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Source code changes of the file "TeXmacs/progs/convert/latex/tmtex.scm" between
TeXmacs-1.99.4-src.tar.gz and TeXmacs-1.99.5-src.tar.gz

About: GNU TeXmacs is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get scientific text editor, which was both inspired by TeX and GNU Emacs.

tmtex.scm  (TeXmacs-1.99.4-src):tmtex.scm  (TeXmacs-1.99.5-src)
skipping to change at line 1532 skipping to change at line 1532
(define (tmtex-eps-names) (define (tmtex-eps-names)
(set! tmtex-serial (+ tmtex-serial 1)) (set! tmtex-serial (+ tmtex-serial 1))
(let* ((postfix (string-append "-" (number->string tmtex-serial) ".eps")) (let* ((postfix (string-append "-" (number->string tmtex-serial) ".eps"))
(name-url (url-glue tmtex-image-root-url postfix)) (name-url (url-glue tmtex-image-root-url postfix))
(name-string (string-append tmtex-image-root-string postfix))) (name-string (string-append tmtex-image-root-string postfix)))
(values name-url name-string))) (values name-url name-string)))
(define (tmtex-eps x) (define (tmtex-eps x)
(if (tmtex-math-mode?) (set! x `(with "mode" "math" ,x))) (if (tmtex-math-mode?) (set! x `(with "mode" "math" ,x)))
(receive (name-url name-string) (tmtex-eps-names) (receive (name-url name-string) (tmtex-eps-names)
(print-snippet name-url x) (let* ((extents (print-snippet name-url x))
(list 'includegraphics name-string))) (y1 (* 1.0 (second extents)))
(y2 (* 1.0 (fourth extents)))
(rat (/ y1 (- y2 y1)))
(dy `(!concat ,(number->string rat) (height))))
`(raisebox ,dy (includegraphics ,name-string)))))
(define (tmtex-graphics l) (define (tmtex-graphics l)
(tmtex-eps (cons 'graphics l))) (tmtex-eps (cons 'graphics l)))
(define (tmtex-as-eps name) (define (tmtex-as-eps name)
(let* ((u (url-relative current-save-target (unix->url name))) (let* ((u (url-relative current-save-target (unix->url name)))
(suffix (url-suffix u)) (suffix (url-suffix u))
(fm (string-append (format-from-suffix suffix) "-file"))) (fm (string-append (format-from-suffix suffix) "-file")))
(if (and (url-exists? u) (in? suffix (list "eps" "pdf" "png" "jpg"))) (if (and (url-exists? u) (in? suffix (list "eps" "pdf" "png" "jpg")))
(list 'includegraphics name) (list 'includegraphics name)
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