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About: Zope Z Object Publishing Environment - web application platform used for building content management systems, intranets, portals, and custom applications.

pages.txt  (Zope-5.2):pages.txt  (Zope-5.2.1)
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Test access to ``context`` from ZPTs: Test access to ``context`` from ZPTs:
>>> view = self.folder.unrestrictedTraverse('testoid/flamingo.html') >>> view = self.folder.unrestrictedTraverse('testoid/flamingo.html')
>>> print(view()) >>> print(view())
<p>Hello world</p> <p>Hello world</p>
<p>Hello world</p> <p>Hello world</p>
Test macro access from ZPT pages: Test macro access from ZPT pages:
>>> view = self.folder.unrestrictedTraverse('testoid/seagull.html') >>> view = self.folder.unrestrictedTraverse('testoid/seagull.html')
>>> view() == ('<html><head><title>bird macro</title></head>' >>> print(view())
... '<body>Color: gray</body></html>\n') <html><head><title>bird macro</title></head><body>Color: gray</body></html>
test_zpt_things: test_zpt_things:
>>> view = self.folder.unrestrictedTraverse('testoid/condor.html') >>> view = self.folder.unrestrictedTraverse('testoid/condor.html')
>>> print(view()) >>> print(view())
<p>Hello world</p> <p>Hello world</p>
<p>The eagle has landed</p> <p>The eagle has landed</p>
<p>Hello world</p> <p>Hello world</p>
<p>Hello world</p> <p>Hello world</p>
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