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Source code changes of the file "Makefile" between
babel-7.12.6.tar.gz and babel-7.12.7.tar.gz

About: Babel is a JavaScript compiler that is mainly used to convert ECMAScript 2015+ code into a backwards compatible version of JavaScript. Hint: There exists a high-performance language interoperability tool also named "Babel".

Makefile  (babel-7.12.6):Makefile  (babel-7.12.7)
skipping to change at line 38 skipping to change at line 38
$(YARN) gulp build $(YARN) gulp build
$(MAKE) generate-standalone generate-type-helpers $(MAKE) generate-standalone generate-type-helpers
# call build again as the generated files might need to be compiled again . # call build again as the generated files might need to be compiled again .
$(YARN) gulp build $(YARN) gulp build
$(MAKE) build-typings $(MAKE) build-typings
$(MAKE) build-dist $(MAKE) build-dist
build-bundle-ci: bootstrap-only build-bundle-ci: bootstrap-only
$(MAKE) build-bundle $(MAKE) build-bundle
$(NODE) scripts/generators/tsconfig.js
generate-standalone: generate-standalone:
$(NODE) packages/babel-standalone/scripts/generate.js $(NODE) packages/babel-standalone/scripts/generate.js
generate-type-helpers: generate-type-helpers:
$(NODE) packages/babel-types/scripts/generateTypeHelpers.js $(NODE) packages/babel-types/scripts/generateTypeHelpers.js
build-typings: build-flow-typings build-typescript-typings build-typings: build-flow-typings build-typescript-typings
build-flow-typings: build-flow-typings:
$(NODE) packages/babel-types/scripts/generators/flow.js > packages/babel- types/lib/index.js.flow $(NODE) packages/babel-types/scripts/generators/flow.js > packages/babel- types/lib/index.js.flow
build-typescript-typings: build-typescript-typings:
$(NODE) packages/babel-types/scripts/generators/typescript.js > packages/ babel-types/lib/index.d.ts $(NODE) packages/babel-types/scripts/generators/typescript.js > packages/ babel-types/lib/index.d.ts
$(NODE) packages/babel-types/scripts/generators/typescript.js --ts3.7 > p ackages/babel-types/lib/index-ts3.7.d.ts
build-standalone: build-babel-standalone build-standalone: build-babel-standalone
build-standalone-ci: build-bundle-ci build-standalone-ci: build-bundle-ci
$(MAKE) build-standalone $(MAKE) build-standalone
build-babel-standalone: build-babel-standalone:
$(YARN) gulp build-babel-standalone $(YARN) gulp build-babel-standalone
prepublish-build-standalone: prepublish-build-standalone:
skipping to change at line 87 skipping to change at line 91
# Babel-transform-fixture-test-runner requires minified polyfill for perf ormance # Babel-transform-fixture-test-runner requires minified polyfill for perf ormance
$(MAKE) generate-type-helpers build-typings build-polyfill-dist $(MAKE) generate-type-helpers build-typings build-polyfill-dist
build-no-bundle-ci: bootstrap-only build-no-bundle-ci: bootstrap-only
$(MAKE) build-no-bundle $(MAKE) build-no-bundle
watch: build-no-bundle watch: build-no-bundle
BABEL_ENV=development $(YARN) gulp watch BABEL_ENV=development $(YARN) gulp watch
code-quality-ci: build-no-bundle-ci code-quality-ci: build-no-bundle-ci
$(MAKE) flowcheck-ci lint-ci $(MAKE) tscheck flowcheck-ci lint-ci
flowcheck-ci: flowcheck-ci:
$(MAKE) flow $(MAKE) flow
code-quality: flow lint code-quality: tscheck flow lint
tscheck: generate-tsconfig
make build-typescript-typings
$(YARN) tsc -b .
