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Source code changes report for "NetPIPE" between the packages
NetPIPE-3.7.2.tar.gz and NetPIPE-5.1.4.tar.gz



The "NetPIPE" source code changed by about 87.2% and now consists of 139 regular files (+96) and 12 directories (+8).

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Changes In Files (According File Type):

File TypeTotalAddedRemovedChanged
Header file 11 10 0 1
C program 87 64 17 6
Assembler program 3 3 0 0
Fortran program 12 12 0 0
Perl program 2 1 1 0
Shell program 16 13 3 0
Configuration file 1 1 0 0
Executable file 2 2 0 0
Makefile 7 6 0 1
Man page 1 0 1 0
Module-Definition file 1 1 0 0
Mercurial file 3 0 3 0
PostScript file 1 0 0 0
Data file 1 1 0 0
Image file 1 1 0 0
PDF file 3 1 0 0
Directory 14 10 2 0
Archive 2 2 0 0
Readme file 5 4 1 0
Text file 12 6 6 0
Total Files185138348

Header Files (all 11):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
MP_Lite/globals.h added
MP_Lite/make.h added
MP_Lite/mpi.h added
MP_Lite/mpif.h added
MP_Lite/mplite.h added
MP_Lite/via.h added
src/extras/ibv/pingpong.h added
src/extras/kcopy.h added
src/extras/shm/netpipe.h added
src/extras/uDAPL_files/src/netpipe.h added
src/netpipe.h changed 100.0% diff

C Programs (all 87):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
MP_Lite/copy.c added
MP_Lite/extras/ci.c added
MP_Lite/extras/fox.c added
MP_Lite/extras/mask.c added
MP_Lite/extras/MP_Bcast_masked.c added
MP_Lite/extras/mpi_pong.c added
MP_Lite/extras/pi.c added
MP_Lite/extras/pong.c added
MP_Lite/extras/pong_mpi.c added
MP_Lite/extras/shm_lockfifo.c added
MP_Lite/extras/tcp_nosignals.c added
MP_Lite/extras/tcp_pthreads.c added
MP_Lite/extras/timing_only/timer.c added
MP_Lite/f77_wrappers.c added
MP_Lite/fifo.c added
MP_Lite/ib.c added
MP_Lite/io.c added
MP_Lite/lock.c added
MP_Lite/memory.c added
MP_Lite/mpcore.c added
MP_Lite/mpi_c.c added
MP_Lite/mpi_wrappers.c added
MP_Lite/pong.c added
MP_Lite/remap.c added
MP_Lite/remap_test.c added
MP_Lite/scalar.c added
MP_Lite/shm.c added
MP_Lite/shm_cleanup.c added
MP_Lite/tcp.c added
MP_Lite/timer.c added
MP_Lite/utils.c added
MP_Lite/via.c added
src/armci.c moved 61.3% diff
src/disk.c added
src/extras/atoll.c added
src/extras/atoll_old.c added
src/extras/atoll_sliced.c added
src/extras/gm.c added
src/extras/ibv/ibverbs.c added
src/extras/ibv/iotest.c added
src/extras/ibv/pingpong.c added
src/extras/ibv/rc_pingpong.c added
src/extras/ibv/ud_pingpong.c added
src/extras/ibvapi.c added
src/extras/ibverbs2.c added
src/extras/kcopy_post.c added
src/extras/kcopy_put.c added
src/extras/lapi.c added
src/extras/netpipe.c.otherclocks added
src/extras/scivlib.c added
src/extras/shm/memcpy.c added
src/extras/shm/netpipe.c added
src/extras/sisci.c added
src/extras/uDAPL_files/src/netpipe.c added
src/gm.c removed
src/gpshmem.c moved 21.6% diff
src/ib.c removed
src/ibv.c removed
src/ibverbs.c added
src/ipx.c removed
src/knem.c removed
src/lapi.c removed
src/memcpy.c changed 100.0% diff
src/MP_memcpy.c removed
src/mpi.c changed 100.0% diff
src/mpi2.c changed 97.1% diff
src/mpi3_shm.c added
src/mx.c removed
src/netpipe.c changed 100.0% diff
src/opt_memcpy.c added
src/pvm.c moved 30.4% diff
src/sctp.c removed
src/sctp6.c removed
src/shm_cleanup.c added
src/shmem.c changed 100.0% diff
src/shmem_cxh.c added
src/tcgmsg.c moved 0.0%
src/tcp.c changed 100.0% diff
src/tcp6.c removed
src/theo.c added
src/udapl.c moved 10.3% diff
src/vmsplice.c removed

