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Source code changes of the file "MANIFEST" between
PDL-2.080.tar.gz and PDL-2.081.tar.gz

About: PDL (Perl Data Language) aims to turn perl into an efficient numerical language for scientific computing (similar to IDL and MatLab).

skipping to change at line 93 skipping to change at line 93
Basic/MatrixOps/svd.c Basic/MatrixOps/svd.c
Basic/Ops/Makefile.PL Basic/Ops/Makefile.PL
Basic/Ops/ops.pd Basic/Ops/ops.pd
Basic/Options.pm Basic/Options.pm
Basic/PDL.pm Basic/PDL.pm
Basic/Pod/API.pod Basic/Pod/API.pod
Basic/Pod/BadValues.pod Basic/Pod/BadValues.pod
Basic/Pod/Broadcasting.pod Basic/Pod/Broadcasting.pod
Basic/Pod/Course.pod Basic/Pod/Course.pod
Basic/Pod/Dataflow.pod Basic/Pod/Dataflow.pod
Basic/Pod/FAQ.pod Basic/Pod/FAQ.pod
Basic/Pod/Graphics.pod Basic/Pod/Graphics.pod
Basic/Pod/Index.pod Basic/Pod/Index.pod
Basic/Pod/Indexing.pod Basic/Pod/Indexing.pod
Basic/Pod/Internals.pod Basic/Pod/Internals.pod
Basic/Pod/Makefile.PL Basic/Pod/Makefile.PL
Basic/Pod/MATLAB.pod Basic/Pod/MATLAB.pod
Basic/Pod/Modules.pod Basic/Pod/Modules.pod
Basic/Pod/Objects.pod Basic/Pod/Objects.pod
Basic/Pod/ParallelCPU.pod Basic/Pod/ParallelCPU.pod
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 0 lines changed or added

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