flow: flow:
$(YARN) flow check --strip-root $(YARN) flow check --strip-root
lint-ci: lint-js-ci lint-ts-ci check-compat-data-ci lint-ci: lint-js-ci lint-ts-ci check-compat-data-ci
lint-js-ci: lint-js-ci:
$(MAKE) lint-js $(MAKE) lint-js
lint-ts-ci: lint-ts-ci:
$(MAKE) lint-ts $(MAKE) lint-ts
check-compat-data-ci: check-compat-data-ci:
$(MAKE) check-compat-data $(MAKE) check-compat-data
lint: lint-js lint-ts lint: lint-js lint-ts
lint-js: lint-js:
BABEL_ENV=test $(YARN) eslint scripts $(SOURCES) '*.js' --format=codefram e BABEL_ENV=test $(YARN) eslint scripts $(SOURCES) '*.{js,ts}' --format=cod eframe --ext .js,.cjs,.mjs,.ts
lint-ts: lint-ts:
scripts/lint-ts-typings.sh scripts/lint-ts-typings.sh
fix: fix-json fix-js fix: fix-json fix-js
fix-js: fix-js:
$(YARN) eslint scripts $(SOURCES) '*.js' --format=codeframe --fix $(YARN) eslint scripts $(SOURCES) '*.{js,ts}' --format=codeframe --ext .j s,.cjs,.mjs,.ts --fix
fix-json: fix-json:
$(YARN) prettier "{$(COMMA_SEPARATED_SOURCES)}/*/test/fixtures/**/options .json" --write --loglevel warn $(YARN) prettier "{$(COMMA_SEPARATED_SOURCES)}/*/test/fixtures/**/options .json" --write --loglevel warn
check-compat-data: check-compat-data:
cd packages/babel-compat-data; CHECK_COMPAT_DATA=true $(YARN) run build-d ata cd packages/babel-compat-data; CHECK_COMPAT_DATA=true $(YARN) run build-d ata
build-compat-data: build-compat-data:
cd packages/babel-compat-data; $(YARN) run build-data cd packages/babel-compat-data; $(YARN) run build-data
clean: test-clean clean: test-clean
rm -f .npmrc rm -f .npmrc
rm -rf packages/babel-polyfill/browser* rm -rf packages/babel-polyfill/browser*
rm -rf packages/babel-polyfill/dist rm -rf packages/babel-polyfill/dist
rm -rf coverage rm -rf coverage
rm -rf packages/*/npm-debug* rm -rf packages/*/npm-debug*
rm -rf node_modules/.cache rm -rf node_modules/.cache
rm -f tsconfig.json
rm -f packages/*/tsconfig.{tsbuildinfo,json}
rm -f codemods/*/tsconfig.{tsbuildinfo,json}
rm -f eslint/*/tsconfig.{tsbuildinfo,json}
test-clean: test-clean:
$(foreach source, $(SOURCES), \ $(foreach source, $(SOURCES), \
$(call clean-source-test, $(source))) $(call clean-source-test, $(source)))
# Does not work on Windows; use "$(YARN) jest" instead # Does not work on Windows; use "$(YARN) jest" instead
test-only: test-only:
BABEL_ENV=test ./scripts/test.sh BABEL_ENV=test ./scripts/test.sh
$(MAKE) test-clean $(MAKE) test-clean
test: lint test-only test: lint test-only
skipping to change at line 219 skipping to change at line 233
prepublish-build: clean-lib clean-runtime-helpers prepublish-build: clean-lib clean-runtime-helpers
NODE_ENV=production BABEL_ENV=production $(MAKE) build-bundle NODE_ENV=production BABEL_ENV=production $(MAKE) build-bundle
$(MAKE) prepublish-build-standalone clone-license $(MAKE) prepublish-build-standalone clone-license
prepublish: prepublish:
$(MAKE) check-yarn-bug-1882 $(MAKE) check-yarn-bug-1882
$(MAKE) bootstrap-only $(MAKE) bootstrap-only
$(MAKE) prepublish-build $(MAKE) prepublish-build
IS_PUBLISH=true $(MAKE) test IS_PUBLISH=true $(MAKE) test
# We don't want to publish TS-related files yet, except for @babel/types
rm -f packages/*/lib/**/*.d.ts{,.map}
