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Source code changes of the file "unit-tests/varname-vpath.mk" between
bmake-20201101.tar.gz and bmake-20201117.tar.gz

About: bmake a BSD make tool (derived from NetBSD’s make).

varname-vpath.mk  (bmake-20201101):varname-vpath.mk  (bmake-20201117)
# $NetBSD: varname-vpath.mk,v 1.2 2020/08/16 14:25:16 rillig Exp $ # $NetBSD: varname-vpath.mk,v 1.3 2020/11/10 00:19:19 rillig Exp $
# #
# Tests for the special VPATH variable. # Tests for the special VPATH variable, which is an obsolete way of
# specifying a colon-separated search path. This search path is not active
# when the makefiles are read, but only later when the shell commands are run.
# Instead of the VPATH, better use the -I option or the special target .PATH.
.if !defined(TEST_MAIN)
all: .SILENT
rm -rf varname-vpath.dir
mkdir varname-vpath.dir
touch varname-vpath.dir/file-in-subdirectory
rm -rf varname-vpath.dir2
mkdir varname-vpath.dir2
touch varname-vpath.dir2/file2-in-subdirectory
TEST_MAIN=yes VPATH=varname-vpath.dir:varname-vpath.dir2 \
${MAKE} -f ${MAKEFILE} -dc
# TODO: Implementation rm -r varname-vpath.dir
rm -r varname-vpath.dir2
# The VPATH variable does not take effect at parse time.
# It is evaluated only once, between reading the makefiles and making the
# targets. Therefore it could also be an ordinary variable, it doesn't need
# to be an environment variable or a command line variable.
. if exists(file-in-subdirectory)
. error
. endif
. if exists(file2-in-subdirectory)
. error
. endif
all: all:
@:; : ${exists(file-in-subdirectory):L:?yes 1:no 1}
: ${exists(file2-in-subdirectory):L:?yes 2:no 2}
 End of changes. 4 change blocks. 
3 lines changed or deleted 34 lines changed or added

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