, because
in some builds they might not be executed
2017-02-06 19:12 fuscated
svn10998:  * UI: GotoFunction: Don't show -> if the return type
is empty
2017-02-06 19:12 fuscated
svn10997:  * UI: GotoFunction: Reimplement sorting
2017-02-06 19:12 fuscated
svn10996:  - UI: Sync all project files after the changes
2017-02-06 19:12 fuscated
svn10995:  * UI: GotoFile/Function: Fix GetSelection methods to
return the correct index when the filter is not empty
> The index of the selected is pointing to the filtered list and
not to the
original. So we need to unmap it.
> For this I am adding new method in the Iterator base class that
will do
it and one in the handler.
2017-02-06 19:12 fuscated
svn10994:  * UI: GotoFunction: wx28 and noPCH fixes
> It seems that SetWindowStyleFlag must be called before adding
the columns
in wx28 builds, otherwise they are not added to the list control.
> The simple GetTextExtent function seems to be unavailable, too.
2017-02-06 19:12 fuscated
svn10993:  * UI: GotoFunction: Re-implement the dialog using the
new API (still need to do sorting)
> Move the dialog code outside the lock. It cause re-entrance
due to events beeing executed from the ShowModal method of the
> Reimplement the dialog to be using wxsmith instead of xrc. This
is needed
because I don't know how to create a custom list ctrl class from
a xrc
> Remove the listbox ctrl and only use a list ctrl that is
> Add code to handle column resizing to the API.
> Column sorting needs to be re-implemented.
2017-02-06 19:12 fuscated
svn10992:  - UI: GotoFile: Remove the incremental_select_list.xrc
2017-02-06 19:11 fuscated
svn10991:  - UI: GotoFile: Rename incrementalselectlistbase to
2017-02-06 19:11 fuscated
svn10990:  * UI: GotoFile: Remove IncrementalSelectListDlg (still
doesn't compile)
2017-02-06 19:11 fuscated
svn10989:  * UI: GotoFile: Move the GotoHandler/iterator to the
incrementalselectlistbase.h/cpp (doesn't compile)
> Reimplement the Find File project tree using the new dialog.
> Add a possibility to inseart controls at the bottom of the
GotoFile dialog.
> Move the GotoHandler and Iterator class to the SDK. Rename them
with more
appropriate names.
2017-02-06 19:11 fuscated
svn10988:  - UI: GotoFile: wx28 support
2017-02-06 19:11 fuscated
svn10987:  * UI: GotoFile: Set the title and message from outside
2017-02-06 19:11 fuscated
svn10986:  * UI: GotoFile: Add GetSelection method and restore
the old functionality
2017-02-06 19:11 fuscated
svn10985:  - UI: GotoFile: Move filteritems at the top next to
the other GotoHandler method implementations
2017-02-06 19:11 fuscated
svn10984:  - UI: GotoFile: Start to factor the code in a class
that can be reused - GotoHandler
> Add code to handle key presses.
> The FilterResults method must be moved to the top.
2017-02-06 19:11 fuscated
svn10983:  * UI: GotoFile: Initial commit of new goto file dialog
> The old version is too slow when the number of files is big
(40-50k). To get
better performance we need to use a virtual control.
> The slow code is the filling of the listbox with items (at
least on gtk-2).
> Re-implement the dialog using wxSmith, because I don't know how
to create a
custom listctrl from xrc.
> Searching works and it is really fast.
> Most of the features are missing.
2017-01-28 16:02 fuscated
svn10982:  * UI: Replace case insensitive with case sensitive
checking when the user changes a virtual target name (ticket #468
thanks bluehazzard)
> Seems to be an API misunderstanding error and not something
2017-01-28 16:01 fuscated
svn10981:  - UI: More stable relative sort predicate
> Use the addresses of the to files when relative paths are
equal, this makes
it possible to compare different algorithms if they produce the
2017-01-28 16:01 fuscated
svn10980:  * UI: Optimize goto file opening for large projects
(ticket #325)
> It seems that calling any of the wxFileName functions is really
slow, so we
need to minimize this.
> In this patch I'm removing the first sort+unique algorithm call
and I'm
replacing them with a hashmap which does the same.
> This new verison takes 0.250 sec for a project with 45k files.
The old one
took 3.6 sec, and the patch provided in the ticket took 0.95 sec.
> There is more performance by moving to a virtual list control,
but this will
happen in a separate commit.
2017-01-23 01:12 fuscated
svn10979:  * UI: Make editor and environment settings resize
correctly (fixes ticket #467)
2017-01-23 01:12 fuscated
svn10978:  - Fix issue introduced in rev10912
2017-01-21 10:41 fuscated
svn10977:  - wxSmith: Code formatting
2017-01-21 10:41 fuscated
svn10976:  * wxSmith: Sort generated includes and forward
declartion to prevent random changes to the source files when the
hash function changes
2017-01-21 10:41 fuscated
svn10975:  * HexEditor: Change the label of the OK button to Find
2017-01-21 10:41 fuscated
svn10974:  * HexEditor: Limit vertical resizing of the search
2017-01-21 10:41 fuscated
svn10973:  - wxSmith: Add all wxs file to the unix projects
2017-01-21 10:41 fuscated
svn10972:  * wxSmith: Fix the resizing of the ArrayStringEditor
2017-01-19 19:15 fuscated
svn10971:  * CC: Fix default colours for code call tips (thanks
2017-01-19 19:14 fuscated
svn10970:  * UI: Better align widgets vertically in the EditPath
2017-01-15 21:22 jenslody
svn10969:  - Fedora spec-file: don't remove bundled
astyle-sources, unless Fedora ships 2.06
2017-01-15 15:54 jenslody
svn10968:  - autofoo: check if system astyle has STYLE_MOZILLA
defined, if not use bundled astyle.
2017-01-14 22:41 fuscated
svn10967:  * UI: Use wxStdButtonSizer to make buttons more
consistent (ticket #421)
> This automatically arranges buttons to follow the OSes HID
guidelines if
there is such thing.
> Also renamed the Ok button to Choose to better depict its
> Added spacer to move the buttons to the right.
2017-01-14 22:41 fuscated
svn10966:  - UI: Add the get_global_uservar.xrc to the wx30 unix
project (ticket #421)
2017-01-14 22:41 fuscated
svn10965:  * UI: Sort the elements in the tree, so they are
consistent (ticket #421)
2017-01-14 22:41 fuscated
svn10964:  * UI: Fix an out-of-bounds read in the new
GetUserVariableDialog (ticket #421)
2017-01-14 22:41 fuscated
svn10963:  - sdk: Clean up the code a bit (ticket #421)
> Add a parent parameter, because it is required on wxGTK to get
stacking of windows.
> Reorder code a bit - public interface should be before private.
2017-01-14 22:41 fuscated
svn10962:  * UI: Specify min size for the text ctrl in the
EditPath dialog, so it is a bit more user friendly (ticket #421)
2017-01-14 22:41 fuscated
svn10961:  * UI: Use bitmap buttons for buttons in the EditPath
dialog (ticket #421)
> Using a folder icon and an exec_file icon.
> Hopefully the latter looks good on Windows/OSX. On Linux it
look fine.
2017-01-14 22:40 fuscated
svn10960:  * UI: Replace flexgridsize with simpler boxsize in
edit path dialog and fix the control expansion (ticket #421)
> Fixes regression introduced in rev10919.
> I don't know why the original commit has switched the sizer,
but I've
reverted it.
> I've massaged the expand and proportional flags to make the
dialog expand
as it should.
> Also changed the alignments to make everything line up
2017-01-14 22:40 fuscated
svn10959:  * wxSmith: Make it handle minsize corretly for
wxSplitter (ticket #465, thanks Volker Meyer)
> Minsize is duplicated and thus doesn't correctly affect
> Renamed the Splitter specific property from minsize to
minpanesize, so
they can co-exist and affect correct control properties.
2017-01-02 15:54 mortenmacfly
svn10958:  * Welcome in 2017 ... happy new year everyone!
2016-12-31 17:25 alpha0010
svn10957:  * CCManager: Send proper events for 'Autoselect single
Allowing Scintilla to autoselect causes Scintilla to bypass
hook. This prevents code completion plugins from being able to
insertion behaviour.
So, emulate autoselect within CCManager.
Fixes [#445]
2016-12-29 19:53 alpha0010
svn10956:  - CCManager: Improve documentation
2016-12-29 08:55 mortenmacfly
svn10955:  * astyle: make Mozilla style preview work correctly
2016-12-29 06:36 mortenmacfly
svn10954:  * set HiDPI aware to false for C::B on Windows with
HiDPI monitors (HiDPI support in wx starts from wx31+), should
resolve some layout issues
2016-12-29 06:34 mortenmacfly
svn10953:  * added missing include for ModPoller plugin
2016-12-29 06:34 mortenmacfly
svn10952:  * allow macros in project notes (applied patch by ???)
2016-12-29 06:33 mortenmacfly
svn10951:  - formatting/sorting (no functional change)
2016-12-29 06:16 mortenmacfly
svn10950:  * updated astyle plugin to v2.06 (final)
* removed obsolete astyle options
* added new astyle options >> should be feature-complete for
v2.06 now
2016-12-28 18:01 fuscated
svn10949:  * editor: Properly restore the line number settings
after printing
2016-12-28 00:06 fuscated
svn10948:  * todo: Display count of list item (ticket #452 Sergey
2016-12-22 16:10 fuscated
svn10947:  * cscope: Fix hang of cscope when given a missing file
(ticket #448 Robert Morin)
2016-12-21 10:23 fuscated
svn10946:  - autotools: Restore the inclusion of
ax_cxx_compile_stdcxx.m4 to fix compilation when this file is not
globally available (ticket 349)
2016-12-17 12:43 fuscated
svn10945:  - autotools: Print CC and CXX variables at the end,
2016-12-17 12:43 fuscated
svn10944:  - autotools: Move PCH_FLAGS and PIC_FLAGS to the
appropriate variables (ticket 349, thanks David Seifert)
2016-12-17 12:43 fuscated
svn10943:  - autotools: Move the debug check even earlier (ticket
349, tanks David Seifert)
> CODEBLOCKS_CHECK_DEBUG has to occur before AC_PROG_CC and
as both latter macros will set CFLAGS resp. CXXFLAGS (to "-g
-O2"). By
moving it before both of them, we set the CFLAGS to our defaults
and then
AC_PROG_CC and AC_PROG_CXX stop setting and values.
2016-12-17 12:43 fuscated
svn10942:  - autotools: Restore the inclusion of acinclude.m4 to
fix some warnings during bootstrap (ticket 349, tanks David
2016-12-17 12:43 fuscated
svn10941:  - autotools: Fix additional -g -O2 flags (ticket 349,
tanks David Seifert)
2016-12-17 12:43 fuscated
svn10940:  - autotools: Don't override CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS if
specified in the environment (ticket 349, thanks David Seifert)
2016-12-17 12:43 fuscated
svn10939:  - autotools: Don't override CXXFLAGS (ticket 349,
thanks David Seifert)
2016-12-17 12:43 fuscated
svn10938:  - autotools: Move m4 files in the m4 folder (ticket
349, thanks David Seifert)
2016-12-17 12:43 fuscated
svn10937:  - autotools: Mark the project as foreign (not gnu), to
prevent warnings (ticket 349, thanks David Seifert)
2016-12-17 12:43 fuscated
svn10936:  - autotools: Use pkg-config for detecting zlib (ticket
349, thanks David Seifert)
2016-12-17 12:43 fuscated
svn10935:  - autotools: Use boost m4 macro (ticket 349, thanks
David Seifert)
2016-12-17 11:05 fuscated
svn10934:  * DoxyBlocks: Filter out comment strings in the
parameter documentation (thanks Yves De Muyter)
2016-12-17 11:05 fuscated
svn10933:  * AStyle: Fix bug in settings dialog "Break logical
conditions..." (ticket #450, thanks bluehazzard)
2016-12-17 07:53 ollydbg
svn10932:  - Astyle plugin: fix a typo in the setting dialog.
It is reported in ticket 444
2016-12-04 16:30 fuscated
svn10931:  * compiler: Batch mode doesn't work on MacOS (ticket
#425, thanks Franko F for the original patch)
> Move the code that deals with the list of batch plugins in a
single place.
> This way there is less copy-pasting and less chance for bugs.
> The bug is caused by a copy-paste-fix-on-one-place type of
problem. The
code in CompilerSettingsDlg::CompilerSettingsDlg didn't handle
the MacOS
2016-12-04 16:30 fuscated
svn10930:  * osx: Build all plugins as dynamic libraries (ticket
#275, thanks Franko F)
2016-12-04 16:29 fuscated
svn10929:  * osx: Fix plugins location (ticket #275)
2016-12-04 16:29 fuscated
svn10928:  - config manager: Fix typo
2016-12-04 06:14 mortenmacfly
svn10927:  * cb_share_config: added simple "export all"
functionality for easy backup of all config stubs to a backup
2016-12-04 06:13 mortenmacfly
svn10926:  * updated exception handler to v0.8.1
2016-12-04 06:11 mortenmacfly
svn10925:  * added addr2line application that ships as part of
exception handler to be used with UI tool on Windows
2016-11-26 07:39 ollydbg
svn10924:  - todo plugin: code refactoring in todolistview.cpp
Patch contributed by forum user frithjofh
- for consistency changed post-increment to increment where
- refactored the parsebuffer function:
- replaced wxString and wxArrayString functions with their stl
counterparts admitted by wxWidgets. makes code clearer and makes
better use of highlighting
See forum discussion here:
2016-11-26 07:39 ollydbg
svn10923:  - todo plugin: code refactoring, functionality should
be identical.
Patch contributed by forum user frithjofh.
changes to addtododlg.h :
- changed the constructor: now takes const& instead of copying
- made the destructor virtual
- removed two not necessary members
- some clean up
changes to addtododlg.cpp :
- changed the constructor: now takes const& instead of copying
- moved empty destructor to header file
- removed two not necessary members
- removed some loops to add entries to wxWidgets gui elements
which support adding an array of entries
- removed some loops getting the entries from gui elements, when
they support retrieving an array
- some clean up
See forum discussion here:
2016-11-17 11:48 thomas-denk
svn10922:  - Fix broken build with clang which unlike MinGW does
not (incorrectly) define __WIN32__ under 64-bit Windows,
resulting in POSIX codepath being compiled.
2016-11-09 18:32 fuscated
svn10921:  * debugger: Fix parsing of backtrace produced by newer
CDB's (ticket #430 thanks debugfanchin)
> The problem happened because the old regexp expected a drive
which is no always present.
> Hopefully the new one will work in the old cases, too. I've not
tested it:(
2016-11-09 18:32 fuscated
svn10920:  * debugger: Make if possible to debug 32bit program
with CDB 64bit (ticket #429, thanks debugfanchin)
2016-11-06 18:55 mortenmacfly
svn10919:  * applied Feature/Patch #421: Add dialog for global
variables to "Edit Path" dialog
2016-10-23 13:27 biplab
svn10918:  * Updated: Copyright year.
2016-10-17 15:50 fuscated
svn10917:  - AStyle: Fix spelling - parentheses is the correct
2016-10-15 15:04 fuscated
svn10916:  * UI: Fix incorrect usage of size_t (ticket #66)
> Using unsigned types and operator- is disaster waiting to
happen, luckily
the assertion of wx3.x helped me find this problem.
> The problem is doing 0u-1 and expecting to get something
> Add some override keywords here and there.
> Fix the naming of parameters.
2016-10-15 15:04 fuscated
svn10915:  * UI: Add multiple select in the "Copy to..." dialog
in Search Directories (ticket #410)
2016-10-15 15:04 fuscated
svn10914:  * UI: Disable the Copy to buttons in the Build options
dialog if nothing in the list is selected, because these
operations do nothing in this case
2016-10-15 15:04 fuscated
svn10913:  * UI: Add multiple select in the "Copy selected to"
dialogue (ticket #410, thanks bluehazzard)
2016-09-25 16:10 fuscated
svn10912:  * UI: Fix default buttons in most dialog broken after
the change to use wxStdDialogButtonSizer (ticket #368)
> It seems wx doesn't have a way to specify the default button in
the xrc,
so we need to set it manually in the code.
> I've done it for most dialogs.
> Unfortunately there is some strange bug in wx3.x that breaks
some of the
dialogs, but they work with wx2.8.
> The wxSmith dialogs still need to be fixed.
2016-09-25 16:10 fuscated
svn10911:  - wx30: Fix assert on startup in IncrementalSearch
(ticket #405, thanks bluehazzard)
2016-09-25 16:10 fuscated
svn10910:  - remove unused include
2016-09-25 16:09 fuscated
svn10909:  * wx3: Fix assert due to the same labeled property
added to the wxSmith's property grid for wxStdDialogButtonSizer
2016-09-25 16:09 fuscated
svn10908:  - wx3: Fix some alignment asserts reported for some of
the dialogs
2016-09-25 16:09 fuscated
svn10907:  - c++11: Remove homemade static_assert and use the
real thing
2016-09-15 14:47 ollydbg
svn10906:  * Fix SF Ticket #386 Parallel builds arbitrarily
limited to 100.
Thanks bluehazzard for the fix, also fix a copy paste error in
the file
See discussion: https://sourceforge.net/p/codeblocks/tickets/386/
2016-09-10 07:55 jenslody
svn10905:  - Linux (autofoo): added more (forgotten) files
2016-09-10 07:32 jenslody
svn10904:  - Linux (autofoo): add new files to Makefiles
2016-09-10 07:32 jenslody
svn10903:  - Fix/synchronize project-files.
2016-09-09 22:05 ollydbg
svn10902:  * CCTest: automatically test for doxygen document.
(thanks White-Tiger)
This is SF ticket 232:
Here is the note from White-Tiger
1) I've also fixed some trimming while I was at it.
(wxString::Trim(bool trim_right) defaults to true and cctest did
Trim().. one with default true and one with implicit true)
2) the code inside the constructor isn't required since it's
the default anyway... but maybe do it implicit nontheless
3) the patch to src/plugins/codecompletion/parser/parser_base.cpp
should be properly redone, or at least every use of it verified
since it'll probably always default to storeDocumentation = true
in situations where it "shouldn't"
4) the last "test" should fail... there are 2 special test values
doxygen comments, "*" as a "non-empty" wildcard, and "-" to check
empty docs
Also, some fixes from my(olldbg) side
1, enable the store doxygen doc option for the parser in cctest.
2, fix a bug in the the cctest's parser, we should firstly mark
the file
in the TokenTree, so that the doxygen document will bestored in
Token::m_Doc, otherwise, it was wrongly stored in the m_ImpDoc.
Token* ParserThread::DoAddToken() about how the doxygen document
are added
to the Token.
Discussion link:
2016-09-09 22:05 ollydbg
svn10901:  * CC: fix a bug that we have forget adding the doxygen
documents for macro
definitions in Tokenizer.
2016-09-09 21:18 ollydbg
svn10900:  * CC: fix a endless loop crash bug when parsing C99
designated initializer
Forum discussion is here:
When parsing
struct AAA a1 = {.x = 1, .y=2}; // first line
struct AAA a2 = {.x = 1, .y=2}; // second line
When we see a "dot", we need to skip to "}", thus the close brace
skipped, and the open brace is just start a function call of
If we goes to the second line, we will call another DoParse(), so
is recursive calls, and finally goes to crash.
Also, a cc test case is added
2016-09-09 21:18 ollydbg
svn10899:  * CC and SDK: Apply modified SF ticket #66 Patch for
"Goto Function" enhancement. Thanks Bat.
