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Source code changes of the file "cinder/volume/drivers/remotefs.py" between
cinder-15.4.1.tar.gz and cinder-15.5.0.tar.gz

About: OpenStack Cinder (Core Service: Block Storage) provides persistent block storage to running instances. Its pluggable driver architecture facilitates the creation and management of block storage devices.
The "Train" series (maintained release).

remotefs.py  (cinder-15.4.1):remotefs.py  (cinder-15.5.0)
skipping to change at line 1256 skipping to change at line 1256
def _create_volume_from_snapshot(self, volume, snapshot): def _create_volume_from_snapshot(self, volume, snapshot):
"""Creates a volume from a snapshot. """Creates a volume from a snapshot.
Snapshot must not be the active snapshot. (offline) Snapshot must not be the active snapshot. (offline)
""" """
LOG.debug('Creating volume %(vol)s from snapshot %(snap)s', LOG.debug('Creating volume %(vol)s from snapshot %(snap)s',
{'vol': volume.id, 'snap': snapshot.id}) {'vol': volume.id, 'snap': snapshot.id})
if snapshot.status != 'available': status = snapshot.status
msg = _('Snapshot status must be "available" to clone. ' acceptable_states = ['available', 'backing-up']
'But is: %(status)s') % {'status': snapshot.status} self._validate_state(status, acceptable_states,
raise exception.InvalidSnapshot(msg) invalid_exc=exception.InvalidSnapshot)
self._ensure_shares_mounted() self._ensure_shares_mounted()
volume.provider_location = self._find_share(volume) volume.provider_location = self._find_share(volume)
self._do_create_volume(volume) self._do_create_volume(volume)
self._copy_volume_from_snapshot(snapshot, self._copy_volume_from_snapshot(snapshot,
volume, volume,
volume.size) volume.size)
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