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Source code changes of the file "MediaInfoLib/Source/MediaInfo/TimeCode.h" between
MediaInfo_CLI_19.07_GNU_FromSource.tar.xz and MediaInfo_CLI_19.09_GNU_FromSource.tar.xz

About: MediaInfo displays the most relevant technical information and tag data for many video and audio media files (command-line interface version).

TimeCode.h  (MediaInfo_CLI_19.07_GNU_FromSource.tar.xz):TimeCode.h  (MediaInfo_CLI_19.09_GNU_FromSource.tar.xz)
skipping to change at line 88 skipping to change at line 88
void MinusOne(); void MinusOne();
string ToString(); string ToString();
int64s ToFrames(); int64s ToFrames();
int64s ToMilliseconds(); int64s ToMilliseconds();
public: public:
int8u Hours; int8u Hours;
int8u Minutes; int8u Minutes;
int8u Seconds; int8u Seconds;
int8u Frames; int8u Frames;
int32s MoreSamples;
int32s MoreSamples_Frequency;
bool FramesPerSecond_Is1001;
int8u FramesPerSecond; int8u FramesPerSecond;
bool DropFrame; bool DropFrame;
bool MustUseSecondField; bool MustUseSecondField;
bool IsSecondField; bool IsSecondField;
bool IsNegative; bool IsNegative;
}; };
Ztring Date_MJD(int16u Date); Ztring Date_MJD(int16u Date);
Ztring Time_BCD(int32u Time); Ztring Time_BCD(int32u Time);
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0 lines changed or deleted 3 lines changed or added

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