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Source code changes of the file "TeXmacs/progs/graphics/graphics-env.scm" between
TeXmacs-1.99.4-src.tar.gz and TeXmacs-1.99.5-src.tar.gz

About: GNU TeXmacs is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get scientific text editor, which was both inspired by TeX and GNU Emacs.

graphics-env.scm  (TeXmacs-1.99.4-src):graphics-env.scm  (TeXmacs-1.99.5-src)
skipping to change at line 43 skipping to change at line 43
(current-edge-sel? #f) (current-edge-sel? #f)
(current-selection #f) (current-selection #f)
(previous-selection #f) (previous-selection #f)
(subsel-no #f) (subsel-no #f)
(graphics-undo-enabled #t) (graphics-undo-enabled #t)
(remove-undo-mark? #f) (remove-undo-mark? #f)
(the-sketch '()) (the-sketch '())
(selecting-x0 #f) (selecting-x0 #f)
(selecting-y0 #f) (selecting-y0 #f)
(multiselecting #f) (multiselecting #f)
(preselected #f)
(layer-of-last-removed-object #f))) (layer-of-last-removed-object #f)))
(props ((current-x (f2s (get-graphical-x))) (props ((current-x (f2s (get-graphical-x)))
(current-y (f2s (get-graphical-y))) (current-y (f2s (get-graphical-y)))
(sel (if sticky-point (sel (if sticky-point
#f #f
(select-choose (s2f current-x) (s2f current-y)))) (select-choose (s2f current-x) (s2f current-y))))
(pxy (if sel (car sel) '())) (pxy (if sel (car sel) '()))
(current-path (if sticky-point (current-path (if sticky-point
(cDr (cursor-path)) (cDr (cursor-path))
(graphics-path pxy))) (graphics-path pxy)))
skipping to change at line 111 skipping to change at line 112
(state-set! st 'previous-selection previous-selection) (state-set! st 'previous-selection previous-selection)
(state-set! st 'subsel-no subsel-no) (state-set! st 'subsel-no subsel-no)
(state-set! st 'current-x current-x) (state-set! st 'current-x current-x)
(state-set! st 'current-y current-y) (state-set! st 'current-y current-y)
(state-set! st 'graphics-undo-enabled graphics-undo-enabled) (state-set! st 'graphics-undo-enabled graphics-undo-enabled)
(state-set! st 'remove-undo-mark? remove-undo-mark?) (state-set! st 'remove-undo-mark? remove-undo-mark?)
(state-set! st 'the-sketch (tm-copy the-sketch)) (state-set! st 'the-sketch (tm-copy the-sketch))
(state-set! st 'selecting-x0 selecting-x0) (state-set! st 'selecting-x0 selecting-x0)
(state-set! st 'selecting-y0 selecting-y0) (state-set! st 'selecting-y0 selecting-y0)
(state-set! st 'multiselecting multiselecting) (state-set! st 'multiselecting multiselecting)
(state-set! st 'preselected preselected)
(state-set! st 'current-path current-path) (state-set! st 'current-path current-path)
st)) st))
(tm-define (graphics-state-set st) (tm-define (graphics-state-set st)
(with o (state-ref st 'current-graphical-object) (with o (state-ref st 'current-graphical-object)
(if (pair? (tree->stree o)) (if (pair? (tree->stree o))
(set-graphical-object o) (set-graphical-object o)
(graphics-decorations-reset))) (graphics-decorations-reset)))
(set! choosing (state-ref st 'choosing)) (set! choosing (state-ref st 'choosing))
(set! sticky-point (state-ref st 'sticky-point)) (set! sticky-point (state-ref st 'sticky-point))
skipping to change at line 138 skipping to change at line 140
(set! previous-selection (state-ref st 'previous-selection)) (set! previous-selection (state-ref st 'previous-selection))
(set! subsel-no (state-ref st 'subsel-no)) (set! subsel-no (state-ref st 'subsel-no))
(set! current-x (state-ref st 'current-x)) (set! current-x (state-ref st 'current-x))
(set! current-y (state-ref st 'current-y)) (set! current-y (state-ref st 'current-y))
(set! graphics-undo-enabled (state-ref st 'graphics-undo-enabled)) (set! graphics-undo-enabled (state-ref st 'graphics-undo-enabled))
(set! remove-undo-mark? (state-ref st 'remove-undo-mark?)) (set! remove-undo-mark? (state-ref st 'remove-undo-mark?))
