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Source code changes of the file "lib/ansible/plugins/filter/b64decode.yml" between
ansible-2.14.0.tar.gz and ansible-2.14.1rc1.tar.gz

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b64decode.yml  (ansible-2.14.0):b64decode.yml  (ansible-2.14.1rc1)
name: b64decode name: b64decode
author: ansible core team author: ansible core team
version_added: 'historical' version_added: 'historical'
short_description: Decode a base64 string short_description: Decode a base64 string
description: description:
- Base64 decoding function. - Base64 decoding function.
- The return value is a string.
- Trying to store a binary blob in a string most likely corrupts the binary.
To base64 decode a binary blob,
use the ``base64`` command and pipe the encoded data through standard inp
For example, in the ansible.builtin.shell`` module, ``cmd="base64 --decode
> myfile.bin" stdin="{{ encoded }}"``.
positional: _input positional: _input
options: options:
_input: _input:
description: A base64 string to decode. description: A base64 string to decode.
type: string type: string
required: true required: true
# b64 decode a string # b64 decode a string
lola: "{{ 'bG9sYQ==' | b64decode }}" lola: "{{ 'bG9sYQ==' | b64decode }}"
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