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Source code changes of the file "Makefile" between
aoe-aoe6-86.tar.gz and aoe-87.tar.gz

About: AoE (ATA over Ethernet) Protocol Driver (Linux kernel 4.8.x and greater are not supported).

Makefile  (aoe-aoe6-86):Makefile  (aoe-87)
skipping to change at line 171 skipping to change at line 171
echo 'aoe-objs += aoedbg.o' \ echo 'aoe-objs += aoedbg.o' \
>> ${KDIR}/drivers/block/aoe/Makefile >> ${KDIR}/drivers/block/aoe/Makefile
uninstall: uninstall:
@echo "Removing Module from $(INSTDIR)" @echo "Removing Module from $(INSTDIR)"
rm -f $(INSTDIR)/aoe.ko rm -f $(INSTDIR)/aoe.ko
@echo "Removing $(DEVDIR) and components" @echo "Removing $(DEVDIR) and components"
rm -rf $(DEVDIR) rm -rf $(DEVDIR)
/sbin/depmod -a /sbin/depmod -a
REPORTF := $(shell awk '$$2=="VERSION"{print $$NF}' ${DRIVER_D}/aoe.h) REPORTF := $(shell awk '$$2=="VERSION"{print $$3}' ${DRIVER_D}/aoe.h)
# remove quotes below # remove quotes below
REPORTF := $(shell echo aoe6-${REPORTF}-report.tar) REPORTF := $(shell echo aoe6-${REPORTF}-report.tar)
report: report:
tar cf ${REPORTF} conf/*.log tar cf ${REPORTF} conf/*.log
gzip ${REPORTF} gzip ${REPORTF}
@echo The report file is "${REPORTF}.gz". @echo The report file is "${REPORTF}.gz".
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