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scons-4.2.0.tar.gz and SCons-4.3.0.tar.gz

About: SCons is a software construction tool (a Python script and a set of modules as a superior alternative to the classic "Make" build tool).

PKG-INFO  (scons-4.2.0):PKG-INFO  (SCons-4.3.0)
Metadata-Version: 2.1 Metadata-Version: 2.1
Name: SCons Name: SCons
Version: 4.2.0 Version: 4.3.0
Summary: Open Source next-generation build tool. Summary: Open Source next-generation build tool.
Home-page: http://www.scons.org/ Home-page: http://www.scons.org/
Author: William Deegan Author: William Deegan
Author-email: bill@baddogconsulting.com Author-email: bill@baddogconsulting.com
License: MIT License: MIT
Project-URL: Documentation, https://scons.org/documentation.html Project-URL: Documentation, https://scons.org/documentation.html
Project-URL: Twitter, https://twitter.com/SConsProject Project-URL: Twitter, https://twitter.com/SConsProject
Project-URL: GitHub, https://github.com/SCons/scons Project-URL: GitHub, https://github.com/SCons/scons
Project-URL: Bug-Tracker, https://github.com/SCons/scons/issues Project-URL: Bug-Tracker, https://github.com/SCons/scons/issues
Platform: UNKNOWN Platform: UNKNOWN
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