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About: Leaflet is a JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps.

maps-marker-pro.md  (Leaflet-1.8.0):maps-marker-pro.md  (Leaflet-1.9.0)
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name: Maps Marker Pro name: Maps Marker Pro
category: 3rd-party-integration category: 3rd-party-integration
repo: https://www.mapsmarker.com/ repo: https://www.mapsmarker.com/
author: Robert Harm author: Robert Harm
author-url: https://www.harm.co.at/ author-url: https://www.harm.co.at/
demo: demo: https://demo.mapsmarker.com
compatible-v0: compatible-v0:
compatible-v1: true compatible-v1: true
--- ---
A WordPress plugin that enables users to pin, organize and share their favorite A WordPress plugin / comprehensive geo-content management system that allows use
places and tracks through their WordPress powered site. rs to pin, organize and share their favorite places and tracks as well as elevat
ion charts.
Also integrates several leaflet plugins like leaflet-bing-layer, leaflet-edgebuf
fer, leaflet-fullscreen, leaflet-gesture-handling, leaflet-minimap, leaflet.grid
layer.googlemutant, leaflet.locatecontrol, leaflet.markercluster and leaflet-geo
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