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Source code changes of the file "netwerk/protocol/websocket/WebSocketChannel.h" between
UXP-RELBASE_20210427.tar.gz and UXP-RELBASE_20210608.tar.gz

About: Basilisk is a full-featured, optimized browser derived from the code behind the pre-Servo Firefox browser (29–56 era). UXP = Unified XUL Platform. Source code.

WebSocketChannel.h  (UXP-RELBASE_20210427):WebSocketChannel.h  (UXP-RELBASE_20210608)
skipping to change at line 149 skipping to change at line 149
nsresult SendMsgCommon(const nsACString *aMsg, bool isBinary, nsresult SendMsgCommon(const nsACString *aMsg, bool isBinary,
uint32_t length, nsIInputStream *aStream = nullptr); uint32_t length, nsIInputStream *aStream = nullptr);
void EnqueueOutgoingMessage(nsDeque &aQueue, OutboundMessage *aMsg); void EnqueueOutgoingMessage(nsDeque &aQueue, OutboundMessage *aMsg);
void PrimeNewOutgoingMessage(); void PrimeNewOutgoingMessage();
void DeleteCurrentOutGoingMessage(); void DeleteCurrentOutGoingMessage();
void GeneratePong(uint8_t *payload, uint32_t len); void GeneratePong(uint8_t *payload, uint32_t len);
void GeneratePing(); void GeneratePing();
nsresult OnNetworkChangedTargetThread();
nsresult OnNetworkChanged(); nsresult OnNetworkChanged();
nsresult StartPinging(); nsresult StartPinging();
void BeginOpen(bool aCalledFromAdmissionManager); void BeginOpen(bool aCalledFromAdmissionManager);
void BeginOpenInternal(); void BeginOpenInternal();
nsresult HandleExtensions(); nsresult HandleExtensions();
nsresult SetupRequest(); nsresult SetupRequest();
nsresult ApplyForAdmission(); nsresult ApplyForAdmission();
nsresult DoAdmissionDNS(); nsresult DoAdmissionDNS();
nsresult StartWebsocketData(); nsresult StartWebsocketData();
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
0 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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