rm -f codemods/*/lib/**/*.d.ts{,.map}
rm -f eslint/*/lib/**/*.d.ts{,.map}
$(MAKE) clean-tsconfig
$(MAKE) build-typescript-typings
new-version: new-version:
git pull --rebase git pull --rebase
$(YARN) release-tool version $(FORCE_PUBLISH) $(YARN) release-tool version $(FORCE_PUBLISH)
# NOTE: Run make new-version first # NOTE: Run make new-version first
publish: prepublish publish:
@echo "Please confirm you have stopped make watch. (y)es, [N]o:"; \
read CLEAR; \
if [ "_$$CLEAR" != "_y" ]; then \
exit 1; \
$(MAKE) prepublish
$(YARN) release-tool publish $(YARN) release-tool publish
$(MAKE) clean $(MAKE) clean
check-yarn-bug-1882: check-yarn-bug-1882:
ifneq ("$(shell grep 3155328e5 .yarn/releases/yarn-*.cjs -c)", "0") ifneq ("$(shell grep 3155328e5 .yarn/releases/yarn-*.cjs -c)", "0")
echo "Your version of yarn is affected by https://github.com/yarnpkg/berr y/issues/1882" echo "Your version of yarn is affected by https://github.com/yarnpkg/berr y/issues/1882"
echo "Please run `sed -i -e "s/3155328e5/4567890e5/g" .yarn/releases/yarn -*.cjs`" echo "Please run `sed -i -e "s/3155328e5/4567890e5/g" .yarn/releases/yarn -*.cjs`"
exit 1 exit 1
endif endif
skipping to change at line 260 skipping to change at line 286
exit 1 exit 1
endif endif
$(YARN) release-tool version $(VERSION) --all --yes --tag-version-prefix= "version-e2e-test-" $(YARN) release-tool version $(VERSION) --all --yes --tag-version-prefix= "version-e2e-test-"
$(MAKE) prepublish-build $(MAKE) prepublish-build
YARN_NPM_PUBLISH_REGISTRY=http://localhost:4873 $(YARN) release-tool publ ish --yes --tag-version-prefix="version-e2e-test-" YARN_NPM_PUBLISH_REGISTRY=http://localhost:4873 $(YARN) release-tool publ ish --yes --tag-version-prefix="version-e2e-test-"
$(MAKE) clean $(MAKE) clean
bootstrap-only: clean-all bootstrap-only: clean-all
yarn install yarn install
bootstrap: bootstrap-only bootstrap: bootstrap-only generate-tsconfig
$(MAKE) build $(MAKE) build
clean-lib: clean-lib:
$(foreach source, $(SOURCES), \ $(foreach source, $(SOURCES), \
$(call clean-source-lib, $(source))) $(call clean-source-lib, $(source)))
clean-runtime-helpers: clean-runtime-helpers:
rm -f packages/babel-runtime/helpers/**/*.js rm -f packages/babel-runtime/helpers/**/*.js
rm -f packages/babel-runtime-corejs2/helpers/**/*.js rm -f packages/babel-runtime-corejs2/helpers/**/*.js
rm -f packages/babel-runtime-corejs3/helpers/**/*.js rm -f packages/babel-runtime-corejs3/helpers/**/*.js
rm -rf packages/babel-runtime-corejs2/core-js rm -rf packages/babel-runtime-corejs2/core-js
clean-all: clean-all: clean-tsconfig
rm -rf node_modules rm -rf node_modules
rm -rf package-lock.json rm -rf package-lock.json
rm -rf .changelog rm -rf .changelog
$(foreach source, $(SOURCES), \ $(foreach source, $(SOURCES), \
$(call clean-source-all, $(source))) $(call clean-source-all, $(source)))
$(MAKE) clean $(MAKE) clean
update-env-corejs-fixture: update-env-corejs-fixture:
 End of changes. 11 change blocks. 
7 lines changed or deleted 33 lines changed or added

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