Assembler Programs (all 3):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
MP_Lite/mmx_copy.s added
src/extras/mmx_copy.s added
src/mmx_copy.s added

Fortran Programs (all 12):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
MP_Lite/extras/cart_test.F added
MP_Lite/extras/dsum_test.F added
MP_Lite/extras/glob_test.F added
MP_Lite/extras/mpi_pong.f added
MP_Lite/extras/nbytes.F added
MP_Lite/extras/pong.F added
MP_Lite/extras/pong_mpi.f added
MP_Lite/extras/status_test.F added
MP_Lite/extras/timing_only/timer_f.f added
MP_Lite/iof.f added
MP_Lite/mpi_f.f added
MP_Lite/timer_f.f added

Perl Programs (all 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
bin/gnuplot-netpipe.pl moved 0.0%

Shell Programs (all 16):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
bin/feplot removed
bin/geplot removed
bin/nplaunch removed
MP_Lite/bin/ipccleanup added
MP_Lite/bin/killc added
MP_Lite/bin/mpclean added
MP_Lite/bin/mpcont added
MP_Lite/bin/mprun added
MP_Lite/bin/mpstop added
MP_Lite/extras/compile added
MP_Lite/extras/smp_rank added
npplot added
sb.disk added
sb.diskread added
sb.mpi-4.0.1 added
sb.np added

Configuration Files (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
MP_Lite/.mplite.config added

Executable Files (all 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
src/extras/ibv/rc_pingpong added
src/extras/ibv/ud_pingpong added

Makefiles (all 7):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
makefile changed 97.2% diff
MP_Lite/extras/make.h.def.alcmd added
MP_Lite/extras/make.h.def.tb added
MP_Lite/extras/makefile.alcmd added
MP_Lite/extras/makefile.tb added
MP_Lite/makefile added
src/extras/uDAPL_files/makefile added

Man Pages (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
dox/netpipe.1 removed

Module-Definition Files (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
MP_Lite/make.h.def added

Mercurial Files (all 3):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
.hg_archival.txt removed
.hgignore removed
.hgtags removed

Data Files (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
MP_Lite/.makefile.swp added

Image Files (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
dox/netpipe_diagram.png added

PDF Files (1 of 3):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
dox/netpipe_diagram.pdf added

Directories (12 of 14):

bin moved
hosts removed
MP_Lite added
MP_Lite/extras added
MP_Lite/extras/timing_only added
src/extras added
src/extras/ibv added
src/extras/shm added
src/extras/uDAPL_files added
src/extras/uDAPL_files/dox added
src/extras/uDAPL_files/src added

Archives (all 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
dox/netpipe_diagram.pages added
src/extras/np4-sisci.tar.gz added

Readme Files (all 5):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
dox/README removed
dox/README.NetPIPE added
dox/README.old added
MP_Lite/README added
src/extras/uDAPL_files/dox/README added

Text Files (all 12):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
hosts/batchLapi removed
hosts/lamhosts removed
hosts/mvich.hosts removed
hosts/mvich.param removed
hosts/NPtcgmsg.p removed
hosts/p4hosts removed
MP_Lite/.mplite.status added
MP_Lite/.node0 added
MP_Lite/.node1 added
MP_Lite/bin/mpconfig added
MP_Lite/bin/mpstat added
src/extras/ibv/go added

Packages Compared:


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