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bareos-Release-20.0.0.tar.gz and bareos-Release-20.0.1.tar.gz

About: Bareos is a network based backup solution offering many different backup strategies (a fork of "Bacula").

AUTHORS  (bareos-Release-20.0.0):AUTHORS  (bareos-Release-20.0.1)
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John Goerzen John Goerzen
John Kodis John Kodis
John Walker John Walker
Jorj Bauer Jorj Bauer
Jose Herrera Jose Herrera
Jose Luis Tallon Jose Luis Tallon
Josip Almasi Josip Almasi
José Carlos José Carlos
Juan Luis Frances Juan Luis Frances
Juergen Lock Juergen Lock
Justin Nibble
Jyri Palis Jyri Palis
Jörg Steffens Jörg Steffens
Karl Cunningham Karl Cunningham
Kern Sibbald Kern Sibbald
Kjetil Torgrim Homme Kjetil Torgrim Homme
Landon Fuller Landon Fuller
Laurent Papier Laurent Papier
Lorenz Bausch Lorenz Bausch
Lorenz Schori Lorenz Schori
Luca Berra Luca Berra
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