The Goto Function dialog have a column view, its items can be
sorted by function names.
Discussions can be found here:
2016-09-05 17:41 pecanh
svn10898:  * MacrosManager - Add additional tests to
MacrosManager to determine if a newer project has been activated.
When a workspace with only one project is closed, then another
or another project in a multi-project workspace is compiled,
it's possible for the newly loaded/referenced project to be
assigned the same memory address as the previous project.
Any test against the previously loaded projects address will
match, and
macrosmanager.cpp will not replace correctly the macros for the
second project.
2016-08-31 08:54 ollydbg
svn10897:  - CC: refine some documents in tokenizer.h.
2016-08-31 08:54 ollydbg
svn10896:  * CC: fix SF ticket 278 and ticket 393, thanks
See links here: https://sourceforge.net/p/codeblocks/tickets/393/
Correctly read the string literal inside macro definition.
Also a cc test case is added.
Fix the build error on cctest_wx30 project, add the c++11 option.
(we don't
have our own nullptr definition)
2016-08-17 17:55 jenslody
svn10895:  - Linux ("old" spec-file): package appdata/metainfo
xml-files to avoid packaging errors.
They are only useful for distributions with a software-center,
but do no harm in older distributions.
2016-08-16 21:11 jenslody
svn10894:  - Fix for make dist.
2016-08-16 19:26 jenslody
svn10893:  - Rename Fedora spec-file, to avoid conflicts with the
default one. Only one spec-file is allowed, when using rpmbuild
with the (dist-)tarball.
2016-08-09 19:10 mortenmacfly
svn10892:  - include\tinyxml fixes for misc. projects that were
2016-08-09 19:09 mortenmacfly
svn10891:  * CppCheck: Support for XML log file format v1 and v2
(v1 will be obsolete soon)
2016-07-31 10:40 jenslody
svn10890:  * autofoo: detect the toolkit used to build wxWidgets
and use either gtk2 or gtk3 to avoid crashes because of mixing
gtk2 and gtk3 libs.
2016-07-21 11:26 jenslody
svn10889:  - Sourceformatter-plugin: use camelCase for
library-name to avoid conflicts with system installed library on
Resource-file renamed to start with a capital-letter therefore.
A rebuild might be needed.
2016-07-21 11:26 jenslody
svn10888:  * Windows build fix: undefine _UNICODE only whebn
including squirrel-header; based on patch from stahta01, see:
2016-07-19 08:40 jenslody
svn10887:  - Debian: add appdata files to core and contrib
2016-07-19 08:40 jenslody
svn10886:  - Another fix for the Fedora spec-file to build on
Redhat/CentOS7 (avoid unpackaged files).
2016-07-19 00:22 jenslody
svn10885:  - Fix Fedora spec-file for build on Redhat/CentOS7.
2016-07-18 23:39 jenslody
svn10884:  - Fix for "make dist".
2016-07-18 23:39 jenslody
svn10883:  - Tiny update for fedora spec file.
2016-07-18 22:39 jenslody
svn10882:  - Add a Fedora-specific spec-file, to get rid of the
conditional cases for too many (possibly outdated) distributions,
and to make the maintaining (at least for Fedora packages)
2016-07-18 22:39 jenslody
svn10881:  * Add appdata-/metainfo-files for codeblocks core and
codeblocks-contrib. Both files are based on the versions from
official Fedora repo.
2016-07-18 22:39 jenslody
svn10880:  * Spellchecker-plugin: add (Fedora-)path for
2016-07-18 22:39 jenslody
svn10879:  * Linux (autofoo): remove obsoleted (and redundant)
"-macro (already replaced by "LT_INIT"), remove second call of
2016-07-17 07:33 jenslody
svn10878:  * Add include path for tinyxml.h in all relevant
project-files, needed after r10874 .
2016-07-16 23:33 jenslody
svn10877:  * Linux (autofoo): add tinyxml compiler-flags
globally, because they are needed by each file that includes
"configmanager.h" .
2016-07-16 21:52 jenslody
svn10876:  * Linux (autofoo): build fix needed after r10872 and
2016-07-16 20:00 jenslody
svn10875:  * Linux autofoo: workaround for gcc6 optimization bug
(reverts/enhances r10869).
2016-07-16 20:00 jenslody
svn10874:  Linux (autofoo): use system provided tinyxml if
installed (based on Fedoras unbundle-patch)
2016-07-16 19:59 jenslody
svn10873:  * Linux (autofoo): use system provided astyle, if
installed (based on Fedoras unbundle-patch)
2016-07-16 19:59 jenslody
svn10872:  * Linux (autofoo): use system provided squirrel if
installed (based on Fedoras unbundle-patch)
2016-06-29 22:24 fuscated
svn10871:  * compiler: Save the other resource settings in the
Compiler options dialog
2016-06-29 22:24 fuscated
svn10870:  * ScriptingWizard: Add support for 3.1 in the
WxWidgets wizard (thanks New Pagodi)
2016-06-26 15:20 jenslody
svn10869:  * Lower optimization level on Fedora 24 as workaround
to avoid a crash on startup. GCC6's optimization seems to be more
(too ?) aggressive.
2016-06-14 05:41 jenslody
svn10868:  * wxSmith: fix assert with wx3.0, due to doubled
properties in some sizeritems.
2016-06-13 06:49 mortenmacfly
svn10867:  * updated wxPDFDoc library to recent GIT version to
resolve licensing issues
2016-06-10 18:04 mortenmacfly
svn10866:  * updated exchndl (crash handler) DLL to v0.8.0
2016-06-10 17:59 mortenmacfly
svn10865:  - prefer gnu++1 over c++11
2016-06-09 16:04 mortenmacfly
svn10864:  * projectoptionsmanipulator plugin: added
modified/bug-fixed patch by bluehazzard: Add possibility to
change compiler
* projectoptionsmanipulator plugin: bug-fix for erroneous message
when user cancels dialog
* projectoptionsmanipulator plugin: bug-fix for some UI logic
(enabling/disabling applicable controls)
2016-06-09 08:23 ollydbg
svn10863:  - scripted wizard plugin: fix the window name from
lena to arnold_schwarzenegger, this is missing in commit
rev10858. (thanks blauzahn)
2016-06-08 19:30 mortenmacfly
svn10862:  * projectoptionsmanipulator plugin: query the user to
save all projects at end for convenience
2016-06-08 19:24 mortenmacfly
svn10861:  * projectoptionsmanipulator plugin: show summary of
operation done at end
* projectoptionsmanipulator plugin: mark project files modified
if they are changed
2016-06-06 21:44 fuscated
svn10860:  * editor: Enable folding for newly created files
(partly fixes ticket #366)
2016-06-06 21:44 fuscated
svn10859:  - fix autotools, broken in rev 10858
2016-06-05 08:22 ollydbg
svn10858:  - replace lena.jpg with arnold_schwarzenegger.jpg in
OpenCV project wizard.
This is due to the Code::Blocks / Tickets / #355 Please images in
source tarball -
Since the lena.jpg is considered to be non-distributable by
Debian due to violating the DFSG.
Thanks Vincent C. for the report.
2016-06-04 19:13 killerbot
svn10857:  * compiler : add support for the following options :
-std==c++1y and -std=c++1z
2016-05-29 18:03 mortenmacfly
svn10856:  * CppCheck: Allow macros in command line parameters
provided through settings
- CppCheck: Rename project names to CppCheck/Vera++
2016-05-24 13:39 fuscated
svn10855:  * Fix issue #358: Remove additional flags from
pkg-config files (thanks Vincent C and Alexander GQ Gerasiov)
2016-05-18 22:20 d_anselmi
svn10854:  * Enable switching between header and implementation
for templates (.tpp;.tcc . <-> .h;.hpp).
2016-05-13 00:05 fuscated
svn10853:  * CC: Fix issue #351
2016-05-12 00:11 fuscated
svn10852:  * Astyle: Fix issues #352 (thanks sodev)
2016-05-12 00:11 fuscated
svn10851:  - c++11: Use unique_ptr instead of auto_ptr (ticket
349 applied partially, thanks David Seifert)
2016-05-05 16:41 fuscated
svn10850:  * ThreadSearch: Add option to disable/enable the
autosizing of log columns (fixes #324, thanks Sergey Bezgodov)
2016-05-05 15:07 fuscated
svn10849:  * debugger: Don't call EditorLinesAddedOrRemoved twice
for split editors
> If we have a split editor then cbEditor::OnEditorModified will
be called
twice and so EditorLinesAddedOrRemoved will be called twice. The
result will be that the breakpoint will be move with twice as
much lines.
> To fix this I'm executing the code only for the first editor.
2016-05-05 14:29 fuscated
svn10848:  - help plugin: Remove unused code
2016-05-05 14:29 fuscated
svn10847:  - sdk: Fix wrong return
2016-05-05 14:29 fuscated
svn10846:  * ThreadSearch: Fix infinite filesystem traversal when
there are cyclic symlinks present
2016-05-05 14:29 fuscated
svn10845:  - CC: Make the visited check be present on windows,
> I want to do it this way, so the same code is executed on all
OSes, so if
there is a problem somewhere we'll have a better chance to detect
2016-05-05 14:29 fuscated
svn10844:  - sdk: Move the code for resolving symlinks in the sdk
> Added a separate function to do the full resolve to final file
without the need for a loop.
> This will make it possible to use it in other places where dir
> Use a bit more descriptive names for the two functions
(mentioning that
they work only for directories).
2016-05-05 14:29 fuscated
svn10843:  * CC: Try to fix issue #14 for real this time
> Use wxFileName::DirName to explicitly create wxFileName objects
to directories not files. This seems to be an API requirement.
The old
version behaved strangedly.
> Also try to resolve symlinks pointing to other symlinks until a
file is reached.
2016-05-04 23:00 fuscated
svn10842:  - global vars: Remove two more flex grid sizers
2016-05-04 23:00 fuscated
svn10841:  - global vars: Remove the top flex grid sizer (use box
sizer instead)
2016-05-04 23:00 fuscated
svn10840:  * global vars: Use a listbox instead of choice for the
list of variables (ticket #346, thanks bluehazzard)
2016-05-04 23:00 fuscated
svn10839:  - HexEditor: Fix compilation with wx28
2016-05-03 16:54 jenslody
svn10838:  * wxSmithAui: move -std=c++11 to Unix/Mac target,
readd -std=gnu++11 to windows target.
2016-04-26 06:32 fuscated
svn10837:  - HexEditor: noPCH build fix (related to r10836)
2016-04-23 15:07 fuscated
svn10836:  * HexEditor: Fix text misalignment when selecting
numbers in the editor
> The bug happens because the font size changes between the c-tor
of the
panel and the first call to the drawing method. A resize of the
fixes the problem, because the drawing parameters get
> To fix the problem I've added a flag that is true when we need
recalculate the drawing parameters and I'm doing the
recalculation inside
the paint event to be sure that the drawing context is fully
2016-04-20 21:24 fuscated
svn10835:  * compiler: Partially revert rev10826 because my
change broke users projects that had stream redirects or piping
in the post build steps
> The new version still does backtick expansion using our own
which might still break user's projects, but adds the backtick
for windows users. And if people complain we can improve our
expansion to run a shell.
2016-04-17 22:10 jenslody
svn10834:  - Autofoo: put -std=c90 in CFLAGS instead of CPPFLAGS
to avoid warnings.
2016-04-17 21:31 jenslody
svn10833:  * Fix variable declarations, that conflict with
internal compiler-defines, so C::B is compilable with gcc6 .
2016-04-17 21:31 jenslody
svn10832:  * Remove "-ansi" from C++-only projects, because it
conflicts with C++11, replace it with "-std=c90" on mixed
2016-04-17 21:30 jenslody
svn10831:  * Fix description of "-ansi" compiler-flag in
Add "-std=c90".
Fix some supersedes-attributes: c- and c++-flags can be set in
the same project.
2016-04-17 21:30 jenslody
svn10830:  * Autofoo compilerflags: replace "-ansi" with
"-std=c90", because it's the same for C. For C++ "-ansi" is the
same as "-std=c++98" and conflicts with "-std=c++11".
2016-04-17 21:30 jenslody
svn10829:  - Autofoo: update c++11-detecting macro to newest
Call the macro after setting the compiler-flags, so it can detect
conflicting parameters.
2016-04-15 20:59 jenslody
svn10828:  Partly revert last commit (r10827).
It tries to fix artefacts of broken autorevision (date in
comment) introduced in 10649 and reverted in 10778, but breaks
numbering in autofoo-build again.
The date in the comment in autorevision.h was plain wrong,
because it was not implemented robust enough and is really not
The incorrect header-file (with the date in the comment) should
simply be removed (or edited manually), to fix this.
It will be autogenerated from scratch and everything is okay.
2016-04-11 21:10 fuscated
svn10827:  - autorevision: Try to make the tool even more robust
- don't check for length of the string and if the new string is
greater than the old
> The tool failed to update the revision when there have been a
date stored
in the comment.
2016-04-11 21:10 fuscated
svn10826:  * compiler: Expand backtick expression when doing
clean for makefile projects (fixes #326)
2016-04-11 06:50 killerbot
svn10825:  - CCtest : build fix : -std=gnu++11
2016-04-09 19:18 fuscated
svn10824:  * compiler: Switch to build log when compiling single
file (ticket #222, thanks Sergey Bezgodov)
2016-04-09 19:18 fuscated
svn10823:  - c++11: Switch unittests for the debugger (unix only)
2016-04-09 19:18 fuscated
svn10822:  * compiler: Remove the limit on the number of
processors and change the default to use all available in the
machine (fixes #327)
2016-04-01 22:09 fuscated
svn10821:  - c++11: Remove our nullptr implementation and some
other tr1 classes
2016-03-30 21:49 fuscated
svn10820:  * tools: Replace '&amp;' with '__' in the xrc file for
the edit tools dialog (fixes ticket #321)
> According to the docs this is how an underscore should be
stored in a xrc
2016-03-27 13:45 fuscated
svn10819:  * colours: Updated the cc tooltip colours after the
settings have changed
2016-03-27 13:45 fuscated
svn10818:  - autotools: Fix wrong indent
2016-03-26 17:14 fuscated
svn10817:  - wx30: Fix assert when calling wxSetWorkingDirectory
with an empty path
2016-03-21 23:37 fuscated
svn10816:  - Revert "temp: use wx31 (core+contrib)"
> This reverts commit rev 10814
2016-03-21 23:36 fuscated
svn10815:  - wx30: Fix two asserts in the AVR wizard
2016-03-21 23:36 fuscated
svn10814:  temp: use wx31 (core+contrib)
2016-03-19 10:06 fuscated
svn10813:  * projects: Fix sorting of virtual folders when there
is an empty one (thanks earlgrey)
> Reported here
2016-03-19 10:06 fuscated
svn10812:  * editor: Clarify the menu item names for splitting
the editor
2016-03-12 18:05 jenslody
svn10811:  * no pch build fix needed after 10796.
Please try to test also no-pch builds, before committing.
2016-03-12 18:05 jenslody
svn10810:  - Linux /project-files): several wx3 build-fixes.
2016-03-12 18:05 jenslody
svn10809:  * IncrementalSearch-plugin: wx3 compatibility-fix
2016-03-11 22:55 fuscated
svn10808:  * osx: Fix launching in terminal when the executable
path contains characters that need to be escaped (thanks Easior
2016-03-11 09:12 fuscated
svn10807:  * wx30: Fix lots of asserts when batch building (there
some left thought)
> Don't create the debugger dialogs.
> Use a simple batch implementation of the cbProjectManagerUI.
> It seems we're running the compiler event loop from oninit and
causes some asserts in the gtk backend of wx.
2016-03-11 09:12 fuscated
svn10806:  * batch: Fix crash when batch building, because the
autofitting accesses null pointer
2016-03-09 00:07 fuscated
svn10805:  * wx30: Fix assert when the current target uses "No
compiler" (fixes ticket #315)
> The assert happens because the cApp is empty. Which is correct
for the
null compiler.
> I don't think there is any valid reason we want to modify the
variable for the null compiler. If I'm wrong please explain why.
2016-03-09 00:07 fuscated
svn10804:  * debugger: Don't print a warning when the current
compiler is set to "No compiler" and the active debugger is set
to "Target's default"
2016-03-08 23:27 fuscated
svn10803:  - Wizard: Fix images to be 32x32 and be transparent
(fixes ticket #314)
2016-03-08 23:27 fuscated
svn10802:  * wx30: Fix asserts when wizard icons are no 32x32
pixels big (fixes ticket #314)
> I'm adding a code that will resize the images and it will print
a warning
just in case. So no asserts are shown in the future.
> The proper fix is to adjust the images. I'll do so in another
2016-03-08 23:27 fuscated
svn10801:  - wizard: Make the code a bit more readable
2016-03-08 22:25 fuscated
svn10800:  * compiler: Don't compile the regexes for the compiler
until they are really needed
> This speeds up the wx3.0 startup time (core plugins only) by 1
> Also use std::vector and pre-allocate space for 100 regexes per
2016-02-28 14:29 ollydbg
svn10798:  - CC: add some comments
2016-02-28 14:29 ollydbg
svn10797:  - CC: remove the m_IsBuffer member variable, since it
contains in m_Options.
2016-02-28 14:28 ollydbg
svn10796:  - SDK: prefer include sdk_precomp.h instead of wx/wx.h
in cpp file
2016-02-27 19:00 mortenmacfly
svn10795:  * show project/workspace file name and target title in
title of batch window
2016-02-26 06:19 mortenmacfly
svn10794:  * partially reverted r10710 due to error report here:
2016-02-22 23:13 fuscated
svn10793:  * debugger: Set print elements limit to the default
for gdb, using unlimited has proven to be dangerous
2016-02-21 17:48 fuscated
svn10792:  - wx3: Fix an assert in ToDo plugin (thanks blauzahn)
2016-02-21 17:48 fuscated
svn10791:  - projects: Change the '\' to '/' and some other
automatic changes done by 16.01
2016-02-21 17:48 fuscated
svn10790:  - project: Small improvements
2016-02-21 17:48 fuscated
svn10789:  - c++11: Add the option for most of the windows
projects (wx28 and wx30), unfortunately we have to use gnu++11
instead of c++11
2016-02-21 17:47 fuscated
svn10788:  - c++11: Add the option to all wx28 unix contrib
2016-02-21 17:47 fuscated
svn10787:  - c++11: Add the option to unix contrib project for
2016-02-21 17:47 fuscated
svn10786:  - c++11: Initial support - add the option for
autotools and the unix projects for wx28 and wx30
2016-02-21 17:47 fuscated
svn10785:  - autotools: Indent fix
2016-02-21 15:37 mortenmacfly
svn10784:  * added several well recognised supporters
2016-02-20 08:06 jenslody
svn10783:  - remove -t from version-string in debian/changelog
2016-02-17 19:51 jenslody
svn10782:  - Update debian/changelog to 16.01 .
2016-02-13 17:03 fuscated
svn10781:  - wx30: Fix assert when deleting a compiler
2016-02-13 16:01 fuscated
svn10780:  - FileManager: formatting
2016-02-13 16:01 fuscated
svn10779:  - PCH build: Fix compilation of FileManager (thanks
Venkatesan S Sharma, ticket 297)
2016-02-09 05:49 jenslody
svn10778:  * partly revert 10649, because we can syafely assume,
that the same revision-number means we have the same revision.
If we seriously take the date(-time) into account here, we need
much more overhead to be sure, that the format is correctly and
2016-02-07 11:15 jenslody
svn10777:  - Silent warning about comparison between signed and
unsigned integer
2016-02-07 11:15 jenslody
svn10776:  * fix another wxCHECK_VERSION artefact.
