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About: cloc ("Count Lines of Code") counts blank, comment and physical lines of source code in many programming languages.

NEWS  (cloc-1.84):NEWS  (cloc-1.86)
Release Notes for cloc version 1.86
May 17, 2020
New Languages and File Types:
o ASP.NET Core Blazor WASM (*.razor)
o Bazel
o dhall
o Raku (renamed from Perl6)
o Squirrel
o SugarSS
o Svelte
o Remove .tsv as a RobotFramework extension
o Add .inl as a C++ extension.
o Add #_ as a Closure comment marker.
o Provide alternate algorithms for --git --diff:
--git-diff-rel computes differences of only files that have changed
between the two git commits (this is now the default
action with "--git --diff")
--git-diff-all computes differences between all files in the repo
between the two git commits (this was the default
action with "--git --diff" behavior in 1.84)
o New cloc releases will be accompanied by Docker instances on
o Support reading file names from a STDIN pipe.
o Check unrecognized files to see if they contain XML.
o Switch --vcs supports an 'auto' option to automatically determine
if one is counting in a subversion or git repository.
o Expand git archives in user-provided scratch directory with --sdir.
o Mask comment markers in Kotlin raw strings.
o Make output more deterministic with secondary sort of results.
o Avoid computation of log(0).
o Improve --strip-str-comments logic.
o Improve handling of triple quotes (Python, Groovy, Gradle).
o New switch --diff-list-file, to perform diff's using a provided
list file containing file pairs to compare.
o New switch --ignore-case-ext to ignore upper/lowercase of
file extension.
Bug Fixes:
o Fix --exclude-list-file with --diff.
o Fix creation of empty tar file if this happens during --git --diff.
o Restore --exclude-lang functionality with --diff.
Release Notes for cloc version 1.84 Release Notes for cloc version 1.84
https://github.com/AlDanial/cloc https://github.com/AlDanial/cloc
September 22, 2019 September 22, 2019
New Languages and File Types: New Languages and File Types:
o Apache Thrift o Apache Thrift
o Imba o Imba
o SaltStack o SaltStack
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