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Source code changes of the file "t/parallel-tests-console-output.sh" between
automake-1.16.2.tar.xz and automake-1.16.3.tar.xz

About: GNU Automake is a Makefile generator (input Makefile.am, output Makefile.in; intended for use with autoconf).

parallel-tests-console-output.sh  (automake-1.16.2.tar.xz):parallel-tests-console-output.sh  (automake-1.16.3.tar.xz)
skipping to change at line 37 skipping to change at line 37
XFAIL_TESTS = sub/xpass.test xfail.test error.test XFAIL_TESTS = sub/xpass.test xfail.test error.test
TESTS = $(XFAIL_TESTS) fail.test pass.test a/b/skip.test sub/error2.test TESTS = $(XFAIL_TESTS) fail.test pass.test a/b/skip.test sub/error2.test
pass.log: fail.log pass.log: fail.log
error.log: pass.log error.log: pass.log
sub/xpass.log: error.log sub/xpass.log: error.log
sub/error2.log: xfail.log sub/error2.log: xfail.log
a/b/skip.log: sub/error2.log a/b/skip.log: sub/error2.log
cat > exp <<'END' cat > exp <<'END'
FAIL: fail.test
PASS: pass.test
ERROR: error.test ERROR: error.test
XPASS: sub/xpass.test
XFAIL: xfail.test
ERROR: sub/error2.test ERROR: sub/error2.test
FAIL: fail.test
PASS: pass.test
SKIP: a/b/skip.test SKIP: a/b/skip.test
XFAIL: xfail.test
XPASS: sub/xpass.test
mkdir sub a a/b mkdir sub a a/b
cat > pass.test << 'END' cat > pass.test << 'END'
#!/bin/sh #!/bin/sh
exit 0 exit 0
cp pass.test sub/xpass.test cp pass.test sub/xpass.test
skipping to change at line 96 skipping to change at line 96
for vpath in : false; do for vpath in : false; do
if $vpath; then if $vpath; then
mkdir build mkdir build
cd build cd build
srcdir=.. srcdir=..
else else
srcdir=. srcdir=.
fi fi
$srcdir/configure $srcdir/configure
run_make -O -e FAIL check run_make -O -e FAIL check
LC_ALL=C grep '^[A-Z][A-Z]*:' stdout > got LC_ALL=C grep '^[A-Z][A-Z]*:' stdout | sort > got
cat got cat got
diff $srcdir/exp got diff $srcdir/exp got
cd $srcdir cd $srcdir
done done
: :
 End of changes. 5 change blocks. 
5 lines changed or deleted 5 lines changed or added

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