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Source code changes of the file "macosx/ocsinventory_packages_setup/OCS Inventory Pkg Setup.pkgproj" between
Ocsinventory-Unix-Agent-2.8.0.tar.gz and Ocsinventory-Unix-Agent-2.8.1.tar.gz

About: Ocsinventory-Agent is a Linux agent for OCS Inventory NG.

OCS Inventory Pkg Setup.pkgproj  (Ocsinventory-Unix-Agent-2.8.0):OCS Inventory Pkg Setup.pkgproj  (Ocsinventory-Unix-Agent-2.8.1)
skipping to change at line 43 skipping to change at line 43
< key>PATH_TYPE</key> < key>PATH_TYPE</key>
< integer>0</integer> < integer>0</integer>
</dict> </dict>
<key>CHIL DREN</key> <key>CHIL DREN</key>
<array/> <array/>
<key>GID< /key> <key>GID< /key>
<integer> 80</integer> <integer> 80</integer>
<key>PATH </key> <key>PATH </key>
<string>a pp/OCSNG.app</string> <string>a pp/OCSNG.app</string>
<key>PATH _TYPE</key> <key>PATH _TYPE</key>
<integer> 1</integer> <integer> 3</integer>
<key>PERM ISSIONS</key> <key>PERM ISSIONS</key>
<integer> 493</integer> <integer> 493</integer>
<key>TYPE </key> <key>TYPE </key>
<integer> 3</integer> <integer> 3</integer>
<key>UID< /key> <key>UID< /key>
<integer> 0</integer> <integer> 0</integer>
</dict> </dict>
</array> </array>
<key>GID</key> <key>GID</key>
<integer>80</integer> <integer>80</integer>
skipping to change at line 504 skipping to change at line 504
<false/> <false/>
<key>PAYLOAD_SIZE</key> <key>PAYLOAD_SIZE</key>
<integer>-1</integer> <integer>-1</integer>
<string></string> <string></string>
<key>RELOCATABLE</key> <key>RELOCATABLE</key>
<false/> <false/>
<false/> <false/>
<key>VERSION</key> <key>VERSION</key>
<string>2.6</string> <string>2.8</string>
</dict> </dict>
<key>TYPE</key> <key>TYPE</key>
<integer>0</integer> <integer>0</integer>
<key>UUID</key> <key>UUID</key>
<string>BC109A21-9EAA-4729-A1B3-A6785D957867</string> <string>BC109A21-9EAA-4729-A1B3-A6785D957867</string>
</dict> </dict>
</array> </array>
<key>PROJECT</key> <key>PROJECT</key>
<dict> <dict>
 End of changes. 2 change blocks. 
2 lines changed or deleted 2 lines changed or added

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