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Source code changes of the file "barbican/model/repositories.py" between
barbican-11.0.0.tar.gz and barbican-12.0.0.tar.gz

About: OpenStack Barbican is the OpenStack Key Manager service. It provides secure storage, provisioning and management of secret data.
The "Wallaby" series (latest release).

repositories.py  (barbican-11.0.0):repositories.py  (barbican-12.0.0)
skipping to change at line 1366 skipping to change at line 1366
entity = None entity = None
if not suppress_exception: if not suppress_exception:
LOG.exception("Problem getting container %s", entity_id) LOG.exception("Problem getting container %s", entity_id)
raise exception.NotFound(u._( raise exception.NotFound(u._(
"No container found with container-ID {id}").format( "No container found with container-ID {id}").format(
entity_name=self._do_entity_name(), entity_name=self._do_entity_name(),
id=entity_id)) id=entity_id))
return entity return entity
class ContainerSecretRepo(BaseRepo): class ContainerSecretRepo(BaseRepo):
"""Repository for the ContainerSecret entity.""" """Repository for the ContainerSecret entity."""
def _do_entity_name(self): def _do_entity_name(self):
"""Sub-class hook: return entity name, such as for debugging.""" """Sub-class hook: return entity name, such as for debugging."""
return "ContainerSecret" return "ContainerSecret"
def _do_build_get_query(self, entity_id, external_project_id, session): def _do_build_get_query(self, entity_id, external_project_id, session):
"""Sub-class hook: build a retrieve query.""" """Sub-class hook: build a retrieve query."""
return session.query(models.ContainerSecret return session.query(models.ContainerSecret
).filter_by(id=entity_id) ).filter_by(id=entity_id)
def _do_validate(self, values): def _do_validate(self, values):
"""Sub-class hook: validate values.""" """Sub-class hook: validate values."""
pass pass
class ContainerConsumerRepo(BaseRepo): class ContainerConsumerRepo(BaseRepo):
"""Repository for the Service entity.""" """Repository for the Service entity."""
def get_by_container_id(self, container_id, def get_by_container_id(self, container_id,
offset_arg=None, limit_arg=None, offset_arg=None, limit_arg=None,
suppress_exception=False, session=None): suppress_exception=False, session=None):
"""Returns a list of Consumers """Returns a list of Consumers
The list is ordered by the date they were created at and paged The list is ordered by the date they were created at and paged
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
13 lines changed or deleted 13 lines changed or added

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