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Source code changes of the file "other-licenses/7zstub/src/7zip/UI/Explorer/MyMessages.h" between
UXP-2019.03.27.tar.gz and UXP-2019.06.08.tar.gz

About: Basilisk is a full-featured, optimized browser derived from the code behind the pre-Servo Firefox browser (29–56 era). UXP = Unified XUL Platform. Source code.

MyMessages.h  (UXP-2019.03.27):MyMessages.h  (UXP-2019.06.08)
// MyMessages.h // MyMessages.h
#ifndef __MYMESSAGES_H #ifndef __MY_MESSAGES_H
#define __MYMESSAGES_H #define __MY_MESSAGES_H
#include "Common/String.h" #include "../../../Common/MyString.h"
void MyMessageBox(HWND window, LPCWSTR message); void ShowErrorMessage(HWND window, LPCWSTR message);
inline void ShowErrorMessage(LPCWSTR message) { ShowErrorMessage(0, message); }
inline void MyMessageBox(LPCWSTR message) void ShowErrorMessageHwndRes(HWND window, UInt32 langID);
{ MyMessageBox(0, message); } void ShowErrorMessageRes(UInt32 langID);
void MyMessageBox(UINT32 id
#ifdef LANG
,UINT32 langID
void ShowErrorMessage(HWND window, DWORD errorMessage);
inline void ShowErrorMessage(DWORD errorMessage)
{ ShowErrorMessage(0, errorMessage); }
void ShowLastErrorMessage(HWND window = 0); void ShowLastErrorMessage(HWND window = 0);
#endif #endif
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15 lines changed or deleted 7 lines changed or added

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