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Source code changes of the file "features/features.go" between
boulder-release-2020-06-23.tar.gz and boulder-release-2020-06-29.tar.gz

About: Boulder is an ACME-based Certificate Authority (CA) used by Let’s Encrypt (written in Go).

features.go  (boulder-release-2020-06-23):features.go  (boulder-release-2020-06-29)
skipping to change at line 87 skipping to change at line 87
DeleteUnusedChallenges: false, DeleteUnusedChallenges: false,
V1DisableNewValidations: false, V1DisableNewValidations: false,
PrecertificateRevocation: false, PrecertificateRevocation: false,
StripDefaultSchemePort: false, StripDefaultSchemePort: false,
StoreIssuerInfo: false, StoreIssuerInfo: false,
WriteIssuedNamesPrecert: false, WriteIssuedNamesPrecert: false,
StoreKeyHashes: false, StoreKeyHashes: false,
StoreRevokerInfo: false, StoreRevokerInfo: false,
RestrictRSAKeySizes: false, RestrictRSAKeySizes: false,
FasterNewOrdersRateLimit: false, FasterNewOrdersRateLimit: false,
BlockedKeyTable: false,
} }
var fMu = new(sync.RWMutex) var fMu = new(sync.RWMutex)
var initial = map[FeatureFlag]bool{} var initial = map[FeatureFlag]bool{}
var nameToFeature = make(map[string]FeatureFlag, len(features)) var nameToFeature = make(map[string]FeatureFlag, len(features))
func init() { func init() {
for f, v := range features { for f, v := range features {
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0 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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