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Source code changes of the file "IO/FlexRaw/t/iotypes.t" between
PDL-2.075.tar.gz and PDL-2.076.tar.gz

About: PDL (Perl Data Language) aims to turn perl into an efficient numerical language for scientific computing (similar to IDL and MatLab).

iotypes.t  (PDL-2.075):iotypes.t  (PDL-2.076)
use strict; use strict;
use warnings; use warnings;
use PDL::LiteF; use PDL::LiteF;
use PDL::Types ':All'; use PDL::Types ':All';
use PDL::IO::FlexRaw; use PDL::IO::FlexRaw;
use File::Temp; use File::Temp;
use Test::More; use Test::More;
our @types = map { print "making type $_\n"; our @types = grep $_ != indx(), types();
new PDL::Type typefld($_,'numval') }
grep { ! m/^PDL_IND$/ } typesrtkeys();
my $data = File::Temp::tmpnam(); my $data = File::Temp::tmpnam();
for my $type (@types) { for my $type (@types) {
print "checking type $type...\n"; print "checking type $type...\n";
my $pdl = sequence $type, 10; my $pdl = sequence $type, 10;
my $hdr = writeflex $data, $pdl; my $hdr = writeflex $data, $pdl;
writeflexhdr($data,$hdr); writeflexhdr($data,$hdr);
my $npdl = eval {readflex $data}; my $npdl = eval {readflex $data};
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3 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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