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Source code changes of the file "MANIFEST" between
RT-Extension-Assets-1.04.tar.gz and RT-Extension-Assets-1.05.tar.gz

About: Assets for RT provides flexible tools for tracking arbitrary properties about each of your assets (an extension for RT (Request Tracker)).

MANIFEST  (RT-Extension-Assets-1.04):MANIFEST  (RT-Extension-Assets-1.05)
skipping to change at line 131 skipping to change at line 131
static/js/RTx-Assets.js static/js/RTx-Assets.js
xt/api.t xt/api.t
xt/collection.t xt/collection.t
xt/compile.t xt/compile.t
xt/lib/RT/Extension/Assets/Test.pm.in xt/lib/RT/Extension/Assets/Test.pm.in
xt/links.t xt/links.t
xt/pod.t xt/pod.t
xt/rights.t xt/rights.t
xt/roles.t xt/roles.t
xt/web.t xt/web.t
SIGNATURE Public-key signature (added by MakeMake r)
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
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