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aodh-14.0.0.tar.gz and aodh-15.0.0.tar.gz

About: OpenStack Aodh provides alarms and notifications based on metrics.
The "Zed" series (latest release).

AUTHORS  (aodh-14.0.0):AUTHORS  (aodh-15.0.0)
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Kennan <wkq5325@gmail.com> Kennan <wkq5325@gmail.com>
Kennan <wkqwu@cn.ibm.com> Kennan <wkqwu@cn.ibm.com>
Kevin_Zheng <zhengzhenyu@huawei.com> Kevin_Zheng <zhengzhenyu@huawei.com>
Kishore Juigil <juigil.kishore@hp.com> Kishore Juigil <juigil.kishore@hp.com>
Koert van der Veer <koert@cloudvps.com> Koert van der Veer <koert@cloudvps.com>
Komei Shimamura <komei.t.f@gmail.com> Komei Shimamura <komei.t.f@gmail.com>
Ladislav Smola <lsmola@redhat.com> Ladislav Smola <lsmola@redhat.com>
Lan Qi song <lqslan@cn.ibm.com> Lan Qi song <lqslan@cn.ibm.com>
Lance Bragstad <lbragstad@gmail.com> Lance Bragstad <lbragstad@gmail.com>
Lena Novokshonova <enovokshonova@mirantis.com> Lena Novokshonova <enovokshonova@mirantis.com>
LiZekun <2954674728@qq.com>
Lianhao Lu <lianhao.lu@intel.com> Lianhao Lu <lianhao.lu@intel.com>
Lingxian Kong <anlin.kong@gmail.com> Lingxian Kong <anlin.kong@gmail.com>
LinuxJedi <andrew@linuxjedi.co.uk> LinuxJedi <andrew@linuxjedi.co.uk>
LiuNanke <nanke.liu@easystack.cn> LiuNanke <nanke.liu@easystack.cn>
LiuSheng <liusheng@huawei.com> LiuSheng <liusheng@huawei.com>
Luis A. Garcia <luis@linux.vnet.ibm.com> Luis A. Garcia <luis@linux.vnet.ibm.com>
Lukas Ruzicka <lruzicka@redhat.com> Lukas Ruzicka <lruzicka@redhat.com>
Luong Anh Tuan <tuanla@vn.fujitsu.com> Luong Anh Tuan <tuanla@vn.fujitsu.com>
Maho Koshiya <koshiya.maho@po.ntts.co.jp> Maho Koshiya <koshiya.maho@po.ntts.co.jp>
Marios Andreou <marios@redhat.com> Marios Andreou <marios@redhat.com>
skipping to change at line 238 skipping to change at line 239
Shane Wang <shane.wang@intel.com> Shane Wang <shane.wang@intel.com>
Shengjie Min <shengjie_min@dell.com> Shengjie Min <shengjie_min@dell.com>
Shilla Saebi <shilla.saebi@gmail.com> Shilla Saebi <shilla.saebi@gmail.com>
Shuangtai Tian <shuangtai.tian@intel.com> Shuangtai Tian <shuangtai.tian@intel.com>
Shuquan Huang <huang.shuquan@99cloud.net> Shuquan Huang <huang.shuquan@99cloud.net>
Simona Iuliana Toader <itoader@cloudbasesolutions.com> Simona Iuliana Toader <itoader@cloudbasesolutions.com>
Sofer Athlan-Guyot <chem@sathlan.org> Sofer Athlan-Guyot <chem@sathlan.org>
Srinivas Sakhamuri <srinivas.sakhamuri@hp.com> Srinivas Sakhamuri <srinivas.sakhamuri@hp.com>
Stas Maksimov <stanislav_m@dell.com> Stas Maksimov <stanislav_m@dell.com>
Stephen Balukoff <sbalukoff@bluebox.net> Stephen Balukoff <sbalukoff@bluebox.net>
Stephen Finucane <stephenfin@redhat.com>
Stephen Gran <stephen.gran@guardian.co.uk> Stephen Gran <stephen.gran@guardian.co.uk>
Steve Lewis <stevelle@gmail.com> Steve Lewis <stevelle@gmail.com>
Steve Martinelli <stevemar@ca.ibm.com> Steve Martinelli <stevemar@ca.ibm.com>
Steven Berler <steven.berler@dreamhost.com> Steven Berler <steven.berler@dreamhost.com>
Surya Prabhakar <surya_prabhakar@dell.com> Surya Prabhakar <surya_prabhakar@dell.com>
Svetlana Shturm <sshturm@mirantis.com> Svetlana Shturm <sshturm@mirantis.com>
Swami Reddy <swamireddy@gmail.com> Swami Reddy <swamireddy@gmail.com>
Swann Croiset <swann.croiset@bull.net> Swann Croiset <swann.croiset@bull.net>
Swapnil Kulkarni (coolsvap) <me@coolsvap.net> Swapnil Kulkarni (coolsvap) <me@coolsvap.net>
Sylvain Afchain <sylvain.afchain@enovance.com> Sylvain Afchain <sylvain.afchain@enovance.com>
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