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Source code changes of the file "ts/sql/Client.ts" between
Signal-Desktop-1.35.2.tar.gz and Signal-Desktop-1.36.1.tar.gz

About: Signal-Desktop is a cross-platform encrypted messaging service (also available for mobile devices).

Client.ts  (Signal-Desktop-1.35.2):Client.ts  (Signal-Desktop-1.36.1)
skipping to change at line 132 skipping to change at line 132
getAllSessions, getAllSessions,
getConversationCount, getConversationCount,
saveConversation, saveConversation,
saveConversations, saveConversations,
getConversationById, getConversationById,
updateConversation, updateConversation,
updateConversations, updateConversations,
removeConversation, removeConversation,
eraseStorageIdFromConversations, eraseStorageServiceStateFromConversations,
getAllConversations, getAllConversations,
getAllConversationIds, getAllConversationIds,
getAllPrivateConversations, getAllPrivateConversations,
getAllGroupsInvolvingId, getAllGroupsInvolvingId,
searchConversations, searchConversations,
searchMessages, searchMessages,
searchMessagesInConversation, searchMessagesInConversation,
getMessageCount, getMessageCount,
skipping to change at line 776 skipping to change at line 776
await channels.removeConversation(id); await channels.removeConversation(id);
await existing.cleanup(); await existing.cleanup();
} }
} }
// Note: this method will not clean up external files, just delete from SQL // Note: this method will not clean up external files, just delete from SQL
async function _removeConversations(ids: Array<string>) { async function _removeConversations(ids: Array<string>) {
await channels.removeConversation(ids); await channels.removeConversation(ids);
} }
async function eraseStorageIdFromConversations() { async function eraseStorageServiceStateFromConversations() {
await channels.eraseStorageIdFromConversations(); await channels.eraseStorageServiceStateFromConversations();
} }
async function getAllConversations({ async function getAllConversations({
ConversationCollection, ConversationCollection,
}: { }: {
ConversationCollection: typeof ConversationModelCollectionType; ConversationCollection: typeof ConversationModelCollectionType;
}): Promise<ConversationModelCollectionType> { }): Promise<ConversationModelCollectionType> {
const conversations = await channels.getAllConversations(); const conversations = await channels.getAllConversations();
const collection = new ConversationCollection(); const collection = new ConversationCollection();
 End of changes. 2 change blocks. 
3 lines changed or deleted 3 lines changed or added

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