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Source code changes report for "clips_core" between the packages
clips_core_source_630.tar.gz and clips_core_source_631.tar.gz

About: CLIPS is a tool for building rule- and/or object-based expert systems.


The "clips_core" source code changed by about 10.6% and now consists of 337 regular files (-335) and 1 directory (-1).

Related Informations:

None found by Fossies.

Changes In Files (According File Type):

File TypeTotalAddedRemovedChanged
Header file 333 0 163 18
C program 324 0 160 82
Makefile 7 2 5 0
Desktop file 2 0 2 0
Directory 2 0 1 0
Readme file 2 0 1 0
Other 6 0 6 0
Total Files6762338100

Header Files (181 of 333):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
core/._agenda.h removed
core/._analysis.h removed
core/._argacces.h removed
core/._bload.h removed
core/._bmathfun.h removed
core/._bsave.h removed
core/._classcom.h removed
core/._classexm.h removed
core/._classfun.h removed
core/._classinf.h removed
core/._classini.h removed
core/._classpsr.h removed
core/._clips.h removed
core/._clsltpsr.h removed
core/._commline.h removed
core/._conscomp.h removed
core/._constrct.h removed
core/._crstrtgy.h removed
core/._cstrcbin.h removed
core/._cstrccmp.h removed
core/._cstrccom.h removed
core/._cstrcpsr.h removed
core/._cstrnbin.h removed
core/._cstrnchk.h removed
core/._cstrncmp.h removed
core/._cstrnops.h removed
core/._cstrnpsr.h removed
core/._cstrnutl.h removed
core/._default.h removed
core/._defins.h removed
core/._developr.h removed
core/._dffctbin.h removed
core/._dffctbsc.h removed
core/._dffctcmp.h removed
core/._dffctdef.h removed
core/._dffctpsr.h removed
core/._dffnxbin.h removed
core/._dffnxcmp.h removed
core/._dffnxexe.h removed
core/._dffnxfun.h removed
core/._dffnxpsr.h removed
core/._dfinsbin.h removed
core/._dfinscmp.h removed
core/._drive.h removed
core/._emathfun.h removed
core/._engine.h removed
core/._envrnmnt.h removed
core/._evaluatn.h removed
core/._expressn.h removed
core/._exprnbin.h removed
core/._exprnops.h removed
core/._extnfunc.h removed
core/._factbin.h removed
core/._factbld.h removed
core/._factcmp.h removed
core/._factcom.h removed
core/._factfun.h removed
core/._factgen.h removed
core/._facthsh.h removed
core/._factlhs.h removed
core/._factmch.h removed
core/._factmngr.h removed
core/._factprt.h removed
core/._factqpsr.h removed
core/._factqury.h removed
core/._factrete.h removed
core/._factrhs.h removed
core/._filecom.h removed
core/._filertr.h removed
core/._generate.h removed
core/._genrcbin.h removed
core/._genrccmp.h removed
core/._genrccom.h removed
core/._genrcexe.h removed
core/._genrcfun.h removed
core/._genrcpsr.h removed
core/._globlbin.h removed
core/._globlbsc.h removed