(set! the-sketch (state-ref st 'the-sketch)) (set! the-sketch (state-ref st 'the-sketch))
(set! selecting-x0 (state-ref st 'selecting-x0)) (set! selecting-x0 (state-ref st 'selecting-x0))
(set! selecting-y0 (state-ref st 'selecting-y0)) (set! selecting-y0 (state-ref st 'selecting-y0))
(set! multiselecting (state-ref st 'multiselecting)) (set! multiselecting (state-ref st 'multiselecting))
(set! preselected (state-ref st 'preselected))
(set! current-path (state-ref st 'current-path))) (set! current-path (state-ref st 'current-path)))
;; State stack (2) ;; State stack (2)
(tm-define graphics-states '()) (tm-define graphics-states '())
(tm-define (graphics-states-void?) (tm-define (graphics-states-void?)
(null? graphics-states)) (null? graphics-states))
(tm-define (graphics-state-first?) (tm-define (graphics-state-first?)
(and (not (graphics-states-void?)) (null? (cdr graphics-states)))) (and (not (graphics-states-void?)) (null? (cdr graphics-states))))
skipping to change at line 208 skipping to change at line 211
(set! previous-selection #f) (set! previous-selection #f)
(set! subsel-no #f) (set! subsel-no #f)
(set! current-x #f) (set! current-x #f)
(set! current-y #f) (set! current-y #f)
(set! graphics-undo-enabled #t) (set! graphics-undo-enabled #t)
(set! remove-undo-mark? #f) (set! remove-undo-mark? #f)
(set! the-sketch '()) (set! the-sketch '())
(set! selecting-x0 #f) (set! selecting-x0 #f)
(set! selecting-y0 #f) (set! selecting-y0 #f)
(set! multiselecting #f) (set! multiselecting #f)
(set! preselected #f)
(set! current-path #f) (set! current-path #f)
(set! layer-of-last-removed-object #f)) (set! layer-of-last-removed-object #f))
(tm-define (graphics-forget-states) (tm-define (graphics-forget-states)
(set! graphics-first-state #f) (set! graphics-first-state #f)
(set! graphics-states '())) (set! graphics-states '()))
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
;; Subroutines for using and maintaining the current graphics context ;; Subroutines for using and maintaining the current graphics context
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
skipping to change at line 464 skipping to change at line 468
(if (and (not graphics-undo-enabled) sticky-point) (if (and (not graphics-undo-enabled) sticky-point)
(graphics-decorations-reset)) (graphics-decorations-reset))
(set! choosing #f) (set! choosing #f)
(set! sticky-point #f) (set! sticky-point #f)
(set! dragging-create? #f) (set! dragging-create? #f)
(set! dragging-busy? #f) (set! dragging-busy? #f)
(set! current-point-no #f) (set! current-point-no #f)
(set! graphics-undo-enabled #t) (set! graphics-undo-enabled #t)
(set! remove-undo-mark? #f) (set! remove-undo-mark? #f)
(set! multiselecting #f) (set! multiselecting #f)
(set! preselected #f)
(if graphics-first-state (if graphics-first-state
(graphics-back-first)) (graphics-back-first))
(graphics-forget-states) (graphics-forget-states)
(invalidate-graphical-object))) (invalidate-graphical-object)))
(graphics-group-start)) (graphics-group-start))
(else (display* "Uncaptured reset-context " cmd "\n")))) (else (display* "Uncaptured reset-context " cmd "\n"))))
 End of changes. 5 change blocks. 
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