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Source code changes of the file "TeXmacs/progs/convert/latex/tmtex.scm" between
TeXmacs-2.1.1-src.tar.gz and TeXmacs-2.1.2-src.tar.gz

About: GNU TeXmacs is a scientific editing platform designed to create beautiful technical documents using a wysiwyg interface.

tmtex.scm  (TeXmacs-2.1.1-src):tmtex.scm  (TeXmacs-2.1.2-src)
skipping to change at line 143 skipping to change at line 143
(set! tmtex-env (make-ahash-table)) (set! tmtex-env (make-ahash-table))
(set! tmtex-macros (make-ahash-table)) (set! tmtex-macros (make-ahash-table))
(set! tmtex-dynamic (make-ahash-table)) (set! tmtex-dynamic (make-ahash-table))
(set! tmtex-serial 0) (set! tmtex-serial 0)
(set! tmtex-auto-produce 0) (set! tmtex-auto-produce 0)
(set! tmtex-auto-consume 0) (set! tmtex-auto-consume 0)
(set! tmtex-mathjax? #f) (set! tmtex-mathjax? #f)
(if (== (url-suffix current-save-target) "tex") (if (== (url-suffix current-save-target) "tex")
(begin (begin
(set! tmtex-image-root-url (url-unglue current-save-target 4)) (set! tmtex-image-root-url (url-unglue current-save-target 4))
(with suf (url-suffix tmtex-image-root-url)
(when (!= suf "")
(set! tmtex-image-root-url
(url-unglue tmtex-image-root-url
(+ (string-length suf) 1)))))
(set! tmtex-image-root-string (set! tmtex-image-root-string
(url->unix (url-tail tmtex-image-root-url)))) (url->unix (url-tail tmtex-image-root-url))))
(begin (begin
(set! tmtex-image-root-url (unix->url "image")) (set! tmtex-image-root-url (unix->url "image"))
(set! tmtex-image-root-string "image"))) (set! tmtex-image-root-string "image")))
(set! tmtex-appendices? #f) (set! tmtex-appendices? #f)
(set! tmtex-replace-style? (set! tmtex-replace-style?
(== (assoc-ref opts "texmacs->latex:replace-style") "on")) (== (assoc-ref opts "texmacs->latex:replace-style") "on"))
(set! tmtex-indirect-bib? (set! tmtex-indirect-bib?
(== (assoc-ref opts "texmacs->latex:indirect-bib") "on")) (== (assoc-ref opts "texmacs->latex:indirect-bib") "on"))
skipping to change at line 1823 skipping to change at line 1828
(tmtex-eps (cons (string->symbol s) l))) (tmtex-eps (cons (string->symbol s) l)))
(define (tmtex-graphics l) (define (tmtex-graphics l)
(tmtex-eps (cons 'graphics l))) (tmtex-eps (cons 'graphics l)))
(define (tmtex-as-eps name) (define (tmtex-as-eps name)
(let* ((u (url-relative current-save-target (unix->url name))) (let* ((u (url-relative current-save-target (unix->url name)))
(suffix (url-suffix u)) (suffix (url-suffix u))
(fm (string-append (format-from-suffix suffix) "-file"))) (fm (string-append (format-from-suffix suffix) "-file")))
(if (and (url-exists? u) (in? suffix (list "eps" "pdf" "png" "jpg"))) (if (and (url-exists? u) (in? suffix (list "eps" "pdf" "png" "jpg")))
(list 'includegraphics name) (with p (url->string "$TEXMACS_PATH")
(set! name (string-replace name "$TEXMACS_PATH" p))
(set! name (string-replace name "file://" ""))
(list 'includegraphics name))
(receive (name-url name-string) (tmtex-eps-names) (receive (name-url name-string) (tmtex-eps-names)
(convert-to-file u fm "postscript-file" name-url) (when (string-starts? name "..")
(set! u (url-relative current-save-source (unix->url name))))
(with nfm (if (== (url-suffix name-url) "pdf") "pdf-file"
(convert-to-file u fm nfm name-url))
(list 'includegraphics name-string))))) (list 'includegraphics name-string)))))
(define (tmtex-image-length len) (define (tmtex-image-length len)
(let* ((s (force-string len)) (let* ((s (force-string len))
(unit (and (tm-length? s) (tm-length-unit len)))) (unit (and (tm-length? s) (tm-length-unit len))))
(cond ((== s "") "!") (cond ((== s "") "!")
((string-ends? s "%") "!") ((string-ends? s "%") "!")
((in? unit '("w" "h")) "!") ((in? unit '("w" "h")) "!")
(else (tmtex-decode-length len))))) (else (tmtex-decode-length len)))))
skipping to change at line 2715 skipping to change at line 2727
(define (tmtex-session s l) (define (tmtex-session s l)