core/._globlcmp.h removed
core/._globldef.h removed
core/._globlpsr.h removed
core/._immthpsr.h removed
core/._incrrset.h removed
core/._inherpsr.h removed
core/._inscom.h removed
core/._insfile.h removed
core/._insfun.h removed
core/._insmngr.h removed
core/._insmoddp.h removed
core/._insmult.h removed
core/._inspsr.h removed
core/._insquery.h removed
core/._insqypsr.h removed
core/._iofun.h removed
core/._lgcldpnd.h removed
core/._match.h removed
core/._memalloc.h removed
core/._miscfun.h removed
core/._modulbin.h removed
core/._modulbsc.h removed
core/._modulcmp.h removed
core/._moduldef.h removed
core/._modulpsr.h removed
core/._modulutl.h removed
core/._msgcom.h removed
core/._msgfun.h removed
core/._msgpass.h removed
core/._msgpsr.h removed
core/._multifld.h removed
core/._multifun.h removed
core/._network.h removed
core/._objbin.h removed
core/._objcmp.h removed
core/._object.h removed
core/._objrtbin.h removed
core/._objrtbld.h removed
core/._objrtcmp.h removed
core/._objrtfnx.h removed
core/._objrtgen.h removed
core/._objrtmch.h removed
core/._parsefun.h removed
core/._pattern.h removed
core/._pprint.h removed
core/._prccode.h removed
core/._prcdrfun.h removed
core/._prcdrpsr.h removed
core/._prdctfun.h removed
core/._prntutil.h removed
core/._proflfun.h removed
core/._reorder.h removed
core/._reteutil.h removed
core/._retract.h removed
core/._router.h removed
core/._rulebin.h removed
core/._rulebld.h removed
core/._rulebsc.h removed
core/._rulecmp.h removed
core/._rulecstr.h removed
core/._ruledef.h removed
core/._ruledlt.h removed
core/._rulepsr.h removed
core/._scanner.h removed
core/._setup.h removed
core/._sortfun.h removed
core/._strngfun.h removed
core/._strngrtr.h removed
core/._symblbin.h removed
core/._symblcmp.h removed
core/._symbol.h removed
core/._sysdep.h removed
core/._textpro.h removed
core/._tmpltbin.h removed
core/._tmpltbsc.h removed
core/._tmpltcmp.h removed
core/._tmpltdef.h removed
core/._tmpltfun.h removed
core/._tmpltlhs.h removed
core/._tmpltpsr.h removed
core/._tmpltrhs.h removed
core/._tmpltutl.h removed
core/._userdata.h removed
core/._utility.h removed
core/._watch.h removed
core/bload.h changed 7.1% diff
core/classfun.h changed 4.8% diff
core/constant.h changed 2.4% diff
core/filecom.h changed 8.7% diff
core/insfun.h changed 3.6% diff
core/match.h changed 14.2% diff
core/memalloc.h changed 6.7% diff
core/miscfun.h changed 6.0% diff
core/object.h changed 11.5% diff
core/objrtbin.h changed 18.7% diff
core/objrtcmp.h changed 13.3% diff
core/objrtmch.h changed 8.5% diff
core/prntutil.h changed 18.7% diff
core/reorder.h changed 7.2% diff
core/router.h changed 3.1% diff
core/rulebld.h changed 14.6% diff
core/setup.h changed 3.6% diff
core/utility.h changed 3.5% diff

