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Source code changes of the file "linotpd/src/linotp/lib/userservice.py" between
LinOTP-release-2.12.1.tar.gz and LinOTP-release-2.12.2.tar.gz

About: LinOTP is a flexible and versatile OTP-platform for strong user authentication (two-factor authentication with one time passwords).

userservice.py  (LinOTP-release-2.12.1):userservice.py  (LinOTP-release-2.12.2)
skipping to change at line 114 skipping to change at line 114
for token in tokens: for token in tokens:
tok = token.token.get_vars() tok = token.token.get_vars()
if tok.get('LinOtp.TokenInfo', None): if tok.get('LinOtp.TokenInfo', None):
token_info = json.loads(tok.get('LinOtp.TokenInfo')) token_info = json.loads(tok.get('LinOtp.TokenInfo'))
# skip the rollout tokens from the selfservice token list # skip the rollout tokens from the selfservice token list
path = token_info.get('scope',{}).get('path',[]) path = token_info.get('scope',{}).get('path',[])
if len(path) == 1 and path[0] == 'userservice' and exclude_rollout: if set(path) & set(['userservice', 'validate']) and exclude_rollout:
continue continue
tok['LinOtp.TokenInfo'] = token_info tok['LinOtp.TokenInfo'] = token_info
tok['Enrollment'] = token.get_enrollment_status() tok['Enrollment'] = token.get_enrollment_status()
tokenArray.append(tok) tokenArray.append(tok)
log.debug("[getTokenForUser] found tokenarray: %r" % tokenArray) log.debug("[getTokenForUser] found tokenarray: %r" % tokenArray)
return tokenArray return tokenArray
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1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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