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Source code changes of the file "rest-server/MANIFEST" between
amanda-tag-community-3.5.2.tar.gz and amanda-tag-community-3.5.3.tar.gz

About: Amanda is a backup system designed to archive many computers on a network to a single large-capacity tape drive.

MANIFEST  (amanda-tag-community-3.5.2):MANIFEST  (amanda-tag-community-3.5.3)
skipping to change at line 19 skipping to change at line 19
lib/Amanda.pm lib/Amanda.pm
public/css/style.css public/css/style.css
public/css/error.css public/css/error.css
public/images/perldancer-bg.jpg public/images/perldancer-bg.jpg
public/images/perldancer.jpg public/images/perldancer.jpg
public/500.html public/500.html
public/404.html public/404.html
public/dispatch.fcgi public/dispatch.fcgi
public/favicon.ico public/favicon.ico
public/dispatch.cgi public/dispatch.cgi
t/002_index_route.t t/002_index_route.t
t/001_base.t t/001_base.t
Makefile.PL Makefile.PL
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 0 lines changed or added

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