This one was only meant for versions between wx2.9 and smaler
than wx2.9.4,
2016-02-07 09:46 mortenmacfly
svn10775:  * fixed a wxCHECK_VERSION artefact as described here:
2016-02-06 18:10 mortenmacfly
svn10773:  * CppCheck plugin: Added support for Vera++
2016-02-06 14:34 mortenmacfly
svn10772:  - fixed compilation error that got introduced with
last commit
2016-02-06 14:29 mortenmacfly
svn10771:  * wxCHECK_VERSION cleanup for contrib plugins:
** set wx2,8,12 as minimum version for compile time assertions
(theoretically 2,8,11 would also be possible)
** remove obsolete wx24...wx27 checks we need 2,8,12 meanwhile
** change all wx29 checks to wx3 checks so we can search for it
easier (with the release of wx3 the devel wx29 version isn't used
** this leaves ONLY: wx2,8,12, wx30 and wx31 checks in the code
** ONE EXCEPTION: actively maintained 3rd party libs (like
wxPDFDoc) have been left "as-is"
2016-02-06 14:27 mortenmacfly
svn10770:  * wxCHECK_VERSION cleanup for core plugins:
** set wx2,8,12 as minimum version for compile time assertions
(theoretically 2,8,11 would also be possible)
** remove obsolete wx24...wx27 checks we need 2,8,12 meanwhile
** change all wx29 checks to wx3 checks so we can search for it
easier (with the release of wx3 the devel wx29 version isn't used
** this leaves ONLY: wx2,8,12, wx30 and wx31 checks in the code
2016-02-06 14:26 mortenmacfly
svn10769:  * wxCHECK_VERSION cleanup for core:
** set wx2,8,12 as minimum version for compile time assertions
(theoretically 2,8,11 would also be possible)
** remove obsolete wx24...wx27 checks we need 2,8,12 meanwhile
** change all wx29 checks to wx3 checks so we can search for it
easier (with the release of wx3 the devel wx29 version isn't used
** this leaves ONLY: wx2,8,12, wx30 and wx31 checks in the code
2016-02-05 12:17 mortenmacfly
svn10768:  * applied patch by stahta01 to remove obsolete search
directories in project files
2016-02-05 12:16 mortenmacfly
svn10767:  * applied patch by stahta01 to fix abbreviations
target is missing in some project files
2016-02-05 12:13 mortenmacfly
svn10766:  * applied fix for translation bug as described here:
(thanks gd_on)
2016-02-05 07:51 fuscated
svn10765:  - sdk: Use more proper types in some places (thanks
2016-02-05 07:51 fuscated
svn10764:  - autoversion: Detect git clones that use the svn
protocol instead the https protocol
2016-02-03 21:33 jenslody
svn10763:  * add missing arduino Makefile.am .
2016-02-02 10:16 mortenmacfly
svn10762:  * applied patch by stahta01 to remove wxscintilla_cb
and wxpropgrid dependencies where they are not needed
2016-02-02 10:15 mortenmacfly
svn10761:  * applied patch by stahta01 to clean-up project
2016-02-01 01:39 jenslody
svn10760:  - scriptedwizard: update d-logo
2016-02-01 01:38 jenslody
svn10759:  - scriptedwizard: make makefiles more consistent
2016-02-01 01:38 jenslody
svn10758:  * scriptedwizard: add new templates to automake
2016-01-31 18:10 mortenmacfly
svn10757:  * added forgotten qt4-DLL wizard
- removed bookmark files
2016-01-31 13:07 mortenmacfly
svn10756:  * completely remove wxDateTimePicker from cbp based
build system
2016-01-31 13:03 mortenmacfly
svn10755:  * fixed update scripts
2016-01-31 12:50 jenslody
svn10754:  - Fix warning about incorrect color-profile in
png-files of new sdl2-wizard.
2016-01-31 12:50 jenslody
svn10753:  * wxContribItems: build fix for Linux (at least 2.8 on
This item is problematic, because it's also part of wxWidgets (at
least on 2.8 on Fedora) and the build-system picks up the
system-header and not the one included with C::B !
2016-01-31 12:50 jenslody
svn10752:  * Remove wxDateTimePicker from linux build-files,
because it's windows-only.
That's the cause why it was not included before.
2016-01-31 09:11 mortenmacfly
svn10751:  - updated SVN file type properties for Linux files
2016-01-31 09:10 mortenmacfly
svn10750:  - updated SVN file type properties for Linux files
2016-01-31 09:07 mortenmacfly
svn10749:  * moved wxDateTimePicker to wxContribItems and made it
wx30 compatible (its present there)
* reduced a lot of compiler warnings
* updated project files and build system
2016-01-30 06:47 mortenmacfly
svn10747:  * SpellChecker: Support Unicode path names (thanks
* SpellChecker: Better support short forms like "doesn't" (thanks
2016-01-30 06:21 mortenmacfly
svn10746:  * fixed some Unix build files for building C::B using
C::B (thanks stahta01)
2016-01-28 22:40 fuscated
svn10745:  * debugger: Fix gdb watch parsing error when there is
a repeating sequence just before a closing brace '}'
2016-01-28 19:34 mortenmacfly
svn10743:  * applied patch by stahta01: remove wxpropgrid include
dir from wx30 builds
2016-01-28 18:16 mortenmacfly
svn10742:  * updated update scripts for windows and Unix
2016-01-28 18:04 mortenmacfly
svn10741:  - updated SVN ignore pattern
2016-01-28 18:02 mortenmacfly
svn10740:  * added cbp2make to Unix C::B based build system
2016-01-28 18:01 mortenmacfly
svn10739:  - fixed a lot of Linux compiler warnings
2016-01-28 18:01 mortenmacfly
svn10738:  * cbp2make: fixed a lot of weired code and therefore
compiler warnings
2016-01-28 16:27 mortenmacfly
svn10737:  * added cbp2make unix wx30 project file (knowing that
this does not use wx it is for compiling it in the right release
2016-01-28 16:22 mortenmacfly
svn10736:  * added cbp2make unix project file
2016-01-28 15:53 mortenmacfly
svn10735:  * reverted commit r10732+10734 as Mozilla code
requires C++11 on Linux which is not the default and needs to be
discussed (I wasn't aware of that as I use C++11 on windows all
the time)
2016-01-28 15:39 mortenmacfly
svn10734:  * compilation fix for Linux
2016-01-28 15:20 mortenmacfly
svn10733:  * user contribution: added FLUID and SDL2 templates
2016-01-28 15:17 mortenmacfly
svn10732:  * updated Mozilla char detector to recent Mozilla
version to keep in sync (no function chnage)
2016-01-28 15:07 mortenmacfly
svn10731:  - non-PCH fix
2016-01-28 15:07 mortenmacfly
svn10730:  * user contributions: support for new compilers:
android-GCC MW, powerpc-EABI
* added more common options to clang, gcc, msvc
2016-01-28 15:05 mortenmacfly
svn10729:  * CC: show an error to the user if expression could
not be resolved
2016-01-28 15:05 mortenmacfly
svn10728:  * added cbp2make to build system
2016-01-28 15:03 mortenmacfly
svn10727:  * added (further improved) cbp2make by mirai-computing
due to project seems dead otherwise
2016-01-28 14:47 mortenmacfly
svn10726:  * const correctness and style
2016-01-28 14:47 mortenmacfly
svn10725:  * user contribution: hack for script binding to log
messages with any buffer size
2016-01-28 14:42 mortenmacfly
svn10724:  * user contributions: added autotools, cu and inno
setup lexers
2016-01-28 14:41 mortenmacfly
svn10723:  * todolist plugin: some code improvements by frithjofh
2016-01-28 14:39 mortenmacfly
svn10722:  * because we can handle it: added Java wizards for fun
2016-01-28 14:37 mortenmacfly
svn10721:  * user contributions: added qt5 and improved qt4
2016-01-28 14:35 mortenmacfly
svn10720:  * user contribution: added arduino and msp430 wizards
2016-01-28 14:34 mortenmacfly
svn10719:  * user contribution: added SDL2 wizard
2016-01-28 14:33 mortenmacfly
svn10718:  * user contribution: added wizard for D language
2016-01-28 14:31 mortenmacfly
svn10717:  * user contribution for project importer: better
handling for more recent VC workspaces / project files
2016-01-28 14:28 mortenmacfly
svn10716:  *pumped hunspell lib to more recent version to allow
adding additional / multiple dictionaries
* hunspell plugin: some status messages to the user to track down
if something goes wrong
2016-01-28 14:25 mortenmacfly
svn10715:  * pumped wxPDFdocument to v0.9.5 for better wx30
2016-01-28 14:20 mortenmacfly
svn10714:  * missing wxGetSingleChoiceIndex ->
cbGetSingleChoiceIndex conversion (and reduced some warnings)
2016-01-28 14:19 mortenmacfly
svn10713:  * some remaining wxGetTextFromUser ->
cbGetTextFromUser conversions
2016-01-28 14:17 mortenmacfly
svn10712:  * pumped AStyle library to more recent one for
C++11/14 support
2016-01-28 14:15 mortenmacfly
svn10711:  * fixed bug in abbreviations plugin with
non-alpha-numeric character abbreviations (thanks BlueHazzard)
2016-01-28 14:09 mortenmacfly
svn10710:  * user contribution: correct template title not to use
illegal characters
2016-01-28 14:09 mortenmacfly
svn10709:  * do not add a cmd.exe in front of NUL when replacing
2016-01-28 14:08 mortenmacfly
svn10708:  * user contribution: allow to rename virtual folders
via menu
2016-01-28 14:08 mortenmacfly
svn10707:  * user contribution: select highlighting scheme from
status bar for convenience
2016-01-28 13:31 mortenmacfly
svn10706:  * updated doxygen documentation control files for SDK
and wxSmith
2016-01-25 19:54 mortenmacfly
svn10703:  * merged release branch into trunk (no functional
2016-01-25 19:46 mortenmacfly
svn10700:  * removed artifacts that caused error that wxSmithPlot
manifest file was not found
* updated Windows and Linux build system accordingly
2016-01-23 16:39 mortenmacfly
svn10694:  - merged remaining files from release branch into
trunk (no functional change)
2016-01-23 16:26 mortenmacfly
svn10693:  * merged release branch into trunk (no functional
2016-01-22 12:58 mortenmacfly
svn10691:  - codestat plugin: consistent coding style
2016-01-22 12:52 mortenmacfly
svn10690:  - fix for non-PCH compilers an wx30 project(s) (part
2016-01-22 12:50 mortenmacfly
svn10689:  - fix for non-PCH compilers an wx30 project(s)
2016-01-22 12:24 mortenmacfly
svn10688:  - wxSmith: reduced warnings wrt switch statements and
unused variables (no functional change)
2016-01-22 10:56 mortenmacfly
svn10687:  * removed empty folder
2016-01-22 10:53 mortenmacfly
svn10686:  * wxSmith: introduced settings wrt to controlling
translation and style of translation code (wxT(), _T()...)
globally (Part2)
* added forgotten wxGetSingleChoiceIndex ->
cbGetSingleChoiceIndex translation (Part2)
- wxSmith: reduced warnings wrt switch statements and unused
variables (no functional change) (Part2)
2016-01-22 10:51 mortenmacfly
svn10685:  * wxSmith: introduced settings wrt to controlling
translation and style of translation code (wxT(), _T()...)
* added forgotten wxGetSingleChoiceIndex ->
cbGetSingleChoiceIndex translation
- wxSmith: reduced warnings wrt switch statements and unused
variables (no functional change)
2016-01-22 10:49 mortenmacfly
svn10684:  - wxSmith: reduced warnings wrt switch statements and
unused variables (no functional change)
- wxSmith: portions re-generated due to new wxSmith (no
functional change)
2016-01-22 10:46 mortenmacfly
svn10683:  - wxSmith/properties: reduced warnings wrt switch
statements and unused variables (no functional change)
* wxSmith: do not translate fontmapper code
2016-01-22 10:46 mortenmacfly
svn10682:  - wxSmith/properties: reduced warnings wrt switch
statements and unused variables (no functional change)
2016-01-22 10:45 mortenmacfly
svn10681:  - wxSmith/properties: reduced warnings wrt switch
statements and unused variables (no functional change)
- wxSmith/properties: portions re-generated due to new wxSmith
(no functional change)
2016-01-22 10:43 mortenmacfly
svn10680:  - wxSmith/defitems: reduced warnings wrt switch
statements and unused variables (no functional change)
- wxSmith/defitems: portions re-generated due to new wxSmith (no
functional change)
2016-01-22 10:42 mortenmacfly
svn10679:  - wxSmith/defitems: reduced warnings wrt switch
statements and unused variables (no functional change)
2016-01-22 10:41 mortenmacfly
svn10678:  - wxSmith/properties: portions re-generated due to new
wxSmith (no functional change)
2016-01-22 05:38 fuscated
svn10677:  - sdk: Remove all breakpoint related functions from
2016-01-22 05:38 fuscated
svn10676:  - sdk: Remove all bookmark functions from EditorBase -
they are not needed there, just in cbEditor
2016-01-22 05:38 fuscated
svn10675:  * editor: Apply patch #71 - Wrap around when reaching
the last bookmark in an editor (thanks beja)
2016-01-22 05:38 fuscated
svn10674:  * batch: Apply patch #80 - prevent asking for closing
the workspace in batch builds (thanks Bat)
2016-01-21 10:36 mortenmacfly
svn10673:  * applied patch by frithjofh w/ some refactoring for
the search/replace dialog (see
2016-01-20 23:40 fuscated
svn10672:  - ui: Remove (new) from the name of the watches window
2016-01-20 23:40 fuscated
svn10671:  - debugger: Build fix for OSX
> It seems that OSX defines uint64_t as long long, so we need a
if def for it. But the code is already to complex here. For this
I'm switching it to use stringstream. The wx functions are not
when using uint64_t as a type instead of long.
2016-01-20 23:40 fuscated
svn10670:  * wx3: Fix assert when the search mask in the
Find/Replace dialog is empty (fix formatting of the code around)
2016-01-18 23:58 fuscated
svn10669:  - build fix when using clang-3.7, it seems that it
doesn't like exception specifications
2016-01-17 14:42 mortenmacfly
svn10668:  - fixed wrong message in batch builds on errors
2016-01-17 13:58 fuscated
svn10667:  - ui: Fix compilation with wx28 and wx30
2016-01-17 13:58 fuscated
svn10666:  * ui: Use the app window in cbGetSingleChoiceIndex and
cbGetTextFromUser as parent when nullptr is passed
2016-01-17 13:58 fuscated
svn10665:  * ui: Replace calls to wxGetTextFromUser with a custom
function that allows sizing and proper placement (also add
missing PlaceWindow calls when the wxTextEntryDialog is used)
2016-01-17 13:58 fuscated
svn10664:  * ui: Replace calls to wxGetSingleChoiceIndex with a
custom function that allows sizing and proper placement
2016-01-17 13:58 fuscated
svn10663:  * ui: Limit the vertical resizing of the EditPath
2016-01-17 13:58 fuscated
svn10662:  * ui: Use a std dialog button sizer in the GDB's
breakpoints dialog
2016-01-17 13:58 fuscated
svn10661:  - ui: Remove strangely looking SetSize call, remove
the static line widget from Compiler flags dialog
2016-01-17 13:58 fuscated
svn10660:  - ui: Rename the OK button to Close in the configure
tools dialog
2016-01-17 13:58 fuscated
svn10659:  - ui: Remove a panel and a flexgridsizer from the
compiler flags dialog
2016-01-17 13:58 fuscated
svn10658:  * ui: Make the edit path sizable
2016-01-17 13:58 fuscated
svn10657:  - ui: wxSmith added some alingments
2016-01-17 13:58 fuscated
svn10656:  * ui: Replace box sizers with std dialog button sizers
where possible, also expand the sizers
2016-01-17 13:58 fuscated
svn10655:  * ui: Expand the std button sizers in order to make
the dialogs look better on wxGTK
2016-01-17 11:08 mortenmacfly
svn10654:  - add run parameters to executables in unix projct
2016-01-17 11:04 mortenmacfly
svn10653:  - not need to build a specific autorevision for unix
and wx30 (it does not use wx)
2016-01-17 10:40 fuscated
svn10652:  - autorevision: Fix project files to search for .git
and .svn in the root of the repo, not in the src folder
2016-01-17 10:40 fuscated
svn10651:  - autorevision: Use getline, because the operator>>
doesn't work reliably on linux (returns the string without the
closing comment)
2016-01-17 10:40 fuscated
svn10650:  - autorevision: Extract the time too
2016-01-17 10:40 fuscated
svn10649:  - autorevision: Rework the code to properly extract
the revision/date from git based checkouts
2016-01-16 15:42 mortenmacfly
svn10648:  - implemented some asserts to wxSmith to hunt crash
bugs on wx30 (no functional change)
- silence a compiler warning in wxSmith
2016-01-16 15:41 mortenmacfly
svn10647:  - CCTest: use "+" for PASS and "-" for FAIL in log
(like other analysis tools do as well)
2016-01-16 15:40 mortenmacfly
svn10646:  - new format for old formatted project files (Windows
2016-01-16 15:40 mortenmacfly
svn10645:  - update of wxthings (no functional change)
2016-01-16 15:34 mortenmacfly
svn10644:  * re-factored CppCheck plugin: add PATH to cppcheck
executable if required before the call
2016-01-09 12:44 fuscated
svn10640:  * revert rev 10634 because matching all files for
plain text is wrong
2016-01-06 06:39 mortenmacfly
svn10639:  * applied (modified) patch by stahta01 to relax
wizards when searching for library files to link against, see:
2016-01-03 04:15 alpha0010
svn10638:  - add some comments (no functional change)
2015-12-29 16:30 fuscated
svn10637:  - builds: Remove unused managedthread files
2015-12-29 16:30 fuscated
svn10636:  - warnings: Fix some warnings reported by clang
(mostly unused member variables)
2015-12-29 16:30 fuscated
svn10635:  - warnings: Remove checks if this is nullptr
> According to the standard this is always valid pointer, so
checking if it
is equal to nullptr is undefined behaviour. This means that the
is free to do whatever it likes. And at least one compiler
(clang) is
known to remove such checks, leading to crashes. The proper fix
is to
check if the pointer is valid before calling the method! If you
crashes after this commit please fix them properly and don't
revert this
2015-12-29 16:30 fuscated
svn10634:  * editor: Add lexer config for plain text files
2015-12-29 16:30 fuscated
svn10633:  * ui: Show file in the project tree command should
show the Management tab if it is closed
2015-12-29 16:30 fuscated
svn10632:  - sdk: Fix a spelling error
2015-12-28 09:55 mortenmacfly
svn10630:  * disable saving / loading editor layout by default
(due to a bug)
2015-12-20 19:01 mortenmacfly
svn10627:  - build-fix for non-PCH compilers (including wx30 and
wx30_64 workspaces)
2015-12-17 21:00 mortenmacfly
svn10625:  * make loading/restoring project/editor layout an
2015-12-13 06:07 mortenmacfly
svn10623:  * applied patch by darmar: parsing Gfortran v5.*
compiler messages in new v5.* format; option -fopenmp should be
applied at compiler and linker command line
2015-12-10 21:49 jenslody
svn10621:  linux autofoo: fix libwxmathplot LDFLAGS
2015-12-10 14:44 ollydbg
svn10620:  - CC: add many comments in the ClassBrowser class.
2015-12-10 14:43 ollydbg
svn10619:  - CC: remove unused member function in ClassBrowser
2015-12-10 14:42 ollydbg
svn10618:  * CC: fix a parsing std namespace bug.
