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Source code changes of the file "Basic/PDL.pm" between
PDL-2.080.tar.gz and PDL-2.081.tar.gz

About: PDL (Perl Data Language) aims to turn perl into an efficient numerical language for scientific computing (similar to IDL and MatLab).

PDL.pm  (PDL-2.080):PDL.pm  (PDL-2.081)
skipping to change at line 156 skipping to change at line 156
use PDL::Math; use PDL::Math;
use PDL::IO::Misc; use PDL::IO::Misc;
use PDL::IO::FITS; use PDL::IO::FITS;
use PDL::IO::Pic; use PDL::IO::Pic;
use PDL::IO::Storable; use PDL::IO::Storable;
use PDL::Lvalue; use PDL::Lvalue;
=cut =cut
# set the version: # set the version:
our $VERSION = '2.080'; our $VERSION = '2.081';
# Main loader of standard PDL package # Main loader of standard PDL package
sub import { sub import {
my $pkg = (caller())[0]; my $pkg = (caller())[0];
eval <<"EOD"; eval <<"EOD";
package $pkg; package $pkg;
# Load the fundamental packages # Load the fundamental packages
use PDL::Core; use PDL::Core;
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1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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