C Programs (242 of 324):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
core/._agenda.c removed
core/._argacces.c removed
core/._bload.c removed
core/._bmathfun.c removed
core/._bsave.c removed
core/._classcom.c removed
core/._classexm.c removed
core/._classfun.c removed
core/._classinf.c removed
core/._classini.c removed
core/._classpsr.c removed
core/._clsltpsr.c removed
core/._commline.c removed
core/._conscomp.c removed
core/._constrct.c removed
core/._constrnt.c removed
core/._crstrtgy.c removed
core/._cstrcbin.c removed
core/._cstrccom.c removed
core/._cstrcpsr.c removed
core/._cstrnbin.c removed
core/._cstrnchk.c removed
core/._cstrncmp.c removed
core/._cstrnops.c removed
core/._cstrnpsr.c removed
core/._cstrnutl.c removed
core/._default.c removed
core/._defins.c removed
core/._developr.c removed
core/._dffctbin.c removed
core/._dffctbsc.c removed
core/._dffctcmp.c removed
core/._dffctdef.c removed
core/._dffctpsr.c removed
core/._dffnxbin.c removed
core/._dffnxcmp.c removed
core/._dffnxexe.c removed
core/._dffnxfun.c removed
core/._dffnxpsr.c removed
core/._dfinsbin.c removed
core/._dfinscmp.c removed
core/._drive.c removed
core/._emathfun.c removed
core/._engine.c removed
core/._envrnmnt.c removed
core/._evaluatn.c removed
core/._expressn.c removed
core/._exprnbin.c removed
core/._exprnops.c removed
core/._exprnpsr.c removed
core/._extnfunc.c removed
core/._factbin.c removed
core/._factbld.c removed
core/._factcmp.c removed
core/._factcom.c removed
core/._factfun.c removed
core/._factgen.c removed
core/._facthsh.c removed
core/._factlhs.c removed
core/._factmch.c removed
core/._factmngr.c removed
core/._factprt.c removed
core/._factqpsr.c removed
core/._factqury.c removed
core/._factrete.c removed
core/._factrhs.c removed
core/._filecom.c removed
core/._filertr.c removed
core/._generate.c removed
core/._genrcbin.c removed
core/._genrccmp.c removed
core/._genrccom.c removed
core/._genrcexe.c removed
core/._genrcfun.c removed
core/._genrcpsr.c removed
core/._globlbin.c removed
core/._globlbsc.c removed
core/._globlcmp.c removed
core/._globlcom.c removed
core/._globldef.c removed
core/._globlpsr.c removed
core/._immthpsr.c removed
core/._incrrset.c removed
core/._inherpsr.c removed
core/._inscom.c removed
core/._insfile.c removed
core/._insfun.c removed
core/._insmngr.c removed
core/._insmoddp.c removed
core/._insmult.c removed
core/._inspsr.c removed
core/._insquery.c removed
core/._insqypsr.c removed
core/._iofun.c removed
core/._lgcldpnd.c removed
core/._main.c removed
core/._memalloc.c removed
core/._miscfun.c removed
core/._modulbin.c removed
core/._modulbsc.c removed
core/._modulcmp.c removed
core/._moduldef.c removed
core/._modulpsr.c removed
core/._modulutl.c removed
core/._msgcom.c removed
core/._msgfun.c removed
core/._msgpass.c removed
core/._msgpsr.c removed
core/._multifld.c removed
core/._multifun.c removed
core/._objbin.c removed
core/._objcmp.c removed
core/._objrtbin.c removed
core/._objrtbld.c removed
core/._objrtcmp.c removed
core/._objrtfnx.c removed
core/._objrtgen.c removed
core/._objrtmch.c removed
core/._parsefun.c removed
core/._pprint.c removed
core/._prccode.c removed
core/._prcdrfun.c removed
core/._prcdrpsr.c removed
core/._prdctfun.c removed
core/._prntutil.c removed
core/._proflfun.c removed
core/._reorder.c removed
core/._reteutil.c removed
core/._retract.c removed
core/._router.c removed
core/._rulebin.c removed
core/._rulebld.c removed
core/._rulebsc.c removed
core/._rulecmp.c removed
core/._rulecom.c removed
core/._rulecstr.c removed
core/._ruledef.c removed
core/._ruledlt.c removed
core/._rulepsr.c removed
core/._scanner.c removed
core/._sortfun.c removed
core/._strngfun.c removed
core/._strngrtr.c removed
core/._symblbin.c removed
core/._symblcmp.c removed
core/._symbol.c removed
core/._sysdep.c removed
core/._textpro.c removed
core/._tmpltbin.c removed
