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Source code changes of the file "openmeetings-web/src/main/java/org/apache/openmeetings/web/user/record/RecordingInvitationForm.java" between
apache-openmeetings-6.1.0-src.tar.gz and apache-openmeetings-6.2.0-src.tar.gz

About: OpenMeetings is a browser-based software that allows you to set up instantly a conference in the Web. You can use your microphone or webcam, share documents on a white board, share your screen or record meetings. Source code.

RecordingInvitationForm.java  (apache-openmeetings-6.1.0-src):RecordingInvitationForm.java  (apache-openmeetings-6.2.0-src)
skipping to change at line 32 skipping to change at line 32
import org.apache.openmeetings.web.common.InvitationForm; import org.apache.openmeetings.web.common.InvitationForm;
import org.apache.wicket.ajax.AjaxRequestTarget; import org.apache.wicket.ajax.AjaxRequestTarget;
import org.apache.wicket.spring.injection.annot.SpringBean; import org.apache.wicket.spring.injection.annot.SpringBean;
public class RecordingInvitationForm extends InvitationForm { public class RecordingInvitationForm extends InvitationForm {
private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
private Long recordingId; private Long recordingId;
@SpringBean @SpringBean
private RecordingDao recDao; private RecordingDao recDao;
public RecordingInvitationForm(String id) { public RecordingInvitationForm(String id, String dropDownParentId) {
super(id); super(id, dropDownParentId);
protected void onInitialize() {
add(recipients); add(recipients);
} }
@Override @Override
public void updateModel(AjaxRequestTarget target) { public void updateModel(AjaxRequestTarget target) {
super.updateModel(target); super.updateModel(target);
getModelObject().setRecording(recDao.get(recordingId)); getModelObject().setRecording(recDao.get(recordingId));
} }
public void setRecordingId(Long recordingId) { public void setRecordingId(Long recordingId) {
this.recordingId = recordingId; this.recordingId = recordingId;
 End of changes. 2 change blocks. 
2 lines changed or deleted 7 lines changed or added

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