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Source code changes of the file "locales/zh-TW/bluegriffon/base/locale/bluegriffon/prefs/styles.dtd" between
bluegriffon-3.0.1.tar.gz and bluegriffon-3.1.tar.gz

About: BlueGriffon is a Wysiwyg Web editor (based on the rendering engine of Firefox).

styles.dtd  (bluegriffon-3.0.1):styles.dtd  (bluegriffon-3.1)
skipping to change at line 22 skipping to change at line 22
<!ENTITY presto.label "Opera"> <!ENTITY presto.label "Opera">
<!ENTITY trident.label "Internet Explorer"> <!ENTITY trident.label "Internet Explorer">
<!ENTITY servo.label "Servo"> <!ENTITY servo.label "Servo">
<!ENTITY vivliostyle.label "Vivliostyle"> <!ENTITY vivliostyle.label "Vivliostyle">
<!ENTITY weasyprint.label "Weasyprint"> <!ENTITY weasyprint.label "Weasyprint">
<!ENTITY cssColors.captions "CSS 顏色"> <!ENTITY cssColors.captions "CSS 顏色">
<!ENTITY outputCssColorNames.label "總是嘗試輸出 CSS 3 顏色名稱"> <!ENTITY outputCssColorNames.label "總是嘗試輸出 CSS 3 顏色名稱">
<!ENTITY rgbColors.label "使用RGB值(r,v,b)"> <!ENTITY rgbColors.label "使用RGB值(r,v,b)">
<!ENTITY hexColors.label "使用十六進制(#rrvvbb)"> <!ENTITY hexColors.label "使用十六進制(#rrvvbb)">
<!ENTITY serialization.label "系列化">
<!ENTITY shorthands.label "Shorthands">
<!ENTITY longhands.label "Longhands">
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