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Source code changes report for "bubblemon" between the packages
bubblemon-dockapp-1.46.tar.gz and bubblemon-2.0.17.tar.gz

About: bubblemon is a GNOME panel applet that displays the CPU + memory load as a bubbling liquid.


The "bubblemon" source code changed by about 100.0% and now consists of 143 files.

Changes In Files (According File Type):

File TypeTotalAddedRemovedChanged
Header file 13 7 6 0
C program 12 6 6 0
Shell program 7 6 1 0
Automake file 18 18 0 0
M4 macro file 33 33 0 0
Makefile 3 0 3 0
XML document 1 1 0 0
Configure script 1 1 0 0
Gettext file 18 18 0 0
Audio file 1 0 1 0
Image file 3 1 2 0
X Pixmap file 1 0 1 0
Directory 11 8 3 0
Change log 3 2 0 1
Information file 8 6 1 1
License 2 1 1 0
Readme file 1 0 0 1
Text file 7 6 1 0
Total Files143114263

Header Files (all 13):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
config.h.in added
include/bubblemon.h removed
include/digits.h removed
include/ducks.h removed
include/load_screen.h removed
include/mem_screen.h removed
include/sys_include.h removed
src/ackumulator.h added
src/bubblemon.h added
src/gnome2-ui.h added
src/mail.h added
src/meter.h added
src/ui.h added

C Programs (all 12):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
bubblemon.c removed
src/ackumulator.c added
src/bubblemon.c added
src/gnome1-meter.c added
src/gnome2-ui.c added
src/msgInBottle.c added
src/unix-mail.c added
sys_freebsd.c removed
sys_linux.c removed
sys_netbsd.c removed
sys_openbsd.c removed
sys_sunos.c removed

Shell Programs (all 7):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
config.guess added
config.rpath added
config.sub added
depcomp added
install-sh added
misc/wakwak.sh removed
missing added

Automake Files (all 18):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
configure.in added
gnome/Makefile.am added
gnome/Makefile.in added
m4/Makefile.am added
m4/Makefile.in added
Makefile.am added
Makefile.in added
man/hu/Makefile.am added
man/hu/Makefile.in added
man/Makefile.am added
man/Makefile.in added
man/sv/Makefile.am added
man/sv/Makefile.in added
pixmaps/Makefile.am added
pixmaps/Makefile.in added
po/Makefile.in.in added
src/Makefile.am added
src/Makefile.in added

M4 Macro Files (all 33):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
aclocal.m4 added
m4/codeset.m4 added
m4/gettext.m4 added
m4/glibc2.m4 added
m4/glibc21.m4 added
m4/iconv.m4 added
m4/intdiv0.m4 added
m4/intl.m4 added
m4/intldir.m4 added
m4/intmax.m4 added
m4/inttypes-pri.m4 added
m4/inttypes.m4 added
m4/inttypes_h.m4 added
m4/isc-posix.m4 added
m4/lcmessage.m4 added
m4/lib-ld.m4 added
m4/lib-link.m4 added
m4/lib-prefix.m4 added
m4/lock.m4 added
m4/longdouble.m4 added
m4/longlong.m4 added
m4/nls.m4 added
m4/po.m4 added
m4/printf-posix.m4 added
m4/progtest.m4 added
m4/size_max.m4 added
m4/stdint_h.m4 added
m4/uintmax_t.m4 added
m4/ulonglong.m4 added
m4/visibility.m4 added
m4/wchar_t.m4 added
m4/wint_t.m4 added
m4/xsize.m4 added

Makefiles (all 3):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
Makefile removed
Makefile.FreeBSD removed
Makefile.NetBSD removed

XML Documents (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
gnome/GNOME_BubblemonApplet.xml added

Configure Scripts (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
configure added

Gettext Files (all 18):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
po/ca.po added
po/da.po added
po/de.po added
po/es.po added
po/fi.po added
po/fr.po added
po/hu.po added
po/is.po added
po/it.po added
po/ko.po added
po/nl.po added
po/no.po added
po/pl.po added
po/pt.po added
po/pt_BR.po added
po/ro.po added
po/ru.po added
po/sv.po added

Audio Files (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
misc/wak.wav removed

Image Files (all 3):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
misc/load_1.1.xcf removed
misc/mem_1.1.xcf removed
pixmaps/bubblemon.png added

X Pixmap Files (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
include/master.xpm removed

Directories (all 11):

doc removed
gnome added
include removed
m4 added
man added
man/hu added
man/sv added
misc removed
pixmaps added
po added
src added

Change Logs (all 3):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
ChangeLog changed 100.0% diff
NEWS added
po/ChangeLog added

Information Files (all 8):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
FAQ added
INSTALL changed 100.0% diff
TODO added

Licenses (all 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
doc/COPYING removed

Readme Files (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
README changed 100.0% diff

Text Files (all 7):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
doc/Xdefaults.sample removed
gnome/GNOME_BubblemonApplet.server.in.in added
man/bubblemon-gnome2.1.in added
man/hu/bubblemon-gnome2.1.in added
man/sv/bubblemon-gnome2.1.in added
po/Makevars added
po/POTFILES.in added

Packages Compared:


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