core/._tmpltbsc.c removed
core/._tmpltcmp.c removed
core/._tmpltdef.c removed
core/._tmpltfun.c removed
core/._tmpltlhs.c removed
core/._tmpltpsr.c removed
core/._tmpltutl.c removed
core/._userdata.c removed
core/._userfunctions.c removed
core/._utility.c removed
core/._watch.c removed
core/analysis.c changed 0.8% diff
core/argacces.c changed 2.9% diff
core/bload.c changed 5.2% diff
core/bmathfun.c changed 3.1% diff
core/bsave.c changed 1.9% diff
core/classexm.c changed 0.2% diff
core/classfun.c changed 5.8% diff
core/classinf.c changed 2.1% diff
core/classini.c changed 3.5% diff
core/classpsr.c changed 0.3% diff
core/clsltpsr.c changed 3.8% diff
core/conscomp.c changed 0.1% diff
core/constrct.c changed 2.2% diff
core/cstrccom.c changed 1.8% diff
core/cstrcpsr.c changed 1.1% diff
core/developr.c changed 1.3% diff
core/dffnxbin.c changed 0.4% diff
core/dffnxfun.c changed 0.2% diff
core/dfinsbin.c changed 0.4% diff
core/emathfun.c changed 1.7% diff
core/engine.c changed 1.0% diff
core/evaluatn.c changed 2.8% diff
core/expressn.c changed 0.8% diff
core/exprnbin.c changed 0.7% diff
core/exprnops.c changed 1.3% diff
core/exprnpsr.c changed 6.4% diff
core/factcom.c changed 4.6% diff
core/factfun.c changed 4.5% diff
core/factmngr.c changed 5.2% diff
core/factqpsr.c changed 8.0% diff
core/factqury.c changed 11.0% diff
core/filecom.c changed 2.5% diff
core/filertr.c changed 2.4% diff
core/generate.c changed 1.4% diff
core/genrcbin.c changed 0.2% diff
core/genrccmp.c changed 0.3% diff
core/genrccom.c changed 0.2% diff
core/genrcexe.c changed 0.4% diff
core/genrcfun.c changed 0.8% diff
core/genrcpsr.c changed 0.3% diff
core/immthpsr.c changed 0.5% diff
core/incrrset.c changed 2.7% diff
core/inherpsr.c changed 0.8% diff
core/inscom.c changed 2.7% diff
core/insfile.c changed 5.2% diff
core/insfun.c changed 0.4% diff
core/insmngr.c changed 1.3% diff
core/insquery.c changed 9.5% diff
core/insqypsr.c changed 8.2% diff
core/memalloc.c changed 5.0% diff
core/miscfun.c changed 8.3% diff
core/modulutl.c changed 1.4% diff
core/msgfun.c changed 0.7% diff
core/msgpass.c changed 0.3% diff
core/msgpsr.c changed 0.8% diff
core/multifld.c changed 1.5% diff
core/multifun.c changed 0.2% diff
core/objbin.c changed 2.9% diff
core/objcmp.c changed 1.0% diff
core/objrtbin.c changed 24.0% diff
core/objrtbld.c changed 3.4% diff
core/objrtcmp.c changed 36.0% diff
core/objrtfnx.c changed 0.4% diff
core/objrtmch.c changed 4.5% diff
core/pprint.c changed 6.1% diff
core/prccode.c changed 0.7% diff
core/prcdrpsr.c changed 1.3% diff
core/prntutil.c changed 23.8% diff
core/reorder.c changed 1.3% diff
core/reteutil.c changed 1.1% diff
core/retract.c changed 3.6% diff
core/router.c changed 1.6% diff
core/rulebld.c changed 2.4% diff
core/rulecmp.c changed 8.7% diff
core/rulecom.c changed 3.5% diff
core/rulepsr.c changed 3.7% diff
core/strngfun.c changed 2.6% diff
core/symbol.c changed 0.3% diff
core/sysdep.c changed 0.4% diff
core/textpro.c changed 1.1% diff
core/tmpltfun.c changed 0.8% diff
core/utility.c changed 3.2% diff

Makefiles (all 7):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
core/makefile added
makefiles/makefile.g++ removed
makefiles/makefile.gcc removed
makefiles/makefile.lib removed
makefiles/makefile.lib++ removed
makefiles/makefile.win moved 13.5% diff

Desktop Files (all 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
.DS_Store removed
core/.DS_Store removed

Directories (1 of 2):

makefiles removed

Readme Files (1 of 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
._readme.txt removed

Other Files (all 6):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
._.DS_Store removed
core/._.DS_Store removed
makefiles/._makefile.g++ removed
makefiles/._makefile.gcc removed
makefiles/._makefile.lib removed
makefiles/._makefile.lib++ removed

Packages Compared:


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