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Source code changes of the file "SCons/Tool/__init__.py" between
scons-4.2.0.tar.gz and SCons-4.3.0.tar.gz

About: SCons is a software construction tool (a Python script and a set of modules as a superior alternative to the classic "Make" build tool).

__init__.py  (scons-4.2.0):__init__.py  (SCons-4.3.0)
skipping to change at line 61 skipping to change at line 61
import SCons.Scanner.SWIG import SCons.Scanner.SWIG
from SCons.Tool.linkCommon import LibSymlinksActionFunction, LibSymlinksStrFun from SCons.Tool.linkCommon import LibSymlinksActionFunction, LibSymlinksStrFun
DefaultToolpath = [] DefaultToolpath = []
CScanner = SCons.Scanner.C.CScanner() CScanner = SCons.Scanner.C.CScanner()
DScanner = SCons.Scanner.D.DScanner() DScanner = SCons.Scanner.D.DScanner()
LaTeXScanner = SCons.Scanner.LaTeX.LaTeXScanner() LaTeXScanner = SCons.Scanner.LaTeX.LaTeXScanner()
PDFLaTeXScanner = SCons.Scanner.LaTeX.PDFLaTeXScanner() PDFLaTeXScanner = SCons.Scanner.LaTeX.PDFLaTeXScanner()
ProgramScanner = SCons.Scanner.Prog.ProgramScanner() ProgramScanner = SCons.Scanner.Prog.ProgramScanner()
SourceFileScanner = SCons.Scanner.Base({}, name='SourceFileScanner') SourceFileScanner = SCons.Scanner.ScannerBase({}, name='SourceFileScanner')
SWIGScanner = SCons.Scanner.SWIG.SWIGScanner() SWIGScanner = SCons.Scanner.SWIG.SWIGScanner()
CSuffixes = [".c", ".C", ".cxx", ".cpp", ".c++", ".cc", CSuffixes = [".c", ".C", ".cxx", ".cpp", ".c++", ".cc",
".h", ".H", ".hxx", ".hpp", ".hh", ".h", ".H", ".hxx", ".hpp", ".hh",
".F", ".fpp", ".FPP", ".F", ".fpp", ".FPP",
".m", ".mm", ".m", ".mm",
".S", ".spp", ".SPP", ".sx"] ".S", ".spp", ".SPP", ".sx"]
DSuffixes = ['.d'] DSuffixes = ['.d']
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