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Source code changes of the file "man/nm-online.1" between
NetworkManager-1.25.90.tar.xz and NetworkManager-1.27.0.tar.xz

About: NetworkManager is a network configuration tool suite for providing detection and configuration for systems to automatically connect to network (for both wireless and wired networks). Development version.

nm-online.1  (NetworkManager-1.25.90.tar.xz):nm-online.1  (NetworkManager-1.27.0.tar.xz)
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1 1
Offline or not online within given timeout. Offline or not online within given timeout.
2 2
Unknown or unspecified error. Unknown or unspecified error.
nmcli(1), NetworkManager(8). nmcli(1), NetworkManager(8).
NetworkManager 1.25.90 NM-ONLINE(1) NetworkManager 1.27.0 NM-ONLINE(1)
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