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About: PDCurses is a multiple platforms curses library implementing most of the functions available in X/Open and System V R4 curses.

README.md  (PDCurses-3.8):README.md  (PDCurses-3.9)
PDCurses Web Site PDCurses Documentation
================= ======================
This directory contains the files for https://pdcurses.org/ . The main The main documentation for PDCurses is here:
documentation for PDCurses is now in [man].
[man]: ../man/README.md - [User's Guide] - Basic overview
- [Implementor's Guide] - What you need to know to port PDCurses
- [Manual] - Each function, etc.
- [History]
Also consult the README for each specific platform you'll be using:
- [DOS]
- [OS/2]
- [SDL 1.x]
- [SDL 2.x]
- [Windows]
- [X11]
This directory also contains the files, CNAME and index.html, that
create pdcurses.org, via GitHub.
- To rebuild MANUAL.md from the "man page" sections of the source code,
type "./mkman.sh". Needs a Unix-like shell and a Python interpreter.
Distribution Status
The files in this directory are released to the public domain.
[User's Guide]: USERS.md
[Implementor's Guide]: IMPLEMNT.md
[Manual]: MANUAL.md
[History]: HISTORY.md
[DOS]: ../dos/README.md
[OS/2]: ../os2/README.md
[SDL 1.x]: ../sdl1/README.md
[SDL 2.x]: ../sdl2/README.md
[Windows]: ../wincon/README.md
[X11]: ../x11/README.md
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