When parsing the code snippet below:
namespace std _GLIBCXX_VISIBILITY(default)
class vector
size_t size();
Where the _GLIBCXX_PSEUDO_VISIBILITY is not defined, we need to
skip the whole
content after the "std", and before "{".
The solution is that we checks which token is skipped by the
function. If it is the "{", then we need to still recognize it as
beginning of the namespace body.
A test case is also added.
See discussion in:
2015-12-10 14:41 ollydbg
svn10617:  - SDK: fix build warning about "-Woverloaded-virtual",
see discussion:
2015-12-08 21:34 fuscated
svn10616:  * debugger: Fix issue #254 - make it possible to use
the stop button for the CDB debugger (thanks maras420)
2015-12-08 21:34 fuscated
svn10615:  * wx3: Fix the ValueTooltip autosizing. It was
disabled for wx29, but should work in all wx3.0, because my patch
should be in them
2015-12-07 19:01 mortenmacfly
svn10613:  * applied patch to remove and sync macro prefixes
(thanks White-Tiger)
* applied patch to make Cygwin compiler work with recent Cygwin
installations (thanks stahta01)
2015-12-07 06:10 jenslody
svn10612:  - Remove wxsSmithPlot from Code::Blocks
2015-12-07 05:40 jenslody
svn10611:  * Linux: fix for "make dist"
2015-12-07 05:32 jenslody
svn10610:  * wx{Smith}ContribItems/wxSmithPlot, wxMathPlot: move
wxMathPlot and it's counterpart wxSmithPlot in wxContribItems and
2015-12-05 15:15 ollydbg
svn10609:  - CC: cleaning up a condition check.(Thanks frithjofh)
The condition check !A || (A && B)
is really the same as
!A || B
2015-12-05 15:14 ollydbg
svn10608:  * SDK: fix a bug in configmanager.cpp which can lead
to undefined behaviour.
Function used map.erase(iterator) and then tries to increment
that iterator
in the next loop and use it again. this is undefined according to
both wx
documentation and stl documentation. Replaced call to
inside the loop with call to clear map.clear() after the loop.
Patch contributed by forum user frithjofh.
2015-12-05 15:13 ollydbg
svn10607:  - CC: adjust some comments
2015-12-05 15:07 ollydbg
svn10606:  - CC: more document added
2015-12-05 15:07 ollydbg
svn10605:  - SDK: add some document of cbThreadPool class
2015-11-28 14:10 pecanh
svn10604:  * Tools/configure/add - change description of
$$(macros) to $(macros)
2015-11-24 23:21 mortenmacfly
svn10601:  - landed at 15.12
2015-11-23 10:20 mortenmacfly
svn10600:  - whitespace, ability to distinguish between two
actually different error messages
2015-11-23 10:18 mortenmacfly
svn10599:  * Addr2LinUI: make use of new -C parameter for
addr2line (required for more recent GCC's)
2015-11-23 10:18 mortenmacfly
svn10598:  - updated project file for cb_share_config
2015-11-23 10:12 mortenmacfly
svn10597:  * fixed bug #261: cb_console_runner is started using
ambiguous path
2015-11-18 01:53 fuscated
svn10595:  - autotools: Fix make dist
2015-11-17 19:29 mortenmacfly
svn10591:  * assign CRTL+P to the "Print" command by default (why
wasn't this the case in the first place?!)
2015-11-17 19:27 mortenmacfly
svn10590:  - fixed mixed linefeeds in XRC resource file
2015-11-15 19:21 mortenmacfly
svn10589:  * fixed serious bug #249 Custom build commands broken
by nonsensical quotes (macros handling)
* fixed several further candidates for the same bug in other file
2015-11-15 18:27 fuscated
svn10588:  - headerfixup: Fix compilation after r10584
2015-11-15 17:13 mortenmacfly
svn10587:  * applied patch #147 'Add file(s)' doesn't account for
all generated files for all target's compilers by scarphin
2015-11-15 17:09 mortenmacfly
svn10586:  - reverted wrong compiler in 64 bit project file for
wxSmith Plot plugin
2015-11-15 17:06 mortenmacfly
svn10585:  * applied patch #102 wxSmithPlot plugin fix by wekn
eve iknvwnv
2015-11-15 16:26 mortenmacfly
svn10584:  * Header Fixup plugin: applied patch #235: Partial STL
completion by Morwenn
2015-11-15 16:14 mortenmacfly
svn10583:  * astyle update to v2.0.6pre (required due to license
2015-11-15 16:13 mortenmacfly
svn10582:  * astyle plugin: fixed saving some options did not
work, based on patch #183 by Li Minggang
2015-11-15 15:55 mortenmacfly
svn10581:  * project options manipulator plugin: support
replacements of (existing) custom vars, based on patch #253 by
2015-11-15 09:51 mortenmacfly
svn10578:  - added more files to the release notes
2015-11-15 09:40 mortenmacfly
svn10577:  * added notes for releases
2015-11-15 09:17 mortenmacfly
svn10575:  * new version of crash handler (exchndl): more
resiliency against truncated PE files and log message when
loading symbols
2015-11-15 01:25 fuscated
svn10574:  - Fix compilation broken in r10573
2015-11-14 18:56 mortenmacfly
svn10573:  * project options manipulator plugin: fixed a bug when
operating linker libs
* project options manipulator plugin: fixed a bug when operating
resource compiler path's
2015-11-14 18:29 mortenmacfly
svn10572:  * CC: fix a re-entry crash in CC when calling compiler
to get compiler/platform parameters
* CC: avoid calling a compiler from within CC that does actually
not exist (avoids debug messages)
- some whitespace corrections
2015-11-14 17:55 pecanh
svn10571:  CodeCompletion - Tell parser internal threads to abort
when project is closed.
2015-11-14 16:53 fuscated
svn10570:  - wx30: Fix where the SmartIndent plugin searches for
libs on unix
2015-11-14 16:16 mortenmacfly
svn10569:  - whitespace & formatting
2015-11-14 16:09 mortenmacfly
svn10568:  - CC: method "GetTokenBaseType": make use of C++ casts
and wxIsspace in favor of comparison to space only (could also be
a tab or alike)
2015-11-14 16:03 mortenmacfly
svn10567:  * project options manipulator plugin: allow to limit
scope of operations to specific target types (allows e.g. to add
an option to executable targets only)
2015-11-14 14:06 jenslody
svn10566:  * wx3.0: fix "Fit toolbars" and "Optimize toolbars".
GetSize() gives incorrect (too small) results, if the toolbar is
partly outside the mainframe.
GetBestSize() gives correct results.
Take the gripper size into account, to determine the overall size
of a toolbar. Or the toolbar might be partly outside the
mainframe and some elemnts inside it are not shown.
Elements inside the toolbar that are not completely visible, will
not be shown at all with wx3.0 (at least not with wxGTK).
2015-11-14 14:06 jenslody
svn10565:  - Remove redundant call to DoFixToolbarsLayout(), it
gets already called from inside DoUpdateLayout() in the next
2015-11-13 20:05 fuscated
svn10564:  * debugger: Fix issue with watches window column
auto-sizing (fixes ticket #153, patch by sbezgodov)
2015-11-11 23:57 fuscated
svn10563:  - wx30: Hopefully fix the capture mouse assert once
and forever (ticket #248)
2015-11-07 16:52 mortenmacfly
svn10561:  * even more compilation fixes, including some for
non-PCH/wx30 builds
2015-11-07 16:28 mortenmacfly
svn10560:  * fixed compilation errors on Windows builds
introduced in last commits
2015-11-07 13:33 ollydbg
svn10559:  - remove the DLLIMPORT from class InfoPane.
We don't need to export this symbol from src/src/infopane.h
This fixes a regression introduced in rev10558.
2015-11-07 09:54 ollydbg
svn10558:  * SDK: add many DLLIMPORT or EVTIMPORT decorations for
class definition and function declarations.
Currently, under Windows, all the symbols were exported from the
So, this commit doesn't change the symbol export method.
But in the future, only the symbols have DLLIMPORT or EVTIMPORT
decoration will be exported.
See discussions in our forum:
2015-11-07 09:51 ollydbg
svn10557:  * CC: parser - reverted part of commit r10230 to fix
regression in parsing of 'if' condition. (Thanks Huki)
For sample code:
void Function2(void)
int value1 = 0;
int value2 = 0;
// hover on "value1"
if (!value1) {}
// hover on "value1" and "value2"
if (value1 && value2) {}
// Above tooltips will be shown correctly because the statements
// within if(...), do(...), etc are NOT parsed entirely.
// Revision 10230 "fixes" this problem, but now, parsing these
// introduces the following regression.
//if (!value1) {} // adds a new token "! value1"
//if (value1 && value2){} // adds a new token "value1&& value2"
Also, a new cctest case file is added.
Note that currently our CCTest system can only test code
completion in global mode
Which means the test cases inside the function body can't be
More detailed discussion can be found here:
- CCTest: add new test cases for some of the latest commits.
2015-11-07 09:49 ollydbg
svn10556:  * CC: parser - fixed handling of assignment within for
loop. (Thanks Huki)
This is an enhancement on the original patch, see revision 8700,
and the related
patch page:
See discussion here:
2015-11-07 09:49 ollydbg
svn10555:  * CC: parser - fix for function pointer parsing with
assignment. (Thanks Huki)
Parsing code pattern:
m_Str AAA (*BBB) (...) = some_function;
See discussion here:
2015-11-01 09:18 jenslody
svn10554:  - Remove forgotten debug-statement, leading to a
build-error in non-pch mode.
2015-10-31 16:34 jenslody
svn10553:  * Bump sdk-minor-version due to recent changes to
2015-10-31 16:34 jenslody
svn10552:  - cbAuiNotebook: do not save tab-layout of files not
belonging to any project.
2015-10-31 16:34 jenslody
svn10551:  * cbAuiNotebook: only save tab-layout of the files
belonging to the project in a project-layout file; save all tabs
in a workspace-layout file (as before)
2015-10-31 16:34 jenslody
svn10550:  * cbProject: do not try to load non existing files;
should fix issue with automagically split editors, if some
source-files do not exist, but have fileOpen set to true.
2015-10-31 11:21 fuscated
svn10549:  - wx30: Fix the build with wx3 that is build in STL
2015-10-25 11:37 mortenmacfly
svn10548:  - correct mixed EOL in a few files
2015-10-25 11:34 mortenmacfly
svn10547:  - CC: more test cases, removed strange XRC tree list
2015-10-23 23:03 jenslody
svn10546:  * Linux (Mac ?): fix 32bit build, needed after commits
10539 and 10540 (not tested on Mac), see:
2015-10-23 23:03 jenslody
svn10545:  * Windows: fix incorrect base when converting string
to address
2015-10-23 12:53 mortenmacfly
svn10544:  * applied patch by scarphin to fix & issue with member
vars in new class wizard (see here:
2015-10-19 23:31 fuscated
svn10542:  - unix: Mark the update scripts as sh script, so they
can be run in the fish shell
2015-10-19 23:31 fuscated
svn10541:  * editor: Make it possible to override the whitespace
markers colour (thanks to yvesdm3000195)
2015-10-19 21:59 fuscated
svn10540:  - debugger: Use proper types in the API of the
Disassembly dialog (int and uint64_t)
2015-10-19 21:59 fuscated
svn10539:  * debugger: Improve experience with 64bit builds on
windows and wx2.8
> Add a function to convert a string containing a hex number to
> Make the address in the stackframe always to be 64bit, no
matter of the
way we've build Code::Blocsk (32 or 64 bit).
> Add cbStackFrame::GetAddressAsString which should be used to
convert the
address to string, because it knows how to do it properly.
2015-10-18 12:10 mortenmacfly
svn10538:  - do not use "xcopy /D" for crash handler as already
copied files might be already corrupt and would be skipped due to
newer date
2015-10-18 12:02 mortenmacfly
svn10537:  * fixed corrupting symsrv.dll of crash handler
(exchndl) due to stripping symbols
2015-10-18 10:13 fuscated
svn10536:  * ui: Limit the vertical resizing of the
EditBreakpoint dialog
2015-10-18 10:13 fuscated
svn10535:  - ui: Save the breakpoints.xrc with newest version of
2015-10-18 10:13 fuscated
svn10534:  * ui: Make 'Project dependencies' and 'About plugin'
dialogs to fit their content
2015-10-18 10:12 fuscated
svn10533:  - wx30: Fix assert for calling EndModal twice in the
compiler flags dialog
2015-10-18 07:04 mortenmacfly
svn10532:  - respect (wx)scintilla coding style
2015-10-18 07:03 mortenmacfly
svn10531:  * compiler: do no operate empty compiler options
2015-10-18 07:02 mortenmacfly
svn10530:  * improve compiler detection for Intel compiler suite
2015-10-15 07:06 fuscated
svn10529:  * scintilla: Fix issue #231 - don't allocate new ids
every time a timer is created or for every editor
2015-10-05 17:59 fuscated
svn10528:  * wx30: Fix assertion when using arrow keys in a
cbTreeCtrl (reported here
> Just removing the code, the arrow keys seems to be working in
both wx2.8
and wx3.0.
2015-10-04 15:13 mortenmacfly
svn10527:  * applied patch by (?): Support for "scope" in class
2015-10-04 15:09 mortenmacfly
svn10526:  * removed invalid chars in source files (?!)
2015-10-04 14:58 mortenmacfly
svn10525:  * wxSmith: write correct (most recent) version number
to XRC files worked on with wxSmith to avoid "XML res files
version must match" warning
2015-10-04 14:56 mortenmacfly
svn10524:  * wxSmith: fixed bug as explained here:
2015-10-04 10:05 fuscated
svn10523:  * wx30: Fix an assert when the project is modified
externally and the user clicks on an editor (fixes issue #186)
2015-10-04 01:23 fuscated
svn10521:  - compiler: Fix crash related to unspecified order of
initialization introduced in rev10519
2015-10-03 22:05 fuscated
svn10520:  * compiler: Fix wx30 asserts when trying to execute
empty make commands (fixes issue #219)
> Print warnings/errors when empty commands are detected.
> Move most of the code in the DoCleanWithMake, so the code for
cleaning is in one single place.
> Rework the logging code for make commands to print in both the
build log
and build message, when appropriate.
> Extend CompilerGCC::LogMessage to support printing errors to
messages and also to support messages that start with
2015-10-03 22:05 fuscated
svn10519:  - compiler: Make all COMPILER_* macros global
constants in order to minimize the number of wxString
2015-10-03 22:05 fuscated
svn10518:  * wx30: Fix issue #221 - don't try to access deleted
notebook pages
2015-10-01 06:34 mortenmacfly
svn10515:  - SVN EOL style clean-up (thanks stahta01)
2015-10-01 06:04 mortenmacfly
svn10514:  * update scripts: don't forget to copy *.yes files
from devel to output folder (crash handler related, Windows only)
2015-10-01 05:29 mortenmacfly
svn10513:  * reverted two accidentally committed experimental
compiler flags for MSVC
2015-09-29 20:30 alpha0010
svn10512:  * correct remaining compiler settings regex
conditionals for GCC 5
2015-09-29 12:54 killerbot
svn10511:  * correct some regular expressions for compiler
2015-09-29 11:50 mortenmacfly
svn10510:  * hunspell lib: Update to v1.3.3 for security fixes
and to fix crash with Korean keyboard
2015-09-29 11:48 mortenmacfly
svn10509:  * compiler: Support for -m32 and -m64 compiler switch
* compiler: Support for -std=c99 switch
* compiler: MSVC: Support for Multi-threaded Debug Runtime
Library, fixed non-debug switch
2015-09-28 21:46 killerbot
svn10508:  * gcc and clang : support -std=c++14
2015-09-27 19:09 fuscated
svn10507:  - debugger: Small optimization
2015-09-26 21:15 fuscated
svn10506:  * compiler: Add support for multi-line error messages
for gfortran (thanks Darmar,
2015-09-26 21:10 fuscated
svn10505:  * debugger: Better auto-sizing in the CPU registers
> Use wxLIST_AUTOSIZE_USEHEADER on windows and in wx3.1, because
there it
resizes the column to fit both the header name and the longest
item. See wx issue http://trac.wxwidgets.org/ticket/10326 for
2015-09-26 21:10 fuscated
svn10504:  * wx30: Fix an assert in the CPU registers dialog
> Using %x as format specifier and a size_t variable causes the
> I've fixed this by removing the conversion and using wxStrings
all the
> This changes the behaviour a bit, but I think it is for the
better. Now
instead of converting the value to unsigned int we show the value
returned by the debugger (only GDB).
2015-09-26 13:33 ollydbg
svn10503:  * CC: fix bug #224 Duplication in documentation
For a function Token which is shared by both the header file and
implementation file. When we reparse the implementation file, we
only refresh the doxygen document for the implementation file.
we don't have a mechanism to remember the documents for two
In this commit, I remove the m_TokenDocumentationMap in the
TokenTree class
while, I introduce two fields in Token class to record the two
piece of
the document in different files, and refresh only one piece if a
file get reparsed. This won't get document duplicated after the
See discussions here:
2015-09-26 09:17 fuscated
svn10502:  * SDK: Add two new events that are fired when the
workspace is closed (details
2015-09-25 10:12 mortenmacfly
svn10501:  * harmonised the bzip2 library used in devpak, help
AND (wx)SpellChecker plugins
2015-09-25 10:10 mortenmacfly
svn10500:  * harmonised the bzip2 library used in devpak and help
2015-09-11 00:56 ollydbg
svn10499:  * CC: do not reset the recorded macro expansion stack
when it exceed the limit.
Also, a test case is added.
If we have a macro definition "#define member FF.member", and
expanding the usage.
"FF" could also be expanded many times, which exceeds the
When initially expand the "FF.member", the anchor point is
recorded as below.
^-----anchor point
This protect the "member" get expand again. But if we reset the
m_ExpandedMacros when
expanding the "FF", then the "member" will expand again, which
leads to infinite loop.
This fix bug reported here:
2015-09-10 15:09 ollydbg
svn10498:  - CC: document the
Tokenizer::CalcConditionExpression() function.
2015-09-10 14:45 ollydbg
svn10497:  - CC: remove the unused function
Because those kinds of functions are now in Parserthread class
Also fix typos in the comments
2015-09-10 14:17 ollydbg
svn10496:  - CC: tweak comments.
2015-09-08 06:06 ollydbg
svn10495:  * CC: Apply patch SF #199 suppression of the
multiasterisk comments
Patch contributed by DmitryStu.
This patch suppresses interpretation of the comments styled as
/********* not a doxygen comment ***********/
/* also not a doxygen comment */
as a doxygen comment.
Unfortunately, comments in such style are found in third-party
See: https://sourceforge.net/p/codeblocks/tickets/199/
2015-09-08 05:31 ollydbg
svn10494:  * CC: fix bug #16 remove the __attribute__(xxx) in
function arguments
We have those code snippet:
In header file:
void CodeCompletion::OnFindReferences(wxCommandEvent& event)
In implementation file:
void CodeCompletion::OnFindReferences(cb_unused wxCommandEvent&
Now, the cb_unused is expanded to __attribute__(__unused__)
Thus, those two function tokens can't be merged together since
compact function parameters are different.
We fix this issue by removing the __attribute__(...) in
ParserThread::GetBaseArgs() function.
Note that ParserThread::GetBaseArgs() function still has many
need to be fixed.
2015-09-08 02:24 ollydbg
svn10493:  * CC: fix a bug that GetBaseArgs() stop on an inner
comma char.
