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Source code changes of the file "SCons/Tool/qt.py" between
scons-4.2.0.tar.gz and SCons-4.3.0.tar.gz

About: SCons is a software construction tool (a Python script and a set of modules as a superior alternative to the classic "Make" build tool).

qt.py  (scons-4.2.0):qt.py  (SCons-4.3.0)
skipping to change at line 41 skipping to change at line 41
import os.path import os.path
import re import re
import SCons.Action import SCons.Action
import SCons.Builder import SCons.Builder
import SCons.Defaults import SCons.Defaults
import SCons.Scanner import SCons.Scanner
import SCons.Tool import SCons.Tool
import SCons.Util import SCons.Util
import SCons.Tool.cxx import SCons.Tool.cxx
import SCons.Warnings
cplusplus = SCons.Tool.cxx cplusplus = SCons.Tool.cxx
class ToolQtWarning(SCons.Warnings.SConsWarning): class ToolQtWarning(SCons.Warnings.SConsWarning):
pass pass
class GeneratedMocFileNotIncluded(ToolQtWarning): class GeneratedMocFileNotIncluded(ToolQtWarning):
pass pass
class QtdirNotFound(ToolQtWarning): class QtdirNotFound(ToolQtWarning):
pass pass
skipping to change at line 259 skipping to change at line 260
lookout.extend(env['CPPPATH']) lookout.extend(env['CPPPATH'])
lookout.append(str(node.rfile().dir)) lookout.append(str(node.rfile().dir))
includes = re.findall("<include.*?>(.*?)</include>", node.get_text_contents( )) includes = re.findall("<include.*?>(.*?)</include>", node.get_text_contents( ))
result = [] result = []
for incFile in includes: for incFile in includes:
dep = env.FindFile(incFile,lookout) dep = env.FindFile(incFile,lookout)
if dep: if dep:
result.append(dep) result.append(dep)
return result return result
uicScanner = SCons.Scanner.Base(uicScannerFunc, uicScanner = SCons.Scanner.ScannerBase(uicScannerFunc,
name = "UicScanner", name = "UicScanner",
node_class = SCons.Node.FS.File, node_class = SCons.Node.FS.File,
node_factory = SCons.Node.FS.File, node_factory = SCons.Node.FS.File,
recursive = 0) recursive = 0)
def generate(env): def generate(env):
"""Add Builders and construction variables for qt to an Environment.""" """Add Builders and construction variables for qt to an Environment."""
CLVar = SCons.Util.CLVar CLVar = SCons.Util.CLVar
Action = SCons.Action.Action Action = SCons.Action.Action
Builder = SCons.Builder.Builder Builder = SCons.Builder.Builder
SCons.Warnings.ToolQtDeprecatedWarning, "Tool module for Qt version 3 is
env.SetDefault(QTDIR = _detect(env), env.SetDefault(QTDIR = _detect(env),
QT_BINPATH = os.path.join('$QTDIR', 'bin'), QT_BINPATH = os.path.join('$QTDIR', 'bin'),
QT_CPPPATH = os.path.join('$QTDIR', 'include'), QT_CPPPATH = os.path.join('$QTDIR', 'include'),
QT_LIBPATH = os.path.join('$QTDIR', 'lib'), QT_LIBPATH = os.path.join('$QTDIR', 'lib'),
QT_MOC = os.path.join('$QT_BINPATH','moc'), QT_MOC = os.path.join('$QT_BINPATH','moc'),
QT_UIC = os.path.join('$QT_BINPATH','uic'), QT_UIC = os.path.join('$QT_BINPATH','uic'),
QT_LIB = 'qt', # may be set to qt-mt QT_LIB = 'qt', # may be set to qt-mt
QT_AUTOSCAN = 1, # scan for moc'able sources QT_AUTOSCAN = 1, # scan for moc'able sources
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