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Source code changes of the file "src/client/restore.c" between
burp-2.3.14.tar.bz2 and burp-2.3.20.tar.bz2

About: Burp is a backup and restore program using librsync and also VSS (for Windows clients). Latest version.

restore.c  (burp-2.3.14.tar.bz2):restore.c  (burp-2.3.20.tar.bz2)
skipping to change at line 741 skipping to change at line 741
enum protocol protocol=get_protocol(confs); enum protocol protocol=get_protocol(confs);
int strip=get_int(confs[OPT_STRIP]); int strip=get_int(confs[OPT_STRIP]);
int overwrite=get_int(confs[OPT_OVERWRITE]); int overwrite=get_int(confs[OPT_OVERWRITE]);
const char *strip_path=get_string(confs[OPT_STRIP_FROM_PATH]); const char *strip_path=get_string(confs[OPT_STRIP_FROM_PATH]);
const char *backup=get_string(confs[OPT_BACKUP]); const char *backup=get_string(confs[OPT_BACKUP]);
const char *regex=get_string(confs[OPT_REGEX]); const char *regex=get_string(confs[OPT_REGEX]);
const char *encryption_password= const char *encryption_password=
get_string(confs[OPT_ENCRYPTION_PASSWORD]); get_string(confs[OPT_ENCRYPTION_PASSWORD]);
enum vss_restore vss_restore= enum vss_restore vss_restore=
(enum vss_restore)get_int(confs[OPT_VSS_RESTORE]); (enum vss_restore)get_int(confs[OPT_VSS_RESTORE]);
const char *restore_list=get_string(confs[OPT_RESTORE_LIST]);
{ {
const char *restore_prefix=get_string(confs[OPT_RESTOREPREFIX]); const char *restore_prefix=get_string(confs[OPT_RESTOREPREFIX]);
if(!restore_prefix) if(!restore_prefix)
{ {
logw(NULL, cntr, logw(NULL, cntr,
"You must specify a restore directory (-d)!\n"); "You must specify a restore directory (-d)!\n");
goto error; goto error;
} }
skipping to change at line 770 skipping to change at line 771
restore_prefix, asfd, cntr))) restore_prefix, asfd, cntr)))
goto error; goto error;
} }
if(!(bfd=bfile_alloc())) if(!(bfd=bfile_alloc()))
goto error; goto error;
bfile_init(bfd, 0, cntr); bfile_init(bfd, 0, cntr);
bfd->set_attribs_on_close=1; bfd->set_attribs_on_close=1;
snprintf(msg, sizeof(msg), "%s %s:%s", act_str(act), snprintf(msg, sizeof(msg), "%s%s %s:%s",
backup?backup:"", regex?regex:""); act_str(act),
logp("doing %s\n", msg); restore_list?" restore_list":"",
if(asfd->write_str(asfd, CMD_GEN, msg) backup?backup:"",
|| asfd_read_expect(asfd, CMD_GEN, "ok")) regex?regex:"");
logp("Doing %s\n", msg);
if(asfd->write_str(asfd, CMD_GEN, msg))
goto error; goto error;
logp("doing %s confirmed\n", act_str(act)); if(restore_list)
if(!strcmp(restore_list, "-"))
logp("Reading from: '%s'\n", restore_list);
if(asfd_read_expect(asfd, CMD_GEN, "ok restore_list"))
goto error;
if(send_a_file(asfd, restore_list, cntr))
goto error;
if(asfd_read_expect(asfd, CMD_GEN, "ok"))
goto error;
logp("Doing %s confirmed\n", act_str(act));
logp("Directory: '%s'\n", restore_desired_dir); logp("Directory: '%s'\n", restore_desired_dir);
#if defined(HAVE_WIN32) #if defined(HAVE_WIN32)
if(act==ACTION_RESTORE) win32_enable_backup_privileges(); if(act==ACTION_RESTORE) win32_enable_backup_privileges();
#endif #endif
logfmt("\n"); logfmt("\n");
if(cntr_recv(asfd, confs)) if(cntr_recv(asfd, confs))
 End of changes. 3 change blocks. 
6 lines changed or deleted 25 lines changed or added

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