Here is an example:
input: (int* f1(char x, char y))
wrong output: (int*,char))
fixed output: (int*)
See discussion: https://sourceforge.net/p/codeblocks/tickets/16/
2015-09-08 02:23 ollydbg
svn10492:  - CC: add comments in the ParserThread::GetBaseArgs()
function body
2015-09-08 02:22 ollydbg
svn10491:  - CC: adjust document for GetBaseArgs() function.
add default arguments as an example in comments
2015-09-08 02:21 ollydbg
svn10490:  - CC: minor adjust comments
2015-09-08 02:20 ollydbg
svn10489:  - CC: fix a typo in comment.
2015-09-08 02:18 ollydbg
svn10488:  * CC: when reading the function argument, add space
after inner ')'
For example, before the commit, we get:
(__attribute__(xxx)int var)
After the commit, we get:
(__attribute__(xxx) int var)
2015-09-06 15:22 fuscated
svn10487:  * unix: Add Generic Name in the Desktop file (fixes
ticket #200)
2015-09-06 15:22 fuscated
svn10486:  * UI: Related to issue #207 - Add asserts to the
disconnect methods, so failures when disconnecting events will be
2015-09-06 15:22 fuscated
svn10485:  - wx28: Fix assert that the parent menu parameter is
2015-09-05 12:57 ollydbg
svn10484:  * CC: fix bug that the * or & sign is removed in the
inserted text
See report here:
2015-09-05 12:56 ollydbg
svn10483:  * CC: Fix #210 "&" and "*" are differently parsed in
the CC's parser
See: https://sourceforge.net/p/codeblocks/tickets/210/
2015-09-05 02:09 ollydbg
svn10482:  * SRC: fix tickets #207 Codeblocks crashes when right
click toolbars.
See: http://sourceforge.net/p/codeblocks/tickets/207/
2015-09-05 02:08 ollydbg
svn10481:  * CC: add a space between '*/&' and the next token
when reading parentheses
This is a regression of the macro expansion serial patches.
The bug is reported here:
2015-09-05 02:07 ollydbg
svn10480:  - CC: remove the tailing space
2015-09-03 12:49 mortenmacfly
svn10479:  * fixed build of wxSmithConribItems under Windows with
project files
2015-09-03 10:02 mortenmacfly
svn10478:  * fixed issue as described here:
2015-08-30 23:29 ollydbg
svn10474:  The dialog can't be resized because the
wxRESIZE_BORDER option is missing here, see:
2015-08-30 23:29 ollydbg
svn10473:  - CC: move the keyword sets code after the "Code
Completion page".
2015-08-30 23:28 ollydbg
svn10472:  * CC: remove the macro replacement UI part in the CC's
setting dialog
2015-08-30 23:28 ollydbg
svn10471:  * CC: fix the cctest regression on
This is because the Tokenizer::ReadParentheses() function add
extra spaces in the result, this make the handle function pointer
related code failed.
For example, it return the string
L"(* FuncArray [ 10 ] [ 20 ])". This commit change the string to
old format, which is L"(*FuncArray[10][20])".
See details in:
2015-08-30 23:27 ollydbg
svn10470:  * CC: support macros in local scope (patch contributed
by huki)
2015-08-30 23:27 ollydbg
svn10469:  * CC: updated ComputeCallTip to remove macro
we now do it at the tokenizer level (patch contributed by huki)
2015-08-30 23:26 ollydbg
svn10468:  * CC: handle comma char in ParserThread (patch
contributed by huki)
2015-08-30 23:25 ollydbg
svn10467:  * CC: fix variable parsing with "=" or "[]" (patch
contributed by huki)
2015-08-30 23:25 ollydbg
svn10466:  * CC: fix a bug that calculate the preprocessor
directive exceeds the EOL.
2015-08-30 23:24 ollydbg
svn10465:  * CC: clear up the Tokenizer state.
We only need two states, one is the normal state, which returns
whole parentheses as a single token, the other will return them
a token list, which is used in handling preprocessor directives.
2015-08-30 23:23 ollydbg
svn10464:  * CC: fix a bug that in Parserthread, the token after
#undef is already expanded.
The reason is that we always get the expanded token in the
Parserthread, so I move the HandleDefines() and HandleUndefs()
functions from Parserthread to Tokenizer class.
2015-08-30 23:22 ollydbg
svn10463:  - CC: comment added.
2015-08-30 23:22 ollydbg
svn10462:  - CC: code refactoring by using const wxString equal.
2015-08-30 23:21 ollydbg
svn10461:  - CC: code refactoring in Lex() function.
2015-08-30 23:20 ollydbg
svn10460:  - CC: remove unused code.
2015-08-30 23:20 ollydbg
svn10459:  * CC: use the macro expansion stack, this avoid
expanding the used macros. Set the macro expansion stack limit
value to 5, since I think 5 is enough.
2015-08-30 23:19 ollydbg
svn10458:  * CC: massive code remove about user defined macro
replacements(include the UI parts). We don't need them any more.
part 1
2015-08-30 23:18 ollydbg
svn10457:  - CC: add some comments and TODOs.
2015-08-30 23:18 ollydbg
svn10456:  * CC: remove the user token replace rules load and
save functions, we don't need them if we fully expand macros.
2015-08-30 23:17 ollydbg
svn10455:  - CC: clear up the debug log macro definition.
2015-08-30 23:17 ollydbg
svn10454:  * CC: when expanding function like macros, the actual
parameter doesn't exists, thus the expansion failed, we need to
reset the m_Lex, so that the caller don't get wrong token. Here
is an example:
* Command to setup an exception breakpoint (for a throw or a
class GdbCmd_SetCatch : public DebuggerCmd
wxString m_type;
int *m_resultIndex;
wxRegEx m_regExp;
GdbCmd_SetCatch(DebuggerDriver *driver, const wxString &type, int
*resultIndex) :
m_regExp(wxT("^Catchpoint[ \\t]([0-9]+)[ \\t]\\(") + type +
wxT("\\)$"), wxRE_ADVANCED)
m_Cmd = wxT("catch ") + type;
void ParseOutput(const wxString& output)
if (m_regExp.Matches(output))
long index;
m_regExp.GetMatch(output, 1).ToLong(&index);
*m_resultIndex = index;
The type is defined in the Squirrel build target, and the "type"
also exists in the function arguments.
2015-08-30 23:16 ollydbg
svn10453:  * CC: skip the [] brace when reading the var list.
2015-08-30 23:15 ollydbg
svn10452:  * CC: since the macro replacement is already done
inside the GetToken() function, so no need to check the macro
2015-08-30 23:14 ollydbg
svn10451:  * CC: Tokenizer::MoveToNextChar() function simplify.
Remove the parameter of this function, since if we move several
chars, the condition of checking new line is not correct.
2015-08-30 23:14 ollydbg
svn10450:  * CC: return "==" "=!" "=<" and "=>" as a single token
in the Lex() function.
2015-08-30 23:13 ollydbg
svn10449:  * CC: remove the parameter of bool
Tokenizer::SkipToEOL(bool nestBraces), since all the function
pass the false argument. Update all the caller.
2015-08-30 23:12 ollydbg
svn10448:  * CC: remove the first parameter of
Tokenizer::ReadToEOL, since we always don't count brace level.
2015-08-30 23:11 ollydbg
svn10447:  - CC: remove Tokenizer::SkipToOneOfChars(), since we
don't use it.
2015-08-30 23:11 ollydbg
svn10446:  * CC: improve the
Tokenizer::CalcConditionExpression(), since DoGetToken() always
return a valid expanded token.
2015-08-30 23:10 ollydbg
svn10445:  * CC: add a new function Tokenizer::Lex(), which only
do a simple lex without any macro replacement handling, and the
top level DoGetToken() function now get simplified. Also, in the
most top level function (GetToken() and PeekToken()), the
parentheses is read as a whole token. The
Tokenizer::ReadParentheses(wxString& str) function are simplified
and don't use the raw wxChar pointers, and make the code more
2015-08-30 23:09 ollydbg
svn10444:  * CC: handling [ ] in Parserthread instead of
Tokenizer. Also, avoid the recursive call of SkipUnwanted(), and
change it to a while loop.
2015-08-30 23:09 ollydbg
svn10443:  * CC: remove unused function HandleMacroExpansion().
2015-08-30 23:08 ollydbg
svn10442:  * CC: remove some macro usage check in the
ParserThread class, since the macro check and replacement are
done in lower level in Tokenizer class.
2015-08-30 23:07 ollydbg
svn10441:  * CC: remove dead code (after we enabled checking
macro usage for every identifier like token). Also if the
Tokenizer::ReplaceBufferText() function just substitute to an
empty string, we still need to fetch another token, so return
true in this case.
2015-08-30 23:06 ollydbg
svn10440:  * CC: handling the pattern "A B = f();", since we now
skip the right hand side of assignment in ParserThread class.
2015-08-30 23:06 ollydbg
svn10439:  * CC and CCTest: handle the skip assignment and
ternary operator in ThreadParse::DoParse() function, not
Tokenizer::SkipUnwanted() function, this can handle skipping of
{} correctly, especially when handling wx's Event handler macros.
2015-08-30 23:05 ollydbg
svn10438:  * CC and CCTest: disable the user defined token
replacement, and enable all the macro check on each identifier
like token.
2015-08-29 20:57 jenslody
svn10435:  * remove remaining wxALIGN_NOT's in xrc-file to avoid
2015-08-29 20:49 jenslody
svn10434:  * NassiShneiderman-plugin: build fix for boost 1.59
2015-08-29 08:47 jenslody
svn10433:  * do not use wxALIGN_NOT, because it can not be parsed
by xrc-handler of wxWidgets unfortunately.
2015-08-29 08:47 jenslody
svn10432:  * wxSmith-plugin: do not return wxALIGN_NOT for
empty-flags, because xrc-handlers does not recognize it, use
wxALIGN_LEFT instead, because it's internally the same.
2015-08-29 08:47 jenslody
svn10431:  * wxSmith-plugin: allow wxALIGN_CENTER (2d-centered)
in sizeres again, as it is handled differently in wxWidgets, see:
align-flags with wxEXPAND are still forbidden, because wxEXPAND
will be ignored in this cases in wx3 and this will break layout.
2015-08-28 15:03 ollydbg
svn10430:  * CC: fix SF #198: document parsing error with doxygen
block comment.
A special member variable m_ReadingMacroDefinition is introduced,
so that
when reading the doxygen comments(the ones after Token), we
their kind as the one before Token.
int aaa;
Before: the "Mask A..." was wrongly attached to the Token aaa,
when reading the "Mask A...", the Token FOO is not constructed.
See discussions in:
2015-08-28 15:02 ollydbg
svn10429:  - CC: fix example code snippet in comment
2015-08-28 15:02 ollydbg
svn10428:  - CC: document cc's own file types.
2015-08-28 15:01 ollydbg
svn10427:  - CC: document the m_NextTokenDoc and m_LastTokenIdx
of Tokenizer class.
2015-08-28 15:00 ollydbg
svn10426:  - CC: various comments added for the timers and saved
variables in CC
2015-08-28 14:59 ollydbg
svn10425:  - CC: wrong comment fix: at least two cases will cause
a 0 project pointer
1, load a new project after start up
2, when close the app, all project is closed
2015-08-28 14:58 ollydbg
svn10424:  - CC: add documents mainly for class browser related
2015-08-28 14:57 ollydbg
svn10423:  - SDK: fix typo in comments
2015-08-28 14:56 ollydbg
svn10422:  * SDK: ccmanager: when m_CallTips get updated, also
update the iterator.
This try to fix a crash reported here:
Because if we don't update the iterator(m_CurCallTip), the
iterator becomes
a wild pointer.
2015-08-28 09:52 ollydbg
svn10421:  * wxContribItems plugin: use delete[] instead of
delete for pointer array.
This fix the bug report
2015-08-28 05:28 mortenmacfly
svn10420:  - follow up to r10418
2015-08-28 05:25 mortenmacfly
svn10419:  * updated SpellChecker: New hunspell version on
Windows (to comply with license), fixed project files, fixed
accessing invalid bitmap, added bitmap for Russian
2015-08-28 05:24 mortenmacfly
svn10418:  - no need to explicitly name base libs differently for
wx30 projects if they use the same compiler and do not use wx
libs at all (part 2, unix)
2015-08-27 09:42 mortenmacfly
svn10416:  - no need to explicitly name base libs differently for
wx30 projects if they use the same compiler and do not use wx
libs at all
2015-08-23 18:21 pecanh
svn10415:  * KeyBinder - place another guard around logging
2015-08-22 17:33 pecanh
svn10413:  * KeyBinder - Incorporate wx3.0 negative menu id's.
Old key definitions from wx2.x cannot be transfered to wx3.x.
2015-08-22 17:28 pecanh
svn10412:  * DragScroll - Avoid SIGFPE in wx3.0 mouseWheel event
2015-08-20 12:21 mortenmacfly
svn10411:  - avoid linker warnings/errors when linking to exchndl
(crash handler lib)
2015-08-20 12:16 mortenmacfly
svn10410:  * updated crash handler DLL
2015-08-20 12:12 mortenmacfly
svn10409:  * support for windows 10
2015-08-15 18:52 jenslody
svn10406:  * make-dist fix for new test-scripts.
2015-08-15 14:55 fuscated
svn10405:  * ui: Better multi monitor support for non windows
system (rework the code to use wxDisplay instead of native APIs)
2015-08-15 14:55 fuscated
svn10404:  * editors: Make 'Close all' and 'Close all except'
context menu commands to work a bit better when there are
multiple tab controls
> The use case for this feature is:
- open many editors
- drag and drop editors in multiple tab controls - one tab ctrl
on the
left and one tab ctrl on the right, so you see two different
- right click on an tab control
- select 'close all' or 'close all except'
In the old version these commands will close all editors, but I
find it a
bit more useful if they close only the editors that are part of
the tab
control of the current editor.
> This commit implements this behaviour. The File -> Close all
command should work as before. Only the editor notebook context
commands should be affected by this change.
2015-08-15 14:55 fuscated
svn10403:  - EditorManager: Some clean-up
2015-08-15 13:44 fuscated
svn10402:  - build: Fix noPCH build, broken in 10389
2015-08-15 13:44 fuscated
svn10401:  * scripting: Expose wxArrayString::SetItem method, so
people can modify the contents of a wxArrayString
2015-08-15 13:44 fuscated
svn10400:  * wx3: Re-implement the wxArrayString::Item and
wxColour::IsOk in the squirrel bindings (fixes ticket #194)
2015-08-15 13:44 fuscated
svn10399:  - scripting tests: Reset global counts
2015-08-15 13:44 fuscated
svn10398:  - scripting: Add initial implementation of regression
testing of the scripting bindings (thanks bluehazzard)
> To run the tests use the Script console to load any of the test
files and
then go to the Plugins -> Test scripting -> Test
2015-08-15 11:20 jenslody
svn10397:  * fix for (out-of-tree) "make dist" with wxWidgets >=
2015-08-15 08:49 jenslody
svn10396:  * Fix bug in debian install file, thanks Tim
(stahta01); see
2015-08-15 08:49 jenslody
svn10395:  - AutoVersioning-plugin: fix explicit sizes in xrc,
that got lost in commit 10274, see:
2015-08-15 08:49 jenslody
svn10394:  - ScriptedWizard-plugin: fix explicit size in xrc,
that got lost in commit 10270, see:
2015-08-15 08:49 jenslody
svn10393:  - core: fix explicit sizes in xrc, that got lost in
commit 10260, see:
2015-08-15 08:49 jenslody
svn10392:  - wxSmith-plugin: enable setting min and max size for
2015-08-14 06:12 ollydbg
svn10391:  - SDK: add some comments in ccmanager.cpp
2015-08-12 05:44 ollydbg
svn10390:  - SDK: add comments in ccmanager.h/cpp
2015-08-12 00:18 fuscated
svn10389:  - Fix warning introduced in rev10383 (the check for
wxNOT_FOUND should never happen, but I'm adding it just in case)
2015-08-12 00:18 fuscated
svn10388:  - SqPlus: Fix out of bounds bug reported by the
address sanitizer (this time for real)
2015-08-10 14:29 ollydbg
svn10387:  * CC: apply jat1's patch(modified) to handle the
template alias.
See discussion in
2015-08-08 08:38 fuscated
svn10386:  - wx3: Fix another assert when deleting the last
target in the Project -> Properties dialog
2015-08-08 08:37 fuscated
svn10385:  - wx3: Fix an assert in ThreadSearch when calling
EnsureVisible and the previous results are cleared
2015-08-08 08:37 fuscated
svn10384:  - wx3: Fix issue #185: Assertion in popup menu
> The old code have been reuisng the menu directly. This seems to
be a but,
so the new one clones it.
> The code to set the check on the menu items is extracted in a
2015-08-08 08:37 fuscated
svn10383:  - wx3: Fix an assert and possible crash when deleting
targets from a project
> Issue have been reported here:
2015-08-08 08:37 fuscated
svn10382:  - Revert rev10381: Fixing pointer related stuff is
obviously tricky
> The original bug happens, because sizeof(cv)==1 when T==bool.
2015-08-05 19:00 fuscated
svn10381:  - SqPlus: Fix out of bounds bug reported by the
address sanitizer
2015-08-05 19:00 fuscated
svn10380:  - wx3: Fix an out-of-bounds assert when there are no
files in the list
2015-08-04 10:19 jenslody
svn10379:  - remove deprecated compression parameter from
builddeb-arguments (default is now xz)
2015-08-03 22:44 jenslody
svn10378:  * Debian build-system: do not include cached
autofoo-stuff in orig.tar-ball to avoid build errors, if the
tar-ball was created on a system with different versions.
2015-08-03 16:58 jenslody
svn10377:  * Partly revert commits 10353 and 10354
2015-07-29 16:01 d_anselmi
svn10376:  - compiler: add "no-rtti" and "no-threadsafe-statics"
to "c++ - only flags"
2015-07-29 15:52 d_anselmi
svn10375:  - SpellChecker: check C++ raw strings like the other
2015-07-27 05:59 mortenmacfly
svn10373:  * added missing crash handler libraries (were hidden
on commit)
2015-07-26 17:12 mortenmacfly
svn10371:  * updated update scripts to install/make use of new
crash handler
2015-07-26 17:10 mortenmacfly
svn10370:  * updated to new crash handler DLL (win32/wx30x and
2015-07-26 17:08 mortenmacfly
svn10369:  * updated to new crash handler DLL (this time win32,
win64 will follow)
2015-07-26 17:01 mortenmacfly
svn10368:  * added (moved) crash handler library to src folder,
updated to v0.7.5
2015-07-26 16:58 mortenmacfly
svn10366:  * created directory 'trunk/src/exchndl'
2015-07-26 08:13 jenslody
svn10363:  - Add executable-flag to lexer-bash.sample tomake
rpmlint happy (hope this can be done with git-svn).
2015-07-26 08:13 jenslody
svn10362:  - CodeSnippets-plugin: fix address od Free Software
Foundation in comment.
2015-07-26 08:13 jenslody
svn10361:  - BrowseTracker-plugin: fix address od Free Software
Foundation in comment..
2015-07-26 08:13 jenslody
svn10360:  - Fix spec-file template to make it more rpmlint
2015-07-26 08:13 jenslody
svn10359:  - Fix url in "BUGS", so it points to sf instead of
2015-07-11 17:02 jenslody
svn10358:  - similar change as for debian build-system (see last
commit) for rpm-based systems. Should still work with wx2.8 and
still use "our" wxTreeListCtrl with wx2.8
2015-07-11 16:37 jenslody
svn10357:  - debian build-system: remove wxTreeList from
contrib-items from the install-files, because it is not longer
build on debian >= stable, because debian uses wx3.0
2015-07-11 13:48 jenslody
svn10356:  * Temporary (?) remove wxTreeList from wxContribItems
and wxSmithContribItems for wx30-builds to avoid a a name
conflict, because a trelistctrl is part of wx >= 2.9.3
2015-07-10 14:30 ollydbg
svn10355:  * CC: fix SF #158 Code completion fails with the
"using Alias = Type" syntax in C++11.
