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Source code changes of the file "TeXmacs/progs/utils/library/cpp-wrap.scm" between
TeXmacs-1.99.8-src.tar.gz and TeXmacs-1.99.9-src.tar.gz

About: GNU TeXmacs is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get scientific text editor, which was both inspired by TeX and GNU Emacs.

cpp-wrap.scm  (TeXmacs-1.99.8-src):cpp-wrap.scm  (TeXmacs-1.99.9-src)
skipping to change at line 52 skipping to change at line 52
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
;; Wrappers ;; Wrappers
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
(tm-define (make-with var val) (tm-define (make-with var val)
(cond ((selection-active-table?) (cell-set-format var val)) (cond ((selection-active-table?) (cell-set-format var val))
((nstring? val) (insert-go-to `(with ,var ,val "") '(2 0))) ((nstring? val) (insert-go-to `(with ,var ,val "") '(2 0)))
(else (cpp-make-with var val)))) (else (cpp-make-with var val))))
(tm-define (make-small lab)
(:applicable (not (selection-active-non-small?)))
(make lab))
(tm-define (make-inline lab) (tm-define (make-inline lab)
(if (selection-active-large?) (if (selection-active-large?)
(with sel `(par-block ,(selection-tree)) (with sel `(par-block ,(selection-tree))
(clipboard-cut "wrapbuf") (clipboard-cut "wrapbuf")
(make-return-after) (make-return-after)
(make lab) (make lab)
(tree-set (cursor-tree) sel) (tree-set (cursor-tree) sel)
(with-innermost t lab (with-innermost t lab
(tree-go-to t :end) (tree-go-to t :end)
(make-return-before))) (make-return-before)))
(make lab))) (make lab)))
(tm-define (make-wrapped lab)
(clipboard-cut "wrapbuf")
(make lab)
(clipboard-paste "wrapbuf"))
(tm-define (insert-go-to t p) (cpp-insert-go-to t p)) (tm-define (insert-go-to t p) (cpp-insert-go-to t p))
(tm-define (make-hybrid) (cpp-make-hybrid)) (tm-define (make-hybrid) (cpp-make-hybrid))
(tm-define (make-rigid) (cpp-make-rigid)) (tm-define (make-rigid) (cpp-make-rigid))
(tm-define (make-lprime s) (cpp-make-lprime s)) (tm-define (make-lprime s) (cpp-make-lprime s))
(tm-define (make-rprime s) (cpp-make-rprime s)) (tm-define (make-rprime s) (cpp-make-rprime s))
(tm-define (make-below) (cpp-make-below)) (tm-define (make-below) (cpp-make-below))
(tm-define (make-above) (cpp-make-above)) (tm-define (make-above) (cpp-make-above))
(tm-define (make-script r? sup?) (cpp-make-script r? sup?)) (tm-define (make-script r? sup?) (cpp-make-script r? sup?))
(tm-define (make-fraction) (cpp-make-fraction)) (tm-define (make-fraction) (cpp-make-fraction))
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4 lines changed or deleted 5 lines changed or added

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