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Source code changes of the file "plugins/maxima/progs/maxima-menus.scm" between
TeXmacs-2.1.1-src.tar.gz and TeXmacs-2.1.2-src.tar.gz

About: GNU TeXmacs is a scientific editing platform designed to create beautiful technical documents using a wysiwyg interface.

maxima-menus.scm  (TeXmacs-2.1.1-src):maxima-menus.scm  (TeXmacs-2.1.2-src)
skipping to change at line 168 skipping to change at line 168
html)) html))
(car-or-false (filter url-exists? (car-or-false (filter url-exists?
(map concat-html-path (map concat-html-path
(list "maxima_toc.html" "maxima_0.html")))))) (list "maxima_toc.html" "maxima_0.html"))))))
(menu-bind maxima-help-icons (menu-bind maxima-help-icons
(with help (maxima-help) (with help (maxima-help)
(if (and (in-maxima?) help) (if (and (in-maxima?) help)
/ /
((balloon (icon "tm_help.xpm") "Maxima manual") ((balloon (icon "tm_help.xpm") "Maxima manual")
(load-help-buffer help))))) (load-buffer help)))))
(menu-bind session-help-icons (menu-bind session-help-icons
(:require (and (in-maxima?) (in-session?))) (:require (and (in-maxima?) (in-session?)))
(link maxima-help-icons)) (link maxima-help-icons))
(menu-bind plugin-menu (menu-bind plugin-menu
(:require (or (in-maxima?) (and (not-in-session?) (maxima-scripts?)))) (:require (or (in-maxima?) (and (not-in-session?) (maxima-scripts?))))
(=> "Maxima" (link maxima-menu))) (=> "Maxima" (link maxima-menu)))
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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