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Source code changes of the file "src/suspend.cpp" between
bed-3.0.3.src.tar.xz and bed-3.1.0.src.tar.xz

About: bed is an adjustable data format binary editor.

suspend.cpp  (bed-3.0.3.src.tar.xz):suspend.cpp  (bed-3.1.0.src.tar.xz)
skipping to change at line 26 skipping to change at line 26
extern void stophandler(int signum) ; extern void stophandler(int signum) ;
#endif #endif
#undef ERR #undef ERR
#include <signal.h> #include <signal.h>
#undef ERR #undef ERR
extern int piddenlen; extern int piddenlen;
extern pid_t *pidden; extern pid_t *pidden;
#endif #endif
#include "cursesinit.h" #include "cursesinit.h"
#if defined(__MINGW32__)&&!defined(SIGTSTP)
#include "signalnums.h"
int setenv(const char *var,const char *value, int overwrite) {
if(overwrite==1||!getenv(var)) {
char buf[1024];
return _putenv(buf);
return 0;
int unsetenv(const char *var) {
char buf[512];
return _putenv(buf);
char * file2buf(const char *name,int *len) { char * file2buf(const char *name,int *len) {
char *buf; char *buf;
int end; int end;
int fd=open(name,O_RDONLY BINARY_FLAG); int fd=open(name,O_RDONLY BINARY_FLAG);
if(fd<0) if(fd<0)
return NULL; return NULL;
end=lseek(fd,0,SEEK_END); end=lseek(fd,0,SEEK_END);
buf= (char *)malloc(end); buf= (char *)malloc(end);
lseek(fd,0,SEEK_SET); lseek(fd,0,SEEK_SET);
if(read(fd,buf,end)<end) { if(read(fd,buf,end)<end) {
skipping to change at line 59 skipping to change at line 78
return end; return end;
} }
#include "shell.h" #include "shell.h"
#ifndef __ANDROID__ #ifndef __ANDROID__
char **openshells(int *nr) { char **openshells(int *nr) {
int len; int len;
char *shells= file2buf("/etc/shells",&len); char *shells= file2buf("/etc/shells",&len);
if(!shells) { if(!shells) {
*nr=0 *nr=0;
return NULL; return NULL;
} }
char *shelp; char *shelp;
int i; int i;
char *endshell=shells+len; char *endshell=shells+len;
for(i=0,shelp=shells;shelp<endshell;i++) { for(i=0,shelp=shells;shelp<endshell;i++) {
if(!(shelp=(char*)memchr(shelp, '\n', endshell-shelp))) { if(!(shelp=(char*)memchr(shelp, '\n', endshell-shelp))) {
i++; i++;
break; break;
} }
 End of changes. 2 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 20 lines changed or added

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