Patch is from jat1. See:
Also, a related test case is added.
2015-07-10 05:33 jenslody
svn10354:  - fix last commit: needed tab as seperator, but spaces
slipped in due to copy and paste
2015-07-10 05:20 jenslody
svn10353:  - debian build-system: do not call ./bootstrap when
creating sources, instead do it when preparing build-folder, this
avoids clashes with different versions of autotools
2015-07-09 20:38 jenslody
svn10352:  - wxSmith-plugin: remove accidently slipped in "run in
terminal"-flag from project-file
2015-07-09 20:38 jenslody
svn10351:  * wxSmith-plugin: fix for r10258
2015-06-30 05:17 jenslody
svn10349:  * readded accidently removed GenericSingleChoice.wxs
2015-06-28 13:33 ollydbg
svn10348:  - CC: add @code and @endcode around code snippet and
diagram in doxygen comments
2015-06-28 13:32 ollydbg
svn10347:  - CC: add the leading indentation char * to the
doxygen comment.
2015-06-28 13:31 ollydbg
svn10346:  - SDK: ccmanager: add some document about
GetAutocompList() related code.
2015-06-24 16:08 d_anselmi
svn10345:  - Lexer: add lexer configuration for Google Protocol
Buffer definitions
2015-06-24 05:53 ollydbg
svn10344:  - CCTest: add a test case for testing preprocessor
2015-06-22 22:47 fuscated
svn10343:  - wx3: Fix assertion because of wrong types passed to
the printf like wxString::Format
2015-06-22 22:47 fuscated
svn10342:  * editor: Display just the name of the file by default
in the editor's notebook
2015-06-19 06:53 d_anselmi
svn10341:  - Lexer: highlight C++ raw strings like the other
2015-06-19 06:25 ollydbg
svn10340:  - CC: some comments added about the class browser
related classes.
2015-06-19 04:10 ollydbg
svn10339:  * CC: apply #178 patch for element access functions
belonging to STL containers.
Patch is contributed from SF user jat1.
Also, a test case and many comments are added.
This commit fix some cctest failures:
Testing in file:
*FAIL: vt[1]. GetInt
-PASS: g_S. i
-PASS: g_ g_S
-PASS: tc.Vo Void
-PASS: tc.St StaticVoid
-PASS: tc.GetC GetClass
-PASS: tc.GetI GetInt
-PASS: str. size
-PASS: str. length
Total 9 tests, 8 PASS, 1 FAIL
With the patch applied:
Testing in file:
-PASS: vt[1]. GetInt
-PASS: g_S. i
-PASS: g_ g_S
-PASS: tc.Vo Void
-PASS: tc.St StaticVoid
-PASS: tc.GetC GetClass
-PASS: tc.GetI GetInt
-PASS: str. size
-PASS: str. length
Total 9 tests, 9 PASS, 0 FAIL
Also, with the new added test case.
Testing in file:
-PASS: mpp[]. m_aaa
-PASS: mpp.at(). m_aaa
*FAIL: pri.top(). m_aaa
*FAIL: que.front(). m_aaa
*FAIL: sta.top(). m_aaa
*FAIL: lis.front(). m_aaa
*FAIL: frw.front(). m_aaa
*FAIL: deq.front(). m_aaa
*FAIL: vec_ptr[]-> m_aaa
*FAIL: vec_ptr.at()-> m_aaa
*FAIL: vec[]. m_aaa
*FAIL: vec.at(). m_aaa
Total 12 tests, 2 PASS, 10 FAIL
With the patch applied:
Testing in file:
-PASS: mpp[]. m_aaa
-PASS: mpp.at(). m_aaa
-PASS: pri.top(). m_aaa
-PASS: que.front(). m_aaa
-PASS: sta.top(). m_aaa
-PASS: lis.front(). m_aaa
*FAIL: frw.front(). m_aaa
-PASS: deq.front(). m_aaa
-PASS: vec_ptr[]-> m_aaa
-PASS: vec_ptr.at()-> m_aaa
-PASS: vec[]. m_aaa
-PASS: vec.at(). m_aaa
Total 12 tests, 11 PASS, 1 FAIL
Details can be see in:
2015-06-19 01:50 ollydbg
svn10338:  - CC: add some description about how
NativeParserBase::ResolveExpression() works.
2015-06-19 01:50 ollydbg
svn10337:  - CC: add and fix wrong description about how
GenerateResultSet() works.
2015-06-19 01:49 ollydbg
svn10336:  - CCTest: add some description about how to use
2015-06-19 01:49 ollydbg
svn10335:  - CCTest: regenerate the wxsmith code to avoid
warnings in wx3.x.
2015-06-19 01:48 ollydbg
svn10334:  * CCTest: add include search paths after the UI part
gets initialed.
When test the SF #178, I found that include files are not parsed.
This commit fixes this bug, and also make some code clean up.
When running
the test, we should first setup the UI, then setup the Parser's
search paths.
2015-06-13 10:33 fuscated
svn10333:  * EnvVar: Make the fix from r10309 be conditionally
compiled only for non wxMSW2.8 builds(thanks stahta01)
> It seems that wxCheckedListBox doesn't support client data when
with wxMSW 2.8. This limitation seems to be fixed in wxMSW 3.0.
> This means that the fix from r10309 is compiled only for 3.0
when using
2015-06-12 06:27 ollydbg
svn10332:  - CCTest: add a cc test case that a function
declaration return a enum type.
2015-06-12 05:28 ollydbg
svn10331:  - CCTest: add test case for SF ticket #127 Code
completion fails with complex declarations/definitions
2015-06-12 04:56 ollydbg
svn10330:  - CCtest: add a new CC test case for SF ticket #175 CC
patch for typedef declarations in class templates, which has
already fixed in r10328.
2015-06-11 22:33 jenslody
svn10329:  * Fix bug in wxSmith, see
Thanks ouch for reporting it !
2015-06-10 07:49 ollydbg
svn10328:  * CC: SF ticket 175, solve typedef declarations in
class templates.
This patch is contributed by SF user jat1.
2015-06-09 22:50 jenslody
svn10327:  - find-replace-dialog: fix "warning: logical not is
only applied to the left hand side of comparison
[-Wlogical-not-parentheses]"-message with gcc5
2015-06-09 22:50 jenslody
svn10326:  - environmentsettings-dialog: fix incorrect comparison
between enum and bool.
2015-06-09 22:50 jenslody
svn10325:  * BrowseTracker-plugin: "make dist"-fix; missing
images iand xrc-file
2015-06-09 22:50 jenslody
svn10324:  * fix for pch-creation with gcc 5.x
2015-06-06 15:22 ollydbg
svn10323:  - Debugger: fix build warning about wrong member
initialization order.
2015-06-05 07:57 fuscated
svn10322:  * script_plugin: Fix creating multiple menus from a
script plugin
> Bug reported here
2015-06-05 02:04 ollydbg
svn10321:  * CC: fix SF ticket 41 CC can`t parse defines with
Doxygen single-line comment.
This fixes the doxygen document and token synchronization issue
that hasn't
fixed in commit r9905. When reading a macro definition which ends
by a C++
comments, we should stop the parsing before the "//" chars, so
that the
doxygen document can be added correctly to previous added Macro
definition token.
See details in:
2015-06-03 23:03 fuscated
svn10320:  - wx3: Fix assert in the code that shows the include
file completion
2015-06-03 23:03 fuscated
svn10319:  - wx3: Fix assert when opening the Open file list
2015-06-03 23:03 fuscated
svn10318:  * debugger: Fix reading uninitialized variables
reported by valgrind (possible fix to a crash at exit)
2015-06-02 22:13 ollydbg
svn10317:  - CC: improve code comments for r10316. (Thanks jat1)
2015-06-02 00:30 ollydbg
svn10316:  * CC: fix bug #137 Code completion - code without
"using namespace" - don't shows class members.
We can handling three cases:
(1) using namespace A;
(2) using namespace A::B;
(3) using A::B;
Before this commit, we can only handle case (1) and (2)
Patch contributed by sf user jat1. See:
2015-05-28 20:22 jenslody
svn10315:  - Debian control-file add libwgtk3.0-dev to
2015-05-25 23:00 jenslody
svn10314:  - Better wx3-fix for Debian (hopefully),
enhancing/changing svn r10310.
2015-05-25 11:37 jenslody
svn10313:  - Debian build-system: remove hard to maintain
dependency for libstdc++6, it's a dependency of the used g++
2015-05-25 11:37 jenslody
svn10312:  - Another fix for Debian build-system with wx3.
2015-05-25 11:31 jenslody
svn10311:  - Fix for "make dist" with wx3
2015-05-25 11:31 jenslody
svn10310:  - Fix for Debian buildsystem with wx3.0.
2015-05-24 05:44 fuscated
svn10309:  * EnvVar: Apply the same fix as the one for compiler
variables to the env var settings
2015-05-24 05:44 fuscated
svn10308:  * CC: Apply the same fix as the one for compiler
variables to the CC options
2015-05-24 05:44 fuscated
svn10307:  * EditPairDlg: Make sure it is impossible to enter
invalid values for keys
> Valid characters are alphas, numbers and '_'.
> I think all users of this class will benefit from this
behaviour, if this
is not the case we can easily make this optional.
2015-05-24 05:44 fuscated
svn10306:  * build_options: Make it possible to delete any
compiler variable (fixes ticket #161)
> The problem happened because the code used string parsing to
find the key
and value.
> This is obviously fragile, so I've replaced it with client data
> This commit doesn't prevent the user from entering invalid
2015-05-18 18:52 fuscated
svn10305:  - SmartIndent: Fix host application path
2015-05-18 18:52 fuscated
svn10304:  - projects: Add all wxs file to the src target for the
wx30-unix project
2015-05-18 18:52 fuscated
svn10303:  * watches: Detect if the OnPropertySelected is called
for the unselected property
> This is a recent change in wxtrunk and it causes assertions and
2015-05-16 08:05 ollydbg
svn10302:  * CC: fix #143 Code completion fails with function-try
Patch contributed by SF user jat1, there is also a very detailed
test file, see: https://sourceforge.net/p/codeblocks/tickets/143/
2015-05-16 07:27 ollydbg
svn10301:  - CC: code refactoring in ClassBrowser related class.
1, remove unused functions from ClassBrowser class.
2, remove unused idCBViewModeFlat from ClassBrowser class.
3, tweak comments for ClassBrowser class.
4, remove unused IDs.
2015-05-15 18:57 jenslody
svn10300:  * build fix for autoconfs less tham 2.64; linker-flag
test-macro will ignore the tested flag and write an appropriate
message when running configure-script.
2015-05-15 12:41 jenslody
svn10299:  * Removing incorrect parenthesis in last commit, oops,
2015-05-15 12:35 jenslody
svn10298:  * LibraryFinder-plugin: windows build-fix
2015-05-15 11:00 jenslody
svn10297:  - Valgrind-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid asserts
and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:59 jenslody
svn10296:  - ThreadSearch-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid
asserts and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:58 jenslody
svn10295:  - SpellChecker-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid
asserts and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:58 jenslody
svn10294:  - ReopenEditor-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid
asserts and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:58 jenslody
svn10293:  - RegExTestbed-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid
asserts and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:58 jenslody
svn10292:  -ProjectOptionsManipulator-plugin: alignment fixes to
avoid asserts and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:58 jenslody
svn10291:  - Profiler-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid asserts
and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:58 jenslody
svn10290:  - LibraryFinder-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid
asserts and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:58 jenslody
svn10289:  - IncrementalSearch-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid
asserts and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:58 jenslody
svn10288:  - HexEditor-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid asserts
and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:58 jenslody
svn10287:  - Help-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid asserts and
broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:58 jenslody
svn10286:  - HeaderFixup-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid asserts
and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:58 jenslody
svn10285:  - FileManager-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid asserts
and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:58 jenslody
svn10284:  - EnvVars-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid asserts and
broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:58 jenslody
svn10283:  - EditorTweaks-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid
asserts and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:58 jenslody
svn10282:  - EditorConfig-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid
asserts and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:58 jenslody
svn10281:  - DragScroll-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid asserts
and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:57 jenslody
svn10280:  - DoxyBlocks-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid asserts
and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:57 jenslody
svn10279:  - Cscope-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid asserts and
broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:57 jenslody
svn10278:  - CppCheck-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid asserts
and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:57 jenslody
svn10277:  - CodeStats-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid asserts
and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:57 jenslody
svn10276:  - cbGames-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid asserts and
broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:57 jenslody
svn10275:  - BrowseTracker-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid
asserts and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:57 jenslody
svn10274:  - AutoVersioning-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid
asserts and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:57 jenslody
svn10273:  - wxSmithAui-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid asserts
and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:57 jenslody
svn10272:  - wxSmith-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid asserts and
broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:57 jenslody
svn10271:  - ToDo-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid asserts and
broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:57 jenslody
svn10270:  - ScriptedWizard-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid
asserts and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:56 jenslody
svn10269:  - OccurrencesHighlight-plugin: alignment fixes to
avoid asserts and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:56 jenslody
svn10268:  - DefaultMimeHandler-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid
asserts and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:56 jenslody
svn10267:  - Debugger-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid asserts
and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:56 jenslody
svn10266:  - Compiler-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid asserts
and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:56 jenslody
svn10265:  - CodeCompletion-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid
asserts and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:56 jenslody
svn10264:  - Autosave-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid asserts
and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:56 jenslody
svn10263:  - ClassWizard-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid asserts
and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:56 jenslody
svn10262:  - Astyle-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid asserts and
broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:56 jenslody
svn10261:  - Abbreviations-plugin: alignment fixes to avoid
asserts and broken layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:56 jenslody
svn10260:  - core: alignment fixes to avoid asserts and broken
layout with wx3
2015-05-15 10:56 jenslody
svn10259:  - SpellChecker-plugin: wx3 fix warning assert because
of incorrect iCCP-color
2015-05-15 10:56 jenslody
svn10258:  * wxSmith-plugin: fix wxSizerFlagsProperty, vertical
align is not allowed inside vertical sizers, horizontal align is
not allowed inside horizontal sizers, wxEXPAND is not allowed
together with alignmenta nd breaks layout in most recent
2015-05-15 10:56 jenslody
svn10257:  - remove non-existing wxs-file from wxSmith-projects,
2015-05-15 10:55 jenslody
svn10256:  - clean-up of Makefile.am for pch's
2015-05-15 10:55 jenslody
svn10255:  * build fix for MacOSX
2015-05-15 10:55 jenslody
svn10254:  - check whether the linker accepts "--no-undefined",
should fix https://sourceforge.net/p/codeblocks/tickets/9
2015-05-05 16:52 killerbot
svn10253:  * Ticket 166 Build failure with gcc 5 and C++11
(nullptr macros incorrect)
2015-05-05 16:49 killerbot
svn10252:  patch Doxyblocks-unix.cbp file, thanks Tim
2015-05-02 15:49 mortenmacfly
svn10251:  * reverse behaviour on CTRL+mouse wheel to be
consistent with other major apps and wx trunk, see here:
2015-05-02 15:21 mortenmacfly
svn10250:  - compilation fix for the Mac (see here:
https://sourceforge.net/p/codeblocks/tickets/10) - not the best
to do, but as we are "mac blind" it is the best we can do at the
moment and it does not interfere with other stuff
2015-05-02 15:17 mortenmacfly
svn10249:  - fix broken compilation on the Mac (see here:
2015-05-02 15:13 mortenmacfly
svn10248:  - hopefully fix a compiler error on Mac (see
2015-05-02 15:07 mortenmacfly
svn10247:  - cb_share_config: fixed missing include for non-pch
compiler (see here:
2015-05-02 14:47 mortenmacfly
svn10246:  * context menu search (CTRL + right click in editor):
removed obsolete google code search, added StackOverflow and
CodeProject search
2015-05-02 14:45 mortenmacfly
svn10245:  * cb_koders: Fix for non working ohloh search (ohloh
was koders is now openhub/BlackDuck)
2015-05-02 14:41 mortenmacfly
svn10244:  * Addr2Line: support for 64 bit crash logs -> keep in
mind to also use a 64bit addr2line util (from 64bit GCC/MinGW
compiler) in that case
2015-05-01 13:06 mortenmacfly
svn10243:  - cctest: show and raise frame so it becomes actually
visible on Windows
2015-05-01 13:03 mortenmacfly
svn10242:  * cctest: fix debug assertions on wx30, 64 bit
- cctest: favour wxT instead of _T (as proposed by wxWidgets)
2015-05-01 12:54 mortenmacfly
svn10241:  * make Addr2LineUI work with new exchndl
2015-05-01 09:23 mortenmacfly
svn10240:  * fixed bug #52: "You can't change the number of
parallel processes while building!" message shown in error
2015-04-27 06:48 mortenmacfly
svn10238:  - help plugin: harmonise project files
2015-04-27 06:44 mortenmacfly
svn10237:  * CC: include *.hh, *.hxx and *.h++ for parsing by
2015-04-26 20:59 killerbot
svn10236:  * correct static library command for clang
2015-04-26 20:56 killerbot
svn10235:  * final and override back in the lexer for colorcoding
2015-04-26 09:59 jenslody
svn10234:  * wxSmith-plugin: remove deprecated and never used
Shadow and Bezel related code from wxsGauge.*
It breaks build in wx-master and never did anything in older
revisions, so removing it completely avoids #ifdef's without
breaking anything (hopefully).
2015-04-26 09:59 jenslody
svn10233:  - HelpPlugin: build-fix with wx30 (synchronize wx2.8
and 2x30 project-file)
2015-04-26 04:26 mortenmacfly
svn10231:  * updated forgotten wxSmith file wrt r10194
2015-04-24 14:23 ollydbg
svn10230:  * CC: fix ticket #145 Code completion ignores
parameters of catch-clauses.
This patch is made by jat1 and me, see discussion in link:
2015-04-23 06:11 mortenmacfly
svn10229:  - silence compiler warning
- make sure not accessing NULL pointer (stc control)
2015-04-23 04:12 alpha0010
svn10228:  * CCManager: defer showing calltip to next event loop
in attempt to fix crash on race condition
2015-04-22 05:37 mortenmacfly
svn10226:  * fixed memory leak as described here:
http://forums.codeblocks.org/index.php/topic,20221.0.html (thanks
2015-04-18 14:24 mortenmacfly
svn10225:  * project options manipulator plugin: fixed some UI
glitches and wx debug warnings therefore
2015-04-18 14:08 mortenmacfly
svn10224:  * project options manipulator plugin: added support to
replace in options (making use of new API)
* project options manipulator plugin: honour option "Contains"
for "add" and "remove" option correctly
* project options manipulator plugin: should be pretty much
feature complete now :-)
2015-04-18 13:12 mortenmacfly
svn10223:  * introduced new API to cbProject/cbTarget:
ReplaceXXX[Option/Dir] which replaces an option w/o changing the
order of the options list
2015-04-14 03:05 ollydbg
svn10218:  * CC: fix ticket #154 Code Completion problem with
some wx classes.
This actually fixes a bug introduced in r9642. So, we fix it by
eating the tokens after the handling of emulator. See discussions
in C::B forum:
Thanks Huki for the contribution.
2015-04-12 22:40 ollydbg
svn10217:  - CCTest: add SVN EOL property setting to those
testing files.
2015-04-12 13:26 mortenmacfly
svn10216:  - project options manipulator plugin: silence a
compiler warning
2015-04-12 13:24 mortenmacfly
svn10214:  * project options manipulator plugin: support resource
compiler options
* project options manipulator plugin: add support to remove
project files that are not assigned to a target
2015-04-12 12:19 mortenmacfly
svn10212:  - updated SVN ignore pattern
2015-04-12 09:27 mortenmacfly
svn10209:  * applied (modified) version of patch
* re-organised editor settings to make the grouping more logical
2015-04-12 08:15 mortenmacfly
svn10208:  * added Jing and validation script to SVN (tools)
2015-04-12 08:13 mortenmacfly
svn10207:  - removed SVN version information from XRC files
2015-04-12 08:12 mortenmacfly
svn10206:  * fixed XRC files after validating with Jing against
RELAX NG (see:
http://wxwidgets.blogspot.de/2015/04/validating-xrc.html), using
java -jar jing-20150407.jar -c https://www.wxwidgets.org/wxxrc
2015-04-11 05:53 ollydbg
svn10205:  * CC: parser - fix support for typedef pointer.
This commit fixes the tooltip error, and also it fixes the
parsing of
the typedef function pointer. Discussions can be found in C::B
Thanks Huki for the help.
2015-04-11 05:52 ollydbg
svn10204:  * CC: support for function pointer arrays.
This commit fixes the failure of the cctest case below:
Testing in file: codecompletion\testing\cc_function_ptr.cpp
*FAIL: Fun FuncArray
-PASS: foo foo
Total 2 tests, 1 PASS, 1 FAIL
Thanks Huki for the contribution.
2015-04-11 05:52 ollydbg
svn10203:  - CCTest: add a test case for the typedef pointer.
Thanks Huki.
2015-04-11 05:51 ollydbg
svn10202:  - CCTest: add a test case for array of function
pointer. Thanks Huki.
2015-04-09 14:09 ollydbg
svn10200:  * CC: fix compiler predefined macros collection under
Patch from Huki, we should use slack under Linux, and backslash
under Windows. Discussion can be found in
2015-04-08 09:30 ollydbg
svn10199:  - SDK: thread pool: fix a typo in comment
2015-04-08 08:30 ollydbg
svn10198:  * CC: fix a copy-paste error introduced in r10189.
See discussion on
2015-04-07 19:39 mortenmacfly
svn10197:  - some more SVN property (EOL and keyword
substitution) changes
2015-04-07 19:30 mortenmacfly
svn10196:  - CCManager: exit function if event object is NULL
before casting it
2015-04-07 19:28 mortenmacfly
svn10195:  - some more SVN property (EOL and keyword
substitution) changes
2015-04-07 19:24 mortenmacfly
svn10194:  * CC: added ability to inspect pre-defined macros in
CCDebugInfo dialog ('for... erm... debugging)
- CC: silence two compiler warnings
2015-04-07 12:41 mortenmacfly
svn10193:  - astyle: fixed resource wrt complaints here:
2015-04-07 00:34 ollydbg
svn10192:  - CC: add the eol property=native to those two files.
I noticed that there were massive code line feed changes in the
r10183, and further research found that those files were added in
r9920 but missing eol property at that time.
2015-04-06 19:35 fuscated
svn10191:  - builds: Fix noPCH build broken by r10176
2015-04-06 13:29 mortenmacfly
svn10190:  - spelling
2015-04-06 13:25 mortenmacfly
svn10189:  * CC: avoid adding #defines to the parser that are not
supported by the platform (same as r10183 but for compiler
* CC: should hopefully fix broken colouring for mixed platform
projects (e.g. one project with targets for Linux and Windows)
* CC: fix MSVC processor architecture detection for more recent
MSVC compilers
2015-04-06 11:50 mortenmacfly
svn10188:  * major improvement to astyle plugin: make it fully
(options-) compatible with v2.05.1
2015-04-06 08:52 mortenmacfly
svn10186:  - alphabetical sorting
2015-04-06 08:48 mortenmacfly
svn10185:  * issue at least a warning if th wizard could not load
an XRC resource file
2015-04-06 08:46 mortenmacfly
svn10184:  - remove unused variable
- style/formatting
2015-04-06 08:42 mortenmacfly
svn10183:  * CC: avoid scanning for include folders of
compilers/project/targets not supported by current platform (can
be toggled trough settings, default is ON)
* CC: fix calling package scripts on platforms where these are
not supported and may cause a freeze
2015-04-05 13:23 ollydbg
svn10182:  - CC: add and tweak some comments.
2015-04-05 13:22 ollydbg
svn10181:  - CC: change the function AddPaths() to a static
member function
2015-04-05 13:22 ollydbg
svn10180:  - CC: remove unused member functions in NativeParser
2015-04-05 13:21 ollydbg
svn10179:  - CC: remove unused member variables in NativeParser
2015-04-05 13:20 ollydbg
svn10178:  - CC: document NativeParser::GetCallTips().
2015-04-05 13:20 ollydbg
svn10177:  - CC: use the Doxygen style format commands in the
2015-04-04 15:51 fuscated
svn10176:  * compiler: Correctly delete multiple selected search
directories (fixes ticket #151)
2015-04-04 14:26 mortenmacfly
svn10175:  * pumped astyle to v2.06
* removed obsolete astyle options (no longer working correctly)
* added new astyle options and formatters
2015-04-04 14:08 fuscated
svn10174:  * Don't open file passed on a command line more than
once (fixes ticket #133)
2015-04-02 07:25 mortenmacfly
svn10173:  * updated SVN::externals link of the FortranProject
contrib plugin to
https://svn.code.sf.net/p/fortranproject/code/trunk as the
repository has moved
2015-04-01 09:01 mortenmacfly
svn10172:  * added SVN::external to include PythonPlugins into
the C::B source tree
2015-03-31 06:40 mortenmacfly
svn10169:  - removed old, obsolete exchndl from build system
2015-03-31 06:38 mortenmacfly
svn10168:  - removed old, obsolete exchndl from src folder
2015-03-30 15:09 mortenmacfly
svn10163:  - changed old wxwindows link in XRC file to proper
wxwidgets one (avoid warnings in some debug builds)
2015-03-30 15:09 mortenmacfly
svn10162:  * remove self-compiled exchndl library (exception
handler) in favour of a working version for win32 and win64 (will
arrive soon)
2015-03-25 06:55 ollydbg
svn10158:  - CC: remove unused function declarations, add and
tweak comments. (no functional changes)
2015-03-18 15:00 ollydbg
svn10157:  * Thread Search Plugin: fix thread safety issue in
ThreadSearchEvent class.
I notices the class ThreadSearchEvent which carries information
from worker
thread to GUI main thread does not clone it self correctly, which
leads to
crash. This is the same issue we have introduced a fix in
revision 9311 and
revision 9403. See further discussions in:
2015-03-18 14:59 ollydbg
svn10156:  - CC: add comment for function AutocompGetName().
2015-03-18 14:58 ollydbg
svn10155:  * CC: fix handling of struct pointer typedef. (patch
from SF user jat1)
This fixes the cctest failure of cc_typedef_pointer.cpp. (SF
Ticket #34)
2015-03-18 14:58 ollydbg
svn10154:  - CCTest: add a test case about struct pointer
typedef. (SF ticket #34)
2015-03-18 14:57 ollydbg
svn10153:  * CC: work around a failure when handling stringize
We should not run stringize operation when the hash char "#" is
inside a
string literal. This is just a work around, because we just test
a non-space string after # is an alphabetic char. It fixes the
failure of
test file cc_macro_expansion_stringize.cpp. Discussions can be
2015-03-18 14:56 ollydbg
svn10152:  - CCTest: add a test case for stringize tokens.
2015-03-18 07:01 mortenmacfly
svn10151:  * added batch build for 64 bit (was missing in SVN),
Windows only.
2015-03-18 07:00 mortenmacfly
svn10150:  * Addr2Line: fixed that path to "addr2line" command is
changed with replace operation (in case both, MinGW and the devel
folder share one root)
2015-03-16 19:58 fuscated
svn10149:  * Wizard: Fix the Arm wizard to show a proper list of
2015-03-14 20:39 d_anselmi
svn10148:  * compiler: add support for gcc for ADI blackfin
2015-03-14 08:18 ollydbg
svn10147:  * CC: fix infinite loop when recursive macro expansion
reaches max count.
We just skip the problematic token which causes infinite loop
when macro
expansion happens, in this case, just return true from the
function. In the function
void Tokenizer::GetReplacedToken(wxString& str)
// this indicates we are already in macro replacement mode
if (m_RepeatReplaceCount > 0)
const int id = m_TokenTree->TokenExists(str, -1, tkMacroDef);
if (id != -1)
const Token* token = m_TokenTree->at(id);
if (token)
bool replaced = false;
if (!token->m_Args.IsEmpty())
replaced = ReplaceMacroUsage(token);
else if (token->m_FullType != token->m_Name)
replaced = ReplaceBufferText(token->m_FullType);
if (replaced || token->m_FullType.IsEmpty())
// recursive call the DoGetToken function here
str = DoGetToken();
// if in macro expansion mode, we don't want to let the user
replacement rule executed
// again, so just returned
When replaced = ReplaceBufferText(token->m_FullType);
The replaced is now true, so it satisfies the if condition, and a
str = DoGetToken(); function call just skip the problematic
Thanks Huki for the suggestion change.
See details in
2015-03-10 02:54 ollydbg
svn10146:  - CC: remove unused local variable.
Cppcheck reported this issue.
[nativeparser_base.cpp:869]: (style) Unused variable:
Thanks blauzahn.
2015-03-10 02:54 ollydbg
svn10145:  - CC: use empty() function instead of size() in
emptiness checking.
Fix cppcheck report:
[doxygen_parser.cpp:845]: (performance) Possible inefficient
checking for 'tokensIdx' emptiness.
Thanks blauzahn.
2015-03-10 02:53 ollydbg
svn10144:  - CC: reduce the scope of local variable.
This is reported by cppcheck.
[coderefactoring.cpp:438]: (style) The scope of the variable
'pos' can be reduced.
Thanks blauzahn.
2015-03-10 02:53 ollydbg
svn10143:  - CC: fix member variable not initialized in the
This is reported by cppcheck.
[classbrowserbuilderthread.cpp:66]: (warning) Member variable
'ClassBrowserBuilderThread::m_idThreadEvent' is not initialized
in the constructor.
Thanks blauzahn.
2015-03-10 02:52 ollydbg
svn10142:  - CC: reduce local variable scopes.
[tokentree.cpp:150]: (style) The scope of the variable 'result'
can be reduced.
[tokentree.cpp:178]: (style) The scope of the variable 'result'
can be reduced.
[tokentree.cpp:210]: (style) The scope of the variable 'result'
can be reduced.
[tokentree.cpp:243]: (style) The scope of the variable 'result'
can be reduced.
Thanks blauzahn.
2015-03-10 02:52 ollydbg
svn10141:  - CC: reduce scope of the variables.
There are some cppcheck reports:
[searchtree.cpp:598]: (style) The scope of the variable 'nchild'
can be reduced.
[searchtree.cpp:670]: (style) The scope of the variable 'n' can
be reduced.
[searchtree.cpp:759]: (style) The scope of the variable 'matches'
can be reduced.
[searchtree.cpp:989]: (style) The scope of the variable 'u' can
be reduced.
Thanks blauzahn.
2015-03-10 02:51 ollydbg
svn10140:  - CC: fix performance issue reported by cppcheck.
[parserthread.cpp:1883] -> [parserthread.cpp:1884]: (performance)
'current' is reassigned a value before the old one has been used.
Thanks blauzahn.
2015-03-10 02:51 ollydbg
svn10139:  - CC: fix un-initialized BrowserOptions members
reported by cppcheck.
[parser_base.cpp:180]: (warning) Member variable
is not initialized in the constructor. Thanks blauzahn.
2015-03-10 02:50 ollydbg
svn10138:  - CC: fix duplicated else if condition reported by
[expression.cpp:125]: (style) Expression is always false because
'else if'
condition matches previous condition at line 104. Thanks
2015-03-09 19:10 fuscated
svn10137:  * CC: Fix infinite loop when traversing headers and
there are loops caused by symlinks (ticket #14)
> Use a set to store all paths that have already being traversed.
> Detect when we are at a symbolic link path and resolve it to
its original
> Use the set to prevent traversing a path that has already being
2015-03-09 15:39 jenslody
svn10136:  * avoid conflicts in portable mode, if user datapath
and global datapath are in the same folder; see:
2015-03-09 07:14 mortenmacfly
svn10135:  * pumped zlib lib to v1.2.8 to address security issues
2015-03-09 07:13 mortenmacfly
svn10134:  * pumped bzib2 lib to v1.0.6 to address security
2015-03-09 07:12 mortenmacfly
svn10133:  * added missing part of implementation to support
resource compiler options (see
2015-03-06 16:45 thomas-denk
svn10132:  * Updated C++ lexer keywords for more correctness
- added noexcept
- added alignas
- corrected _Char16_t and _Char32_t (N2018) to char16_t and
- removed align_union (N1877)
- removed alternative representations ("reserved and shall not be
used otherwise")
2015-03-04 14:16 ollydbg
svn10131:  * CC: do not save the macro usage tokens in the token
macro usage is just like a function call, if we save all macro
usages, our
token tree becomes too large. E.g. with this patch, the token
number is
reduced from about 15000 to 13000 when parsing codeblocks.cbp.
The only
case we need to save the macro usage are some special macro
usages like
BEGIN_EVENT_TABLE or EVT_BUTTON, but this needs futures works. To
macro call tokens of the same name also pollute the tooltip.
discussions can be found in:
2015-02-27 23:25 damienlmoore
svn10130:  * FileManager: disable drag and drop in the tree if
browsing a commit state of a version controlled folder
2015-02-27 23:20 damienlmoore
svn10129:  * FileManager: correctly resolve path to item when
displaying version controlled path in changes only mode
2015-02-27 06:05 ollydbg
svn10128:  - CCTest: fix build error introduced in previous
commit. (Thanks stahta01)
2015-02-25 02:49 ollydbg
svn10127:  * CC: add two "Go" button in the "CC debug info"
Now, the user can click on the button to navigate to the token's
declaration or
definition position.
2015-02-25 02:48 ollydbg
svn10126:  - CC: add and tweak comments, remove unused function.
2015-02-23 07:45 ollydbg
svn10125:  * CCTest: add a new cc test case of recursive macro
See detials from C::B forum:
Note current CCTest will go to infinite loop by running this test
2015-02-23 07:16 ollydbg
svn10124:  * CC: update typedef'd func pointer calltip. (Thanks
Details can be found in forum discussion:
The test code can be found in this post:
Note that this commit also change the function prototype from:
bool PrettyPrintToken(const TokenTree* tree,...)
bool PrettyPrintToken(TokenTree* tree,...)
Bacically, we should use the const TokenTree*, but this cause
build errors
because tree->TokenExists(...) is not a const function, but
TokenExists() to a const function need some more changes to all
the called
functions inside TokenExists(), so leave them as another further
2015-02-21 02:13 damienlmoore
svn10123:  * FileManager: improves support for displaying status
icons representing the changes in the working copy or a
particular commit when browsing version controlled directories.
Also improves robustness when viewing the mercurial log
2015-02-19 05:42 damienlmoore
svn10122:  * FileManager: retrieve only relative paths when
showing changes to a directory under version control
2015-02-19 05:20 damienlmoore
svn10121:  * FileManager: adds checkbox to view only changed
files from the last commit in a version controlled directory.
Also fixes a couple of bugs with mercurial repo browsing and some
issues reported by blauzahn at
2015-02-16 15:54 alpha0010
svn10120:  - build system: add wx-config version flag to unix
wx28 .cbp files
2015-02-15 20:37 alpha0010
svn10119:  - add/fix some comments (no functional change)
2015-02-12 20:20 fuscated
svn10118:  - Partial revert r10070: Checkbox added accidentally
2015-02-12 19:18 fuscated
svn10117:  * Revert r10115 - because this solution is dangerous,
hard to use
Check this topic to read the discussion:
2015-02-11 23:13 damienlmoore
svn10116:  * FileManager: support for showing only commits with
changes to a particular file
2015-02-11 17:29 mortenmacfly
svn10115:  * Compiler: applied patch by LETARTARE so misc.
compiler events also provide the source ID of the wx event that
caused the compiler operation
2015-02-11 16:56 mortenmacfly
svn10114:  * FileManager: fixed crash if setting a folder to root
which is under version control and where the VCS executables
could not be run
2015-02-11 01:56 damienlmoore
svn10113:  * FileManager: 'show changed files only' -- flattens
the tree of a directory under version control and shows only the
files that have changed (currently only works for the working
copy and still need to prune some of the right click menu options
and disable drag n drop)
2015-02-10 10:35 jenslody
svn10112:  - fix for specfile-template; NassiShneiderman- and
Spellchecker-plugin have not been build on non RedHat-systems
2015-02-10 08:36 jenslody
svn10111:  - FileManagerPlugin: another non-pch build-fix
2015-02-10 06:49 mortenmacfly
svn10110:  - some build fixes wrt latest commits to FileManager
with non-PCH builds
2015-02-10 05:56 damienlmoore
svn10109:  * FileManager: missing space in git log command
2015-02-10 04:43 damienlmoore
svn10108:  - FileManager: adds missing files to wx3.0 and 64bit
project files
2015-02-10 04:30 damienlmoore
svn10107:  * FileManager: adds support for viewing diffs and
browsing the history of a version controlled folder (currently
supports GIT, SVN, BZR and HG).
The feature is experimental so it's disabled by default and
probably has lots
of bugs. To enable it right click on a file/folder in the Files
tab of the
Management pane and Select Settings -> [VCS] Integration. Then
for folders that
are under that VCS's management, you should see a VCS choice box.
Note that
when you select a particular commit using the choice box you are
NOT checking
out that commit so the content of the folder won't be changed.
You can
easily flip back to viewing the folder content itself by
selecting "working copy".
While browsing a commit or the working copy in the file manager,
you should
be able to view files and see diffs using the right click menu.
Also note that
performance usually stinks for SVN because of network
2015-02-09 15:36 jenslody
svn10106:  - non-pch build-fix for commit 10096
2015-02-08 00:50 jenslody
svn10105:  KeybinderPlugin: fix wx30 assert when calling
wxString::Last on empty string
2015-02-08 00:49 jenslody
svn10104:  - Linux: Use standard-conform paths for config- and
Use glib to determine the paths, as wxWidgets still can not do
The old config and usewr-data folders are moved to the correct
place (after a hint).
2015-02-08 00:49 jenslody
svn10103:  - DoxyBlocks-plugin: use ConfigManager do determine
the config-folder.
It's better maintainable and should work correct after last
And it does not (try to) write the conf-file in the root-folder
with new personalities.
2015-02-08 00:49 jenslody
svn10102:  - CodeSnippets-plugin: use ConfigManager do determine
the config-folder.
It's better maintainable and should work correct after last
2015-02-08 00:49 jenslody
svn10101:  - BrowseTracker-plugin: use ConfigManager do determine
the config-folder.
It's better maintainable and should work correct after last
And it does not (try to) write the conf-file in the root-folder
with new personalities.
2015-02-08 00:49 jenslody
svn10100:  - Do not use data_path_global for user-data when C::B
starts in portable mode.
It's not portable to have user-data in global-path and (what's
more) the global-data-path is not user-writable on linux (and
Instead keep the user-data in the exe-path (as the config-files.
2015-02-07 20:40 jenslody
svn10099:  - avoid unnecessary call of Manger::Get()
2015-02-07 19:13 pecanh
svn10098:  cbproject - Fix Unexpected crash when removing file
from the project. See
2015-02-06 22:13 mortenmacfly
svn10097:  * at least report if loading an XRC resource failed
2015-02-06 22:09 mortenmacfly
svn10096:  * compiler framework: added support to disable
dependency checks for #includes (intended ONLY for on C/C++
* added missing parts of project load wrt to last commit
2015-02-06 22:03 mortenmacfly
svn10095:  * compiler framework: add support for dedicated
resource compiler options
2015-02-06 11:10 mortenmacfly
svn10094:  * fixed #123 HeaderFixup: use istream/ostream directly
Move Edit
2015-02-03 19:23 alpha0010
svn10092:  * linux: attempt to resolve startup crash candidate
introduced by r9420
2015-01-30 23:40 fuscated
svn10091:  * ccmanager: Make the call tips wrap around
> Introduce a helper function that advances to the previous or
next call tip.
> It goes to the first if the user wants to go to the next tip
and it is at
the last tip.
> It goest to the last tip if at the first and going backwards.
> Use it everywhere to do the advancing of tips (key handling,
handling and call tip, button presses).
> Always show both forward and backward buttons in the calltip,
so the user
will know that we support wraparound.
2015-01-28 05:28 jenslody
svn10090:  - globals.cpp: in CreateDirRecursively(): avoid
recursing through already existing folders, in case a filename is
given instead of a directory
2015-01-28 05:18 jenslody
svn10089:  - tiny source Layout fix (no functional change)
2015-01-27 01:50 damienlmoore
svn10088:  FileManager: remove unused class member functions
2015-01-26 23:34 damienlmoore
svn10087:  * FileManager: 1. adds support for providing git
status decorators (clunky because we need a more complete set of
status codes for modern VCSs) 2. Corrects labels for status
decorator settings in default.conf for HG and BZR (they were
2015-01-26 16:21 thomas-denk
svn10086:  - Fuck. I hate assertions that do nothing useful but
require you to add extra code just so the darn assertion doesn't
fail in a debug build. Grrr...
2015-01-25 18:07 fuscated
svn10085:  * NassiPlugins: Fix issue #124 Match diagram colors to
editor colors Edit (patch by scarphin, modified)
> Add code that queries the ColorManager and allows the user to
change the colors.
> Add code that detects changes to the ColorManager and updates
all active views.
2015-01-25 18:07 fuscated
svn10084:  * compiler options: Fix the clear button in the Search
directories tab (partially revert r7569)
2015-01-25 18:07 fuscated
svn10083:  - Nassi: Fix the unix project to start codeblocks
2015-01-25 18:07 fuscated
svn10082:  - sdk: Add more settings changed events
2015-01-24 08:36 ollydbg
svn10081:  - SDK: enhance comment for CCToken class
2015-01-23 13:06 mortenmacfly
svn10080:  * fixed compilation error with wx30+ due to use of
deprecated wxWidgets API
2015-01-23 13:05 mortenmacfly
svn10079:  - harmonise XRC files to avoid "version mismatch"
2015-01-23 03:32 alpha0010
svn10078:  - comments: doxygen main page (no functional change)
2015-01-22 16:46 mortenmacfly
svn10077:  * changed two copyrights to 2015
2015-01-22 02:20 alpha0010
svn10076:  * CCManager: enable colour configuration of tooltips
(patch by scarphin)
2015-01-22 02:20 alpha0010
svn10075:  * CCManager: allow overloaded calltip navigation by
arrow keys (patch by darmar; modified)
2015-01-21 03:56 damienlmoore
svn10074:  * EditorTweaks: new option to enable laptop friendly
keyboard shortcuts (for systems with missing or inconveniently
placed home, end, page up, page down, and delete keys). Includes
some minor reorganization of the sources.
2015-01-20 19:39 alpha0010
svn10073:  - add some comments (no functional change)
2015-01-20 19:39 alpha0010
svn10072:  - SpellChecker: fix minor uninitialized pointer
2015-01-20 19:39 alpha0010
svn10071:  - CCManager: extend keybound only option to also
include autolaunched calltips
2015-01-20 17:17 mortenmacfly
svn10070:  - relay-outing some of the settings dialogs
- fixed some assertions in wx30 wrt XRC files
2015-01-19 18:24 thomas-denk
svn10069:  - Fix assert failure clicking "Double click on tab..."
environment option (wrong type given to XRCCTRL)
2015-01-19 15:36 alpha0010
svn10068:  * CCManager: allow tooltips to be shown via only
keybindings (no mouse dwell)
2015-01-18 21:46 d_anselmi
svn10067:  * editor: adjust lexer configuration to last scintilla
2015-01-17 20:10 mortenmacfly
svn10066:  * updating astyle library to v2.05
- note: since a few releases the plugin needs some overhaul to
make use of all the new features in astyle... volunteers are
2015-01-17 20:07 mortenmacfly
svn10065:  * pumped (wx)Scinitlla to v3.53, finally bringing the
"HEX" lexers to the core
2015-01-17 13:58 mortenmacfly
svn10064:  * security fix for 3rd party hunspell library
2015-01-17 13:50 mortenmacfly
svn10063:  * pumped (wx)Scintilla to v3.4.1
2015-01-17 13:45 mortenmacfly
svn10062:  - tiny fix in wxPdfDocument 3rd party lib
2015-01-17 13:43 mortenmacfly
svn10061:  * rndgen: fixed compilation error with latest GCC
(e.g. TDM GCC 4.9.2) at least on Windows
2015-01-15 23:53 d_anselmi
svn10060:  * NassiShneiderman: enhancement of the Cparser (Fixes
issue #125, thanks scarphin)
2015-01-12 20:53 d_anselmi
svn10059:  * editor: add lexer configuration for new lexer in
upcoming scintilla release.
2015-01-10 10:03 ollydbg
svn10058:  * CC: fix ticket #130(Bug in RMB click -> Open include
file). The second parameter of the function NormalizePath()
should be a directory, not an absolute file path.
2015-01-10 10:02 ollydbg
svn10057:  * CC: remove unused variables, those variables and
their associated UI parts are now controlled by CCManager in
SDK(See revision 10055). The case_sensitive option now follows
the global settings in CCManager, so once a Parser is created,
this option can't be changed unless the project get reopened.
2015-01-07 01:19 fuscated
svn10056:  * NassiShneiderman: Add a menu entry to allow creating
diagrams from selected text (Fixes issue #126, thanks scarphin)
2015-01-05 21:03 alpha0010
svn10055:  * CCManager: add configuration options for main CC
2014-12-29 16:15 fuscated
svn10054:  - depslib: Fix compilation on windows due to c++ style
comments (thanks TurboSnail, fixes issue #121)
2014-12-24 08:36 jenslody
svn10053:  - spec-file-template: Do not try to build
Spellchecker-plugin on CentOS/RedHat < 6, because the hunspell
packages are only available from a thirdparty repo (atomicorp),
therefore an automatic build is not possible and the users are
forced to enable this repo.
Fix determining of redhat and fedora release-numbers.
2014-12-21 20:58 jenslody
svn10052:  - codesnippets: non-windows build fix
2014-12-21 04:21 pecanh
svn10051:  CodeSnippets -
fixed: was not saving edited snippets changed xml data. Fixed:
was not saving snippet files when shutting down.
2014-12-06 17:42 fuscated
svn10050:  * compiler: Try to fix the wrong autosize problem
> Define virtual function to allow ListCtrlLogger implementations
override the AutoFitColumns behaviour.
> Change the parameters of the AutoFitColumns function in the
messages, so it suits the interface and so call to Append will
call it
when autosizing is needed.
2014-12-06 17:42 fuscated
svn10049:  * compiler: Save in the config the setting of the Fit
automatically menu item shown in the build messages window
context menu
2014-12-05 09:12 jenslody
svn10048:  * Better (?) merge of panes, if multiple projects are
loaded, that are not in a workspace; see:
2014-12-05 09:12 jenslody
svn10047:  - build fix for wx3.0, if WXWIN_COMPATIBILITY_2_8 is
not set
2014-12-05 01:28 alpha0010
svn10046:  * search: prevent lag/freeze if search logs a match
contained on a long (1000+ chars) line
2014-12-02 14:45 ollydbg
svn10045:  * CC: handling stringize operator ('#') when expanding
2014-12-02 14:44 ollydbg
svn10044:  - CC: reindent code inside struct definition.
2014-12-02 14:43 ollydbg
svn10043:  - CC: remove unused function template
2014-11-30 14:44 fuscated
svn10042:  * debugger: Fix infinite loop when parsing watches
generated by Python pretty printers
> It turned out that the watch parser will loop infinetely if
there is a
equal character returned by the pretty printer.
> To solve this I've expanded the tokenizer to group tokens
starting with a
brace until the closing brace is found.
> Added test for this case.
2014-11-30 03:10 ollydbg
svn10041:  * Todo plugin: fix SourceForge Ticket #96, ToDo List
plugin does not ignore */ if it is on the same line.
2014-11-29 14:24 ollydbg
svn10040:  * wxScintilla control: fix the caret blink issue, see
2014-11-29 14:22 ollydbg
svn10039:  - CC: add missing SVN keywords in doxygen_parser.cpp.
2014-11-29 14:20 ollydbg
svn10038:  - astyle plugin: fix SourceForge Ticket #103, change
"Gnu" to "GNU" in the label.
2014-11-26 20:04 pecanh
svn10037:  -Keybinder - Petrov patch to handle Ctrl-- and Ctrl-+
2014-11-23 16:45 fuscated
svn10036:  * debugger: Fix parsing gdb locals/arguments when the
values contain escaped double and single quotes
2014-11-17 16:23 jenslody
svn10035:  * Fix error in layout-file version check, that could
lead to warnings about changed fileversion in batch-build.
2014-11-16 14:42 fuscated
svn10034:  - Plugin API: removed obsolete (historic) Configure
method from contrib plugins not using the code
2014-11-15 21:11 fuscated
svn10033:  * debugger: Add support for executing additional shell
commands when using GDB (thanks scarphin)
2014-11-10 16:51 jenslody
svn10032:  - hide error-messages when running
update-mime-database in rpm-based distros; these messages are not
caused by Code::Blocks, but users might blame it anyway; see
2014-11-10 16:49 jenslody
svn10031:  - IncrementalSearch-plugin: hide border of internal
text-control and place it more left in the combo-control; layout
was ugly on windows
2014-11-09 13:15 fuscated
svn10030:  * debugger: Add flag to enable/disable loading of
.gdbinit (thanks scarphin)
2014-11-07 18:35 jenslody
svn10029:  * fix for commit 10011, which could lead to revision
string "0"
2014-11-06 23:22 fuscated
svn10028:  - BrowseTracker: Fix post build steps for wx30 and
wx30_64 (thanks gd_on)
2014-11-06 13:22 d_anselmi
svn10027:  - FileManager Plugin: fix crash when right click
beside the tree when nothing from the tree is selected.
2014-11-06 09:23 jenslody
svn10026:  * Add dummy editor to watchesdialog to fix assert in
2014-11-06 09:23 jenslody
svn10025:  * wxSmith-plugin: fix warnings about deprecated
font-enums; add setter- abd getter-functions for wxFontStyle,
wxFontWeight and wxFontFamily to wxsPropertystream
2014-11-06 09:23 jenslody
svn10024:  * Fix warnings about deprecated font-enums with wx3.1
2014-11-06 09:23 jenslody
svn10023:  * wxSmith-plugin: wx3.1 build fix
2014-11-06 09:22 jenslody
svn10022:  - ToolsPlus-plugin: fix warning about unused parameter
2014-11-06 09:22 jenslody
svn10021:  - BrowseTracker-plugin: fix shadow-warnings
2014-10-30 07:40 mortenmacfly
svn10020:  - harmonise SVN EOL and other properties
2014-10-30 07:21 ollydbg
svn10019:  - SepllChecker: Add missing svn eol property "native"
to the file xmlparser.cxx. (thanks stahta01)
2014-10-29 23:26 pecanh
svn10018:  -Keybinder Reverted parts of 9836 to 9764. User
secondary defined keys were not being rebound on reload of a
project. Will work to resolve problem
2014-10-29 08:46 mortenmacfly
svn10017:  * removed artefact left over in commit r9845 (thanks
White Tiger)
2014-10-27 23:04 fuscated
svn10016:  - Log version information at startup, so users can see
what version are they trying to run even if there is a crash
before the ui shows up
2014-10-27 22:50 fuscated
svn10015:  * editor: Add menu commands for searching the selected
text without opening the find-replace dialog (thanks beja)
Fix for ticket #72 on sourceforge.net
2014-10-26 19:53 alpha0010
svn10014:  - spellchecker: replace hardcoded character set with
unicode compatible calls, improves checking accuracy in utf8
2014-10-26 19:53 alpha0010
svn10013:  - ccmanager: avoid potential dangling pointer on CC
plugin disable/uninstall
2014-10-26 19:53 alpha0010
svn10012:  * astyle: revert r9575 (apply formatting delta to
editor) due to buggy implementation
2014-10-26 18:22 alpha0010
svn10011:  - autorevision: fix revision change test, using '>='
on strings fails when the number of digits changes (9999 ->
2014-10-26 12:26 d_anselmi
svn10010:  - lexer: adjust svn eol property
2014-10-24 23:22 fuscated
svn10009:  - projects: Removed file (mozilla/StandardInteger.h)
that does not exist any more from CB core projects (thanks
2014-10-24 23:22 fuscated
svn10008:  - projects: Added missing mozilla files Alignment.h
and TypedEnum.h to core CB projects (thanks stahta01).
2014-10-24 23:22 fuscated
svn10007:  - projects: Added include/misctreeitemdata.h file
missing from core CB projects (thanks stahta01).
2014-10-24 23:22 fuscated
svn10006:  - PCH Fix: Removed include of sdk.h from CB core
header; removed CB_PRECOMP guard and reordered headers. Added
prep.h include (thanks stahta01).
2014-10-24 23:22 fuscated
svn10005:  - PCH Fix: Removed incorrect include of wx/wxprec.h
and use of #pragma hdrstop from CB API header xtra_res.h (thanks
2014-10-24 23:22 fuscated
svn10004:  - PCH Fix: Added include of sdk.h before "#ifndef
CB_PRECOMP block" and moved local include after block (thanks
2014-10-23 22:36 d_anselmi
svn10003:  * lexer: added BibTex lexer configuration files
2014-10-20 17:34 fuscated
svn10002:  - autotools: Fix make dist on linux
2014-10-17 12:29 ollydbg
svn10001:  * CC: handling __declspec (xxx) in
ParserThread::DoParse() function. Move handling __attribute__
keyword to the switch case statements.
2014-10-16 17:22 pecanh
svn10000:  -BrowseTracker - remove debugging msg from release
2014-10-16 14:45 ollydbg
svn9999:  * CC: code simplified. Use the ReplaceMacroUsage()
function to handle macro expansion, since it can handle both
function like macro expansion and object like macro expansion. If
ReplaceMacroUsage() return true, it means m_TokenIndex is rewind,
so we need to continue the loop.
2014-10-16 14:44 ollydbg
svn9998:  * CC: fix handling of conditional preprocessor
Enhance IsMacroDefined() function, it can handle both "defined
(xxx)" and "defined xxx" directives. Do not run SkipToEOL(false)
inside the IsMacroDefined() function, because there are some
tokens after the current token in the same line. All caller
Fix the failure of cc_macro_expansion.cpp.
Before this commit
Testing in file: ...\testing\cc_macro_expansion.cpp
*FAIL: zero_ zero_defined
-PASS: test_defined test_defined_expand_2
-PASS: f234 f2345
*FAIL: f123 f1234
-PASS: std:: string
Total 5 tests, 3 PASS, 2 FAIL
With this commit
Testing in file: ...\testing\cc_macro_expansion.cpp
-PASS: zero_ zero_defined
-PASS: test_defined test_defined_expand_2
-PASS: f234 f2345
-PASS: f123 f1234
-PASS: std:: string
Total 5 tests, 5 PASS, 0 FAIL
When defined (xxx) is handled in the IsMacroDefined() function.
In the main loop of reading the tokens, check the spaces after
DoGetToken(), so that the token in the next line don't get eat.
2014-10-16 13:51 ollydbg
svn9997:  - CCTest: more test cases added.
2014-10-16 09:02 mortenmacfly
svn9996:  - removed obsolete astyle files
2014-10-16 09:01 mortenmacfly
svn9995:  * update of astyle to v2.05
2014-10-16 08:59 mortenmacfly
svn9994:  - update of wxConrib items
- some cleanup wrt spacing, code style
2014-10-16 08:57 mortenmacfly
svn9993:  * pumped (wx)Scintilla to v3.5.1 (bringing support for
BibTeX lexer)
2014-10-14 22:42 ollydbg
svn9992:  * CC: remove WriteOptions() function call in
Parser::~Parser(). This function call was added in the previous
commit(commit9991). Options were saved when user click the Apply
button, so we don't need to save them when Parser object
2014-10-14 14:45 ollydbg
svn9991:  * CC: fix a bug that CodeCompletion's setting don't get
saved when C::B closed.
To reproduce the bug, you can
1, start C::B (without opening any cbp project)
2, open the codecompletion's setting dialog
3, change some settings, such as: Options - Disable SmartSense
4, close the setting dialog and close C::B
5, reopen C::B, run step 2 again, you will notice the setting is
not saved yet.
The bug was cause by the commit rev9920, there I changed the
ReadOptions() and WriteOptions() functions to virtual functions,
also the implementation of those functions in ParserBase class
are empty, the derived Parser class has real implementations(read
and write the configure file). But NativeParser::NativeParser()
create a ParserBase instance not a Parser instance, and
ParserBase::ReadOptions() and ParserBase::WriteOptions() do
To avoid the ParserBase to read the configure file (that's what
rev9920 want to achieve), I let the NativeParser create a real
Parser instance (not ParserBase), thus this commit partially
revert the code refactoring at rev7336 (2011-8-8, by Loaden).
2014-10-14 08:37 jenslody
svn9990:  * better build fix for the build fix for the build fix
....; some distributions (at least debian) have backported the
fix to pre wx2.9.0, the wx2.8.12 tag in wxWidgets svn-repo still
uses the macro without the "WX_"-prefix
2014-10-14 04:44 jenslody
svn9989:  * build fix for the build fix in 9987
2014-10-14 03:52 alpha0010
svn9988:  * DoxyBlocks: strip default menu keybindings that
conflict core C::B shortcuts
2014-10-14 03:18 alpha0010
svn9987:  - build fix for r9982
2014-10-13 23:37 jenslody
svn9986:  * fix an issue with the new editorpane-layout
saving/restoring, where the layout was not recreated, when the
default workspace was automatically opened on application
2014-10-13 19:18 fuscated
svn9985:  - projects: Changed custom variable name from "WX_VER"
to "WX_VERSION" in Addr2LineUI windows projects (thanks stahta01)
2014-10-13 19:18 fuscated
svn9984:  - projects: Core projects had wrong location for
"wxsmith/VirtualBuildTargetsDlg.wxs" related files (thanks
2014-10-13 13:35 d_anselmi
svn9983:  * SpellChecker-plugin: activate OnlineSpellChecking for
VHDL block comments and strings and for verilog strings
2014-10-13 11:16 d_anselmi
svn9982:  * improve command line handling so plugins can receive