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Source code changes of the file "etc/initialdata" between
RT-Extension-Assets-1.04.tar.gz and RT-Extension-Assets-1.05.tar.gz

About: Assets for RT provides flexible tools for tracking arbitrary properties about each of your assets (an extension for RT (Request Tracker)).

initialdata  (RT-Extension-Assets-1.04):initialdata  (RT-Extension-Assets-1.05)
use strict; use strict;
use warnings; use warnings;
# Temporarily enable the plugin so the asset lifecycle exists # Temporarily enable the plugin so the asset lifecycle exists
unless (grep {$_ eq "RT::Extension::Assets"} RT->Config->Get('Plugins')) { unless (grep {$_ eq "RT::Extension::Assets"} RT->Config->Get('Plugins')) {
RT->Config->Set('Plugins', (RT->Config->Get('Plugins'), "RT::Extension::Asse ts")); RT->Config->Set('Plugins', (RT->Config->Get('Plugins'), "RT::Extension::Asse ts"));
RT->InitPluginPaths; RT->InitPluginPaths;
RT->Config->LoadConfig( File => "Assets_Config.pm" ); RT->Config->LoadConfig( File => "Assets_Config.pm" );
RT::Lifecycle->new->FillCache; RT::Lifecycle->FillCache;
require RT::Extension::Assets; require RT::Extension::Assets;
} }
require RT::Asset; require RT::Asset;
our (@Final); our (@Final);
# Create global role groups # Create global role groups
push @Final, sub { push @Final, sub {
foreach my $type (RT::Asset->Roles) { foreach my $type (RT::Asset->Roles) {
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