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Source code changes of the file "X11/Yfgl.h" between
Ygl-4.2f.tar.gz and Ygl-4.2g.tar.gz

About: Ygl emulates SGI’s GL routines under X11.

Yfgl.h  (Ygl-4.2f):Yfgl.h  (Ygl-4.2g)
skipping to change at line 509 skipping to change at line 509
parameter ( LMCNUL = 6 ) parameter ( LMCNUL = 6 )
C The routines C The routines
integer*4 isqueu integer*4 isqueu
external isqueu external isqueu
integer*4 qtest integer*4 qtest
external qtest external qtest
integer*4 qread integer*4 qread
external qread external qread
C getXdpy and getXwid are >6 chars long C getXdpy and getXwid are >6 chars long
integer*4 getxdpy C integer*4 getxdpy
external getxdpy external getxdpy
integer*4 getxwid integer*4 getxwid
external getxwid external getxwid
integer*4 getxdid integer*4 getxdid
external getxdid external getxdid
integer*4 getxgc C integer*4 getxgc
external getxgc external getxgc
integer*4 winget integer*4 winget
external winget external winget
integer*4 getpla integer*4 getpla
external getpla external getpla
integer*4 getval integer*4 getval
external getval external getval
integer*4 getbut integer*4 getbut
external getbut external getbut
integer*4 gversi integer*4 gversi
 End of changes. 2 change blocks. 
2 lines changed or deleted 2 lines changed or added

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