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Source code changes of the file "src/core/qgsgdalutils.h" between
QGIS-final-3_14_15.tar.gz and QGIS-final-3_14_16.tar.gz

About: QGIS (Quantum GIS) is a Geographic Information System that supports vector, raster, and database formats. Latest release (3.14.x series).

qgsgdalutils.h  (QGIS-final-3_14_15):qgsgdalutils.h  (QGIS-final-3_14_16)
skipping to change at line 119 skipping to change at line 119
* \since QGIS 3.14 * \since QGIS 3.14
*/ */
static GDALDatasetH rpcAwareAutoCreateWarpedVrt( static GDALDatasetH rpcAwareAutoCreateWarpedVrt(
GDALDatasetH hSrcDS, GDALDatasetH hSrcDS,
const char *pszSrcWKT, const char *pszSrcWKT,
const char *pszDstWKT, const char *pszDstWKT,
GDALResampleAlg eResampleAlg, GDALResampleAlg eResampleAlg,
double dfMaxError, double dfMaxError,
const GDALWarpOptions *psOptionsIn ); const GDALWarpOptions *psOptionsIn );
* This is a wrapper around GDALCreateGenImgProjTransformer2() that takes in
to account RPC
* georeferencing (it sets RPC_HEIGHT in GDALCreateGenImgProjTransformer2 ba
sed on HEIGHT_OFF).
* By default GDAL would assume that the imagery has zero elevation - if tha
t is not the case,
* the image would not be shown in the correct location.
* \since QGIS 3.16
static void *rpcAwareCreateTransformer( GDALDatasetH hSrcDS, GDALDatasetH hD
stDS = nullptr, char **papszOptions = nullptr );
//! Sets the gdal proxy variables //! Sets the gdal proxy variables
static void setupProxy(); static void setupProxy();
#endif #endif
friend class TestQgsGdalUtils; friend class TestQgsGdalUtils;
}; };
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