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Source code changes of the file "src/s_bsd.c" between
bahamut-2.1.4.tar.gz and bahamut-2.1.5.tar.gz

About: Bahamut is an Internet Relay Chat Daemon (IRCd) designed for DALnet, one of the major IRC networks in the world.

s_bsd.c  (bahamut-2.1.4):s_bsd.c  (bahamut-2.1.5)
skipping to change at line 1243 skipping to change at line 1243
return strerror(cptr->sockerr); return strerror(cptr->sockerr);
switch(cptr->sockerr) switch(cptr->sockerr)
{ {
case -1: /* this is the default */ case -1: /* this is the default */
return "Unset error message [this is a bug!]"; return "Unset error message [this is a bug!]";
return "dbuf allocation error"; return "dbuf allocation error";
return "compression general failure"; return "compression general failure";
return "SSL error";
default: default:
return "Unknown error!"; return "Unknown error!";
} }
/* unreachable code, but the compiler is complaining.. */ /* unreachable code, but the compiler is complaining.. */
return NULL; return NULL;
} }
/* /*
* * set_non_blocking * * set_non_blocking
skipping to change at line 1636 skipping to change at line 1638
"Read error from %s, closing link (%s)"; "Read error from %s, closing link (%s)";
ircsprintf(fbuf, "from %s: %s", me.name, errtxt); ircsprintf(fbuf, "from %s: %s", me.name, errtxt);
sendto_gnotice(fbuf, get_client_name(cptr, HIDEME), strerror(err)); sendto_gnotice(fbuf, get_client_name(cptr, HIDEME), strerror(err));
ircsprintf(fbuf, ":%s GNOTICE :%s", me.name, errtxt); ircsprintf(fbuf, ":%s GNOTICE :%s", me.name, errtxt);
sendto_serv_butone(cptr, fbuf, get_client_name(cptr, HIDEME), sendto_serv_butone(cptr, fbuf, get_client_name(cptr, HIDEME),
strerror(err)); strerror(err));
} }
} }
if (err) if (err && !(err==IRCERR_SSL && length==-1 && errno==0))
ircsprintf(errmsg, "Read error: %s", strerror(err)); ircsprintf(errmsg, "Read error: %s", strerror(err));
else else
ircsprintf(errmsg, "Client closed connection"); ircsprintf(errmsg, "Client closed connection");
exit_client(cptr, cptr, &me, errmsg); exit_client(cptr, cptr, &me, errmsg);
} }
void accept_connection(aListener *lptr) void accept_connection(aListener *lptr)
{ {
union union
 End of changes. 2 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 3 lines changed or added

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