(let* ((tag (string->symbol (string-append "tm" (string-replace s "-" "")))) (let* ((tag (string->symbol (string-append "tm" (string-replace s "-" ""))))
(arg (tmtex (car l))) (arg (tmtex (car l)))
(lan (tmtex (cadr l))) (lan (tmtex (cadr l)))
(lst (tmtex (caddr l)))) (lst (tmtex (caddr l))))
(if (func? lst '!document) (if (func? lst '!document)
(set! lst `(!indent (!paragraph ,@(cdr lst))))) (set! lst `(!indent (!paragraph ,@(cdr lst)))))
`(!document (,tag ,arg ,lan ,lst)))) `(!document (,tag ,arg ,lan ,lst))))
(define (escape-backslashes-in-url l) (define (escape-hyperref-url l)
(cond ((string? l) (string-replace l "\\" "\\\\")) (cond ((string? l)
(let* ((r1 (string-replace l "\\" "\\\\"))
(r2 (string-replace r1 "#" "\\#"))
(r3 (string-replace r2 "_" "\\_")))
((symbol? l) l) ((symbol? l) l)
(else (map escape-backslashes-in-url l)))) (else (map escape-hyperref-url l))))
(define (tmtex-hyperref u) (define (tmtex-hyperref u)
(tmtex-tt (escape-backslashes-in-url u))) (tmtex-tt (escape-hyperref-url u)))
(define (tmtex-hlink s l) (define (tmtex-hlink s l)
(let* ((h (cadr l)) (let* ((h (cadr l))
(d (tmtex (car l)))) (d (tmtex (car l))))
(if (and (string? h) (string-starts? h "#")) (if (and (string? h) (string-starts? h "#"))
(list 'hyperref `(!option ,(string-drop h 1)) d) (list 'hyperref `(!option ,(string-drop h 1)) d)
(list 'href (tmtex-hyperref h) d)))) (list 'href (tmtex-hyperref h) d))))
(define (tmtex-href s l) (define (tmtex-href s l)
(list 'url (tmtex-verb-string (car l)))) (list 'url (tmtex-verb-string (car l))))
skipping to change at line 3453 skipping to change at line 3469
"gap" "gap-dots" "gap-underlined" "gap-box" "gap" "gap-dots" "gap-underlined" "gap-box"
"gap-wide" "gap-dots-wide" "gap-underlined-wide" "gap-box-wide" "gap-wide" "gap-dots-wide" "gap-underlined-wide" "gap-box-wide"
"gap-long" "gap-dots-long" "gap-underlined-long" "gap-box-long" "gap-long" "gap-dots-long" "gap-underlined-long" "gap-box-long"
"with-button-box" "with-button-box*" "with-button-box" "with-button-box*"
"with-button-circle" "with-button-circle*" "with-button-circle" "with-button-circle*"
"with-button-arabic" "with-button-alpha" "with-button-Alpha" "with-button-arabic" "with-button-alpha" "with-button-Alpha"
"with-button-roman" "with-button-Roman" "with-button-roman" "with-button-Roman"
"mc-field" "mc-wide-field" "show-reply" "hide-reply" "mc-field" "mc-wide-field" "show-reply" "hide-reply"
"mc" "mc-monospaced" "mc-horizontal" "mc-vertical")) "mc" "mc-monospaced" "mc-horizontal" "mc-vertical"
"textual-table" "numeric-dot-table"
"calc-table" "calc-inert" "calc-input" "calc-output" "calc-ref"
"cell-inert" "cell-input" "cell-output" "cell-ref"
"cell-range" "cell-sum" "cell-plusses" "cell-commas"
"tmdoc-title" "icon" "shortcut" "key" "prefix"
"menu" "render-menu" "submenu" "subsubmenu" "subsubsubmenu"
"markup" "tmstyle" "tmpackage" "tmdtd" "def-index"
"src-arg" "src-var" "scm-arg" "scm-args"
"descriptive-table" "tm-fragment" "framed-fragment"
"explain" "explain-synopsis" "explain-macro"
"small-envbox" "big-envbox" "small-focus" "big-focus"
"cursor" "math-cursor" "TeXmacs-version" "c++" "BibTeX"))
(tm-define (tmtex-env-patch t l0) (tm-define (tmtex-env-patch t l0)
(let* ((st (tree->stree t)) (let* ((st (tree->stree t))
(l0 (logic-first-list 'tmtex-primitives%)) (l0 (logic-first-list 'tmtex-primitives%))
(l1 (logic-first-list 'tmtex-extra-methods%)) (l1 (logic-first-list 'tmtex-extra-methods%))
(l2 (logic-first-list 'tmtex-tmstyle%)) (l2 (logic-first-list 'tmtex-tmstyle%))
(l3 (map as-string (logic-apply-list '(latex-tag%)))) (l3 (map as-string (logic-apply-list '(latex-tag%))))
(l4 (map as-string (logic-apply-list '(latex-symbol%)))) (l4 (map as-string (logic-apply-list '(latex-symbol%))))
(l5 (list-difference l3 (list-union l4 tmtex-always-expand))) (l5 (list-difference l3 (list-union l4 tmtex-always-expand)))
(l6 (map as-string (collect-user-defs st))) (l6 (map as-string (collect-user-defs st)))
 End of changes. 7 change blocks. 
7 lines changed or deleted 37 lines changed or added

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