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Source code changes of the file "buildbot/test/unit/test_master.py" between
buildbot-3.0.2.tar.gz and buildbot-3.1.0.tar.gz

About: Buildbot is a continuous integration testing framework (Python-based). It supports also automation of complex build systems, application deployment, and management of sophisticated software-release processes.

test_master.py  (buildbot-3.0.2):test_master.py  (buildbot-3.1.0)
skipping to change at line 205 skipping to change at line 205
# reset, since startService called reconfigService # reset, since startService called reconfigService
self.master.reconfigService.reset_mock() self.master.reconfigService.reset_mock()
# reconfig, with a failure # reconfig, with a failure
self.master.config_loader = FailingLoader() self.master.config_loader = FailingLoader()
yield self.master.reconfig() yield self.master.reconfig()
self.master.stopService() self.master.stopService()
self.assertLogged("reconfig aborted without") self.assertLogged("configuration update aborted without")
self.assertFalse(self.master.reconfigService.called) self.assertFalse(self.master.reconfigService.called)
@defer.inlineCallbacks @defer.inlineCallbacks
def test_reconfigService_db_url_changed(self): def test_reconfigService_db_url_changed(self):
old = self.master.config = config.MasterConfig() old = self.master.config = config.MasterConfig()
old.db['db_url'] = 'aaaa' old.db['db_url'] = 'aaaa'
yield self.master.reconfigServiceWithBuildbotConfig(old) yield self.master.reconfigServiceWithBuildbotConfig(old)
new = config.MasterConfig() new = config.MasterConfig()
new.db['db_url'] = 'bbbb' new.db['db_url'] = 'bbbb'
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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