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Source code changes of the file "tests/unit/new_packages_promise_test.c" between
cfengine-3.12.6.tar.gz and cfengine-3.12.7.tar.gz

About: CFEngine is a configuration management system for configuring and maintaining Unix-like computers (using an own high level policy language). Community version. Community version. LTS (Long Term Support) release.

new_packages_promise_test.c  (cfengine-3.12.6):new_packages_promise_test.c  (cfengine-3.12.7)
#include <test.h> #include <test.h>
#include <eval_context.h> #include <eval_context.h>
#include <string_lib.h> #include <string_lib.h>
static inline static inline
PackageModuleBody *make_mock_package_module(const char *name, int updates_ifel, int installed_ifel, Rlist *options) PackageModuleBody *make_mock_package_module(const char *name, int updates_ifel, int installed_ifel, Rlist *options)
{ {
PackageModuleBody *pm = xmalloc(sizeof(PackageModuleBody)); PackageModuleBody *pm = xcalloc(1, sizeof(PackageModuleBody));
pm->name = SafeStringDuplicate(name); pm->name = SafeStringDuplicate(name);
pm->installed_ifelapsed = installed_ifel; pm->installed_ifelapsed = installed_ifel;
pm->updates_ifelapsed = updates_ifel; pm->updates_ifelapsed = updates_ifel;
pm->options = RlistCopy(options); pm->options = RlistCopy(options);
return pm; return pm;
} }
static void test_add_module_to_context() static void test_add_module_to_context()
{ {
EvalContext *ctx = EvalContextNew(); EvalContext *ctx = EvalContextNew();
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1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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