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Source code changes of the file "DEVELOPERS" between
buildroot-2021.05-rc3.tar.bz2 and buildroot-2021.05.tar.bz2

About: Buildroot is a set of Makefiles and patches that makes it easy to generate a complete embedded Linux system.

DEVELOPERS  (buildroot-2021.05-rc3.tar.bz2):DEVELOPERS  (buildroot-2021.05.tar.bz2)
skipping to change at line 338 skipping to change at line 338
F: package/freeswitch/ F: package/freeswitch/
F: package/freeswitch-mod-bcg729/ F: package/freeswitch-mod-bcg729/
F: package/freetype/ F: package/freetype/
F: package/fstrcmp/ F: package/fstrcmp/
F: package/ghostscript/ F: package/ghostscript/
F: package/giflib/ F: package/giflib/
F: package/gkrellm/ F: package/gkrellm/
F: package/gli/ F: package/gli/
F: package/glmark2/ F: package/glmark2/
F: package/gpsd/ F: package/gpsd/
F: package/gptfdisk/
F: package/hdparm/ F: package/hdparm/
F: package/inih/ F: package/inih/
F: package/intel-gmmlib/
F: package/intel-mediadriver/
F: package/intel-mediasdk/
F: package/jsoncpp/ F: package/jsoncpp/
F: package/kodi* F: package/kodi*
F: package/lame/ F: package/lame/
F: package/leafnode2/ F: package/leafnode2/
F: package/libaacs/ F: package/libaacs/
F: package/libasplib/ F: package/libasplib/
F: package/libass/ F: package/libass/
F: package/libbdplus/ F: package/libbdplus/
F: package/libbluray/ F: package/libbluray/
F: package/libbroadvoice/ F: package/libbroadvoice/
skipping to change at line 494 skipping to change at line 498
N: Carsten Schoenert <c.schoenert@gmail.com> N: Carsten Schoenert <c.schoenert@gmail.com>
F: package/dvbsnoop/ F: package/dvbsnoop/
F: package/libdvbsi/ F: package/libdvbsi/
F: package/libsvg/ F: package/libsvg/
F: package/libsvg-cairo/ F: package/libsvg-cairo/
N: Cédric Chépied <cedric.chepied@gmail.com> N: Cédric Chépied <cedric.chepied@gmail.com>
F: package/znc/ F: package/znc/
N: Chakra Divi <chakra@openedev.com>
F: board/friendlyarm/nanopi-m1
F: board/friendlyarm/nanopi-m1-plus
F: board/olimex/a13_olinuxino
F: board/orangepi/orangepi-plus
F: configs/friendlyarm_nanopi_m1_defconfig
F: configs/friendlyarm_nanopi_m1_plus_defconfig
F: configs/olimex_a13_olinuxino_defconfig
F: configs/orangepi_plus_defconfig
N: Chris Packham <judge.packham@gmail.com> N: Chris Packham <judge.packham@gmail.com>
F: package/coremark/ F: package/coremark/
F: package/coremark-pro/ F: package/coremark-pro/
F: package/gstreamer1/gst1-shark/ F: package/gstreamer1/gst1-shark/
F: package/micropython/ F: package/micropython/
F: package/micropython-lib/ F: package/micropython-lib/
F: package/syslog-ng/ F: package/syslog-ng/
N: Christian Kellermann <christian.kellermann@solectrix.de> N: Christian Kellermann <christian.kellermann@solectrix.de>
F: package/python-pylibftdi/ F: package/python-pylibftdi/
 End of changes. 3 change blocks. 
10 lines changed or deleted 4 lines changed or added

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