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Source code changes of the file "cinder/volume/drivers/dell_emc/vmax/provision.py" between
cinder-13.0.2.tar.gz and cinder-13.0.3.tar.gz

About: OpenStack Cinder (Core Service: Block Storage) provides persistent block storage to running instances. Its pluggable driver architecture facilitates the creation and management of block storage devices.
The "Rocky" series (latest release).

provision.py  (cinder-13.0.2):provision.py  (cinder-13.0.3)
skipping to change at line 504 skipping to change at line 504
:param array: the array serial number :param array: the array serial number
:param sg_name: the storage group name :param sg_name: the storage group name
:returns: storage group slo settings :returns: storage group slo settings
""" """
slo = 'NONE' slo = 'NONE'
workload = 'NONE' workload = 'NONE'
storage_group = self.rest.get_storage_group(array, sg_name) storage_group = self.rest.get_storage_group(array, sg_name)
if storage_group: if storage_group:
try: try:
slo = storage_group['slo'] slo = storage_group['slo']
workload = storage_group['workload'] workload = 'NONE' if self.rest.is_next_gen_array(array) else (
except KeyError: except KeyError:
pass pass
else: else:
exception_message = (_( exception_message = (_(
"Could not retrieve storage group %(sg_name)s. ") % "Could not retrieve storage group %(sg_name)s. ") %
{'sg_name': sg_name}) {'sg_name': sg_name})
LOG.error(exception_message) LOG.error(exception_message)
raise exception.VolumeBackendAPIException( raise exception.VolumeBackendAPIException(
message=exception_message) message=exception_message)
return '%(slo)s+%(workload)s' % {'slo': slo, 'workload': workload} return '%(slo)s+%(workload)s' % {'slo': slo, 'workload': workload}
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1 lines changed or deleted